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How to choose B2B Lead Generation Companies?

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This is one of the trickiest questions for most businesses because there are so many B2B Lead Generation Companies in India and differentiating

and selecting the best among them is a bit challenging task.

In B2B sales it is easy to miss out on opportunities because you weren’t aware of the latest news relevant to your clients, prospects and/or marketplace.

It takes too much time to check on a multitude of sources and manage all that information well enough to utilize it at the right times.

I recently found a great site best data provider, which offer business information of those which is registered under the ministry of corporate affairs,

and the best part is they give almost every detail of the business whether it is registered business name, their brand names, their business websites, a concerned person’s like details of director of the companies as business emails, direct dials, and company’s social media handles as well.

It is altogether a single platform where you get every information about the business. And the best part is it is free of cost.

It acts upon your input and configuration so that the right type of information stays in front of you.

Then, you can use it as a “triggered event” when dealing with your clients and pursuing your most prominent prospects.

Some key factors of choosing B2B Lead Generation companies

Choosing b2b lead generation companies


The lead generation firm should have a prospect database or be a list provider of business decision-makers/contacts

a) Availability

A good firm will have a vast amount of data available and can determine key market factors based on your targeting profile, including the number of companies to target and the number of viable decision-makers.

b) Accuracy

The data accuracy will help determine the strength of the lead generation efforts.

c) Business Intelligence

If needed, they must be able to provide technology installed base to further strategic campaigning.

2. Expertise

B2b lead generation services companies should have an uncompromising sales management process and top-performing tele-prospecting representatives. It is imperative that the front line is experienced in solution sales and knowledgeable in products or services they are promoting.

3.  Processes and Technology

Although you may not be able to get insight on every aspect of an outsourced lead generation company’s internal processes and technology, you can assess it based on whether they provide metrics and marketing intelligence during the program.

Also important is to take a look at their past success and talk to references.

What are the processes you need to follow while buying the B2B Leads?

Before doing any purchase decision you strictly follow the process whether you’re buying groceries from the Kirana stores or purchase any product online so as there into buying B2B Leads.

So let’s have a look into what are the processes you need to follow before making an actual purchase from the vendor.

Identifying the problem

The first step is all about identifying the problem, so before going for searching solutions you need to know what are the problems you’re currently facing in lead generation,

so like whether you’re getting enough leads for conversion, or how accurate the leads you get from all your marketing efforts or whether you need to go with some other strategies which can you better outcomes. These all sorts of questions will be bombarding on to your mind.

Discuss with the team

If it is related to lead generation strategy, always have a discussion with the marketing and sales team.

Identifying the loopholes where your marketing team is lacking behind get the feedback from sales better introduce the lead scoring system because it is the sales team who will be having a direct talk with the prospects.


It is overall research which ultimately does wonders for your business, search alternative methods like can go to LinkedIn, try to connect with industry experts, discuss your interest and match up with their interest.

Even, while choosing the B2B Lead Generation Companies try to follow the above factors which are mentioned.

Always have more alternatives to test it out their services, do quality check as well take the feedback from the sales team.

Consider the Attributes

Whether you’re using Online Ads for lead generation or offline Lead Generation method like buying a database from the vendors you have to consider the attributes demographics, Interests, GEO location as well.

Buying Decision

Once everything is mapped up with your requirement it’s time to go for purchase B2B Leads from the vendor and after thorough inspection from both the marketing and sales team.

Now that you have made the purchase, use the offline purchased B2B leads for sending communication email and direct dials from the sales team as well use the same leads for your online campaign try to show the ads to the audience and create interest among them.

Consider the lookalike audience in your campaign.

Continue this at least for a minimum of 90 days. Analyze those old leads with the new generated leads,

so what difference it makes to your Lead Generation strategy with the Lead Scoring system.

I hope it can give a brief idea about what you should be considered buying B2B leads from the B2B Lead generation companies.

And yes don’t forget to share your experience whether it makes any difference to your business.

If you have any suggestions or any queries let me know in the comment section.

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