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B2B Email Lists to Power Your Marketing Campaigns

B2B email lists are databases that include email ids of B2B decision-makers and their other relevant details. Marketers today are unleashing the power of database marketing to generate leads and drive their sales. Using business mailing lists, marketers devise their email marketing campaigns as well as cold calling and SMS campaigns that help them to increase their ROI. Are you aware of how customized B2B mailing lists are generated and how it enables marketers to target their audience? In the article, we will discuss the importance of consumer email lists for B2B marketing.

A Brief about Customer Mailing Lists

An email list or a customer mailing list or a business mailing list is a collection of email addresses that a business organizes in central storage, usually in an electronic form – the database. It’s quite disturbing to note that the email databases used by businesses for their marketing purposes get degraded by around 25% each year. And, the contact email ids are not the same for all businesses – they vary from one business to the other. This is mainly due to many prospects either opting-out of your email communication or abandoning those email ids. Therefore, any marketer needs to not only keep adding fresh contacts to their business data list but also update the existing ones to keep the sales numbers growing.

Email list building is one of the most proven ways for growing businesses. A business that has a quality email list is always in an advantageous position. It allows them to get direct access to those prospects that desire to hear from them. It facilitates them to keep their audience informed, convert prospects into leads, give updates, conduct surveys, and drive revenue. Email list building is, actually speaking, an inexpensive yet effective strategy for growing any business.

Reasons for Email Lists Gaining Importance

An email list is a collection of email ids that have been gathered by businesses from the visitors to their website or their existing customers or other sources. These contacts have shown their interest to receive updates, information, or discounts from a business in their email inboxes.

The main reason for email lists gaining in importance is because it offers the best way to connect with customers compared to social media. It’s being experienced that you are likely to get six times higher click-through rates via emails compared to tweets. Further, emails are considered effective at acquiring new customers – forty times more than Facebook or Twitter!

Ideas to Build your Email List

Ideas to Build your Email List

If you are a start-up or a business under the B2B category that is not yet into building your email lists or you have run out of ideas, for your benefit, we discuss ahead some effective and simple ways to generate them.

Sign-up Option on Website Home Page

The first page that any visitor lands on your business website is the home page – and that’s where the site page views begin. The home page being the storefront window of your business is an important page of your website. As the action begins here, you need to create that excitement and authority here and ensure to capture visitor email ids while they are still curious.

New Lead-gen or Tool Offer

Creating an e-book or whitepaper and offering it free of cost can attract visitors – you can enable its download in exchange for their email addresses. Further, we are aware of how several online tools make lives easier for surfers. You can accordingly create and offer unique tools to the visitors against their sign-up which captures their email ids and other contact details.

Exit-Intent Pop-up

This can be your last-ditch effort to interact and extract details of the visitor to your business website. As they are about to leave, an exit pop-up can help you salvage the situation – using this exit-intent pop-up you can collect the email ids of the visitors. It may seem to be annoying to some visitors but, it’s also known to work wonders.

Opt-in Campaigns

Opt-in campaigns can certainly help you to re-invigorate your stale email lists. If you have older lists that you doubt have got decayed, you can create engaging opt-in messages and request those old list contacts to re-opt-in.

Hyperlink Email Signatures

This can be an effective way to attract visitors to the landing page of your business website. When you ask all your employees to hyperlink their email signatures, it can lead many people to the landing page where you can design it accordingly so that they are induced to sign up for your mailing lists.

Leverage Social Media

You may promote your e-book by creating a Twitter campaign that captures an email in return, or you may promote content on your Facebook page where visitors are asked to sign-up to gain access. Further, you may even add a Call-To-Action (CTA) button on your Facebook page and link it to a landing page that displays attractive offers in exchange for email ids.

Advertising on Facebook

Very often businesses fail to understand the power of Facebook advertisements. But it can prove to an effective tool for gathering potential customers and further enabling you to build your email list. Facebook Lead Ads facilitate in the list building process – they help to set up a form where prospects can fill in details without actually leaving the platform.

Managing and Maintaining Email Lists is Vital

For any email marketing campaign to be successful, it becomes very essential to keep your email lists organized, and updated too. Your email open rates are bound to remain low if the email subscribers to your newsletters don’t open your emails! This can prove to be a hindrance to your marketing campaigns. Therefore, it becomes imperative for you to manage and maintain your lists in an organized way. You may consider using a few techniques mentioned below.


You usually prompt visitors to sign-up by asking a few questions. When you separate your email-lists based on the personalized preferences of the signees – the process is referred to as segmentation. Email lists are usually segmented based on personal information provided by the signees. For example, email lists can be based on demographics (location, age, gender, etc.) or updated preferences (discounts, event details, newsletters. etc). As per a recent email marketing study, segmented emails drive eighteen times more revenue compared to general emails.

Re-engage with Old Contacts

As per research, it’s believed that re-engaging with old contacts works out 50 percent cheaper compared to costs spent on enrolling new visitors into your email lists. There are times when a subscriber would just need a break from your emails, and they not looking to unsubscribe entirely. If you come across such inactive subscribers, it is a good idea to re-engage with them by sending them re-engagement emails. There are always high chances of re-igniting your relationship.

Analyze Your Email Data Lists

Several digital marketing tools allow you to track your prospects – when they click the links in your sent email, you can track; when they open your email, you can track; if they interact with your email, you can track it too. When you have these tools readily available to you, it makes sense to take control of your email list data using analytics – it can help you to build an effective and successful email list.

Reliable B2B Mailing Lists – Powering Marketing Campaigns

Creating the brand identity is the topmost priority of any B2B business, and B2B mailing lists have always come to their rescue. It allows to flawlessly target audience based on their existing requirements. It allows us to generate brand loyalty and grow profits. It allows us to gear up the multi-channel marketing efforts and stay a step ahead of competitors. Reliable B2B mailing lists allow seamless connection with top-level executives and decision-makers in various companies across industries. In short, it helps you to expand your business and explore opportunities in the shortest time possible.

Marketers today are maximizing their gains by using B2B email marketing lists that help them to generate qualified leads and increase their ROI. Reliable and verified lists enable them to connect with B2B prospects by executing their email marketing, telemarketing, and lead generation campaigns. The B2B data sets have indeed made campaign response, conversion rate, and ROI much simpler than ever.  High-quality email lists can aid in powering your digital marketing methods. Are you leveraging it yet? is here to help you. We are into the latest trends in digital marketing and understand the concerns faced by marketers all around. We deal with robust databases that include email lists and phone lists. Our databases are thoroughly verified, regularly updated, and conforms to legal guidelines. Get in touch with us right now and stay a step ahead of your competitors. For our sample database, reach us at [email protected]

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