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Best practices in Database Marketing for business

Database Marketing for business

Customers are the focal point of any business. No firm can exist or operate without customers. Every firm looks to retain its existing customers and acquire new ones. To do so, companies need to maintain a database on their customers and need to study it thoroughly.

Maintaining a customer database and analyzing it thoroughly will give companies an idea of their customers’ buying trends, tastes, preferences, who’s their most valuable customer, etcetera. Using Database marketing  for business and business insights can greatly enhance the business volume and profits of a company.

How to get the most out of your customer database

customer database

If firms are planning to maintain a database on their customers, these practices will help them get the most benefits out of their customer databases.

Install the right data mining software

Data Mining is a technique that enables firms to get valuable business insights. By installing the appropriate data mining software, firms can not only get valuable business insights but also implement the required business strategies quickly.

The installed Data Mining software should be able to convert the gathered data into a form that it uses and then re-convert its data format into data formats that other applications use. This feature enables the quick gathering, analysis, and action on data.

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Categorize your customer database

Once information such as your customers’ buying trends, needs, tastes, preferences, etcetera are extracted in the data analysis phase, you will be able to categorize your customers. They will be in different parts of the sales funnel.

Some customers may have just become aware of your brands. Some of them may consider buying some of your products, some customers may buy certain products from you periodically, and some customers may have become loyal to your brand. Depending on the type of customers, appropriate marketing strategies can be applied.

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Engage with your customers

Customers who are in the brand awareness and consideration stage of the sales funnel need to be assigned a person from your sales or marketing team to make them your permanent customers and eventually your brand loyalists.

You can also keep in touch with your existing loyal customers via email or phone messages and send them feedback forms, suggestion forms, and birthday wishes.

This way, you can understand their current needs, deepen your rapport with them, and improve the quality of your products or service.

Over all Database marketing for business has greater impact on your business conversions.

Check the accuracy and performance of your customer database

Checking the lead conversion rate is the best way to measure the performance of your customer database. Good customer databases have high lead conversion rates (>25%).

You must also check the accuracy of your customer database periodically using tools like HLR Lookup because people change their contact details and their addresses quite frequently these days.

If the details in your customer database are not up-to-date, you will not be able to promote your products

or services among your customers anymore. That may result in some of your customers defecting to your competitors.

Have social media pages and address your customers there

96% of the people who surf the internet, spend 30% of their time on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. If your company has a social media page, you can tell your customers about new offers and discounts, new product launches,

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or new service plans there.

You can also address your customers’ complaints and queries on your social media pages. Some firms have dedicated customer care representatives, operating on their company’s social media page.

Twitter has a notification feature that notifies its user when someone mentions that person’s company’s name on Twitter.

Nike has made good use of this feature to maintain and expand its customer base.

Get testimonials from your satisfied customers

There is no better marketing tool than Word of Mouth (WoM), even to this day. Getting positive testimonials on your company’s website from your satisfied customers is a very effective way to raise your brand’s awareness and promote your brand.

People believe in their friends’ or relatives’ (or even strangers) Word of Mouth (WoM) rather than an advertisement from any celebrity because people know that celebrities are paid heavily to promote a brand or service.

Be completely transparent about your company’s working methods

There’s no better way to gain people’s trust and loyalty than to be completely honest about your company’s working methods.

You can host a video about how your products are made in your factories on your company’s website and Facebook page.

If people feel that your products are genuine and that they are made by government-approved methods,

they will not hesitate to buy your products at any point in time. If they  satisfy with your products, they will become your loyal customers quite quickly.

Arokya milk company and GRB ghee company expanded their customer base quite quickly

and won people’s trust by hosting a video of their product-manufacturing process on their websites and Facebook pages.

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They also briefly showed their product-manufacturing process on their television ads. Thus people became convinced about their genuineness and began to convert into their loyal customers. You can also clear audits by having all the legal documents necessary.

In case you own a firm and are looking for potential customers, you can get in touch with Best Data Provider. They are one of the best Database Marketing companies in the world. They gather all the required data from prospective people and firms and create customer and company databases.

Their databases are highly accurate and have a high lead-conversion rate (>25%). They use tools like HLR Lookup and ZeroBounce to verify the validity of the contact information of people and firms. They also follow the most up-to-date Database Marketing methods.


Many firms resort to direct marketing (randomly calling people) to reach out to potential customers. Instead of promoting brand awareness, direct marketing only dents the reputation of a company more often than not. using Database marketing for business like

Buying or leasing databases from reputed Database Marketing firms and calling people,

registered in databases that have a high lead-conversion rate is a far more effective and sensible approach. Database Marketing also saves the time a company needs to invest to acquire new customers or clients.

Due to widespread demand in the past decade, Database Marketing firms have a bright future in any country.

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