4 Ways to Build your Sales Database from the Scratch

Build Your Sales Database
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In the b2b sales industry, data is new oil today. Establishing contact with your prospective customers and building a working relationship with them is one of the initial steps to conduct business. Having a sales database in hand would initiate the process for the business. Let’s take a peek into how you can build your sales database or purchase database and the pros and cons associated with them.

Build your Sales database

Building a sales database needs time, resource and data. In case, if both or available on hand then building one’s own database would be an economical option.  Building data from scratch would be time-consuming. Segregation or cleansing of the data from available data chunk is challenging

It has been found in the surveys that around 40% of all contact data goes invalid. Maintenance of the valid accurate data is crucial for any business. Now, you are aware of the role data plays in business next question that comes is how to get a customer database?

How to create your own customer sales database?

Before creating a database, you need to decide on how the data will be used? Whether it is for the calls, SMS or newsletters? Based on the criterion you can create a customer database with fields for phone numbers and email ids.

The next step would be creating a targeted list of customers for marketing purposes based on their needs and interests. The target customer groups can be formed based on the criterion of your sales. Any database has to secure the privacy of the customers’ data. Sales database access privileges need to be sent to employees to access data.

Commonly used tips for the creation of database are:

  • Generate SEO optimized content for search engines which can drive the traffic to the site
  • Links, icons and graphic representation in the site will explain your business to the visitor in a matter of few seconds
  • Regular posting of the blogs and landing pages for keen visitors

Tools available for creating a database

Every business has its unique needs. Based on the needs the strategies differ so does the marketing. Broadly following are used to create a database

  1. Template
  2. CRM
  3. Software


Microsoft Excel is the most common available spreadsheet. There are readily available spreadsheets that can also be utilized for creating a database. These are the best ones for small businesses and they are free.


Customer Relationships Management is commonly used by companies for the creation and maintenance of the customer databases

CRM systems have inbuilt features to create a target group of customers based on the needs of the marketing strategies. Using a CRM would be a little higher on the complexity level compared to excel. There are quite a few CRM’s available in the market. The selection again is dependent on the marketing strategy of the company.

The known CRM tools are:

  • Salesforce
  • Oracle
  • Insideview
  • Hubspot CRM


SAP, SAGE, and Soho are the available software management tools widely used today. These software management tools have many features including management of multiple customer databases.

The three important benefits of b2b contact database are:

  • Have a sales prospect list of prospective customers to design a marketing approach
  • Design effective marketing channels
  • Increase in Revenue

Purchase Data

Data is available. To get the data to suit your requirements and quality of the data would be slightly challenging. You can get data from government sources and private data vendors too. If you are looking for customers with good credit records, customers interested in purchasing sports bikes or customers who are enthusiasts about fitness equipment the data needed is beyond just customer facts but their interests.

Purchasing the data is an easier way to build a customer base. You can buy data from b2b data companies that provide verified data at a price. The pricing will be based on whether it is verified data by humans or generated by technology. If you need reliable data in no time then bestdataprovider would be a good option.

You need to use the available source with a small sample. The sample needs to be tested multiple times before you zero down on the data vendor.

On building the database, you are assured about

  • The validity of the data
  • Accuracy of the data
  • The building database is time-consuming and needs resource and data
  • Economical

On purchasing the database

  • The validity of the data needs to be verified at regularly
  • The risk factor is high
  • Resource and time will be spent in the verification of the data
  • Expensive

The importance of customer database is immense. Valid effective data in hand can play a crucial role in your business. So the customer database marketing can prove to be beneficial when combined with upcoming technologies to reach out to a wider customer base.