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Enhance Your Targeted Campaigns Using Business Directories

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Did you know that more than 80% of customers do online research or flip through a business directory before actually connecting with any business? Conspicuous by its presence – either digitally or in print, a business directory is a compilation of businesses categorized by location, niche, activity, or size. Today, as more and more people flock to the internet and print media being out of fashion, businesses that have a substantial presence online are the ones faring well.

About Business Directory Websites

Business Directories websites

A business directory website can be seen as an online version of the yellow page which comes under the print media. The details contained in a business directory may vary from each website. But most commonly it will include fields like business name, business address, contact number, email id, location, type of service or product, employee number, the region served, etc.

The main advantage of visiting an online business directory is the incorporated search function that enables any visitor to search business by type, area, or size. This helps a B2B business to go about their marketing campaigns in a more targeted way.

Types of Online Directory Websites

Online directory websites have made their mark, and here to stay.  It’s even become a profitable online business not only for the directory website’s owner but also for the business that lists.

For users, the online directories are a mine of information – for example, if an individual intends to find a good place for a dinner date, they easily locate the information by visiting the local online food directory!

Now that we have mentioned about the food directory website above, let’s know about some other popular online directories frequented by businesses as well as individuals.

We have the Yellow pages directory website, Business directory website, Real estate directory website, Automotive directory website, Events directory website, Classified directory website, Job directory website, Restaurant directory website, Travel directory website, Contact directory website, etc.

The yellow pages directory website is the extension of its print listing version that was in use previously. It is a combination of all the directories as it contains most of the listings – locations, schools, clinics, hotels, parks, museums, businesses, etc. A business directory consists of different business listings.

It could be related to a certain geographical location or a global on at a global level. In the case of a classifieds directory website, it lists different classifieds products.

The automotive directory website is a niche directory website that lists different types of automobiles. The event directory websites focus on events. It lists events under multiple categories like sports, music, medical, dance, etc.

Top Online Business Directories

If you wish to find the business listing websites in Bangalore or wish to get Indian companies directory to access target industries, you are likely to get the information that you are looking for by visiting one of the top online business directories.

Now you may wish to know, which top ones to visit. Well, to make it easier for you, we list out the top ten business directory websites – they are Google, Facebook, Yahoo, Bing, LinkedIn, Zillow, Yelp, TripAdvisor, Realtor, and AutoTrader.

Being a free tool, Google’s Google My Business enables businesses to manage their online presence across Google. It also includes Search and Maps.

Apart from being a social networking website, Facebook also is a great destination to list your business. When it comes to Yahoo which is a portal that incorporates a search engine, its online business directory portion – Yahoo! Local is purely devoted to business listings.

Bing is another search engine that adds up as a portal where local business owners can list their business on its network. Another social networking website, LinkedIn is meant mainly for the business community.

Why List Your Business?

Apart from being easy to set up and create your business account, most listings in a business directory are free. Say, for example, list your business in Google My Business, Facebook, or Bing does not cost you anything. In case you opt for paid online directories, they may charge you nominally for a one-time setup and maintenance. And, the best part of it is that, once you register to list, your business is up and running in no time.

Being a cost-effective form of online exposure, business listings are worth the time invested! With the help of Google Analytics or other website tracking set-up you can easily measure your ROI since traffic coming from these listing sites are labeled as “Referral”.

Listing Business Local

Located within a small geographical area, local is a quality online business directory, and much easier to be included.  By adding a business listing here creates a strong back-links to your website.

And we all know, as part of the SEO exercise, traffic to your website increases its authority and ranking! It enhances the value of your website’s presence for search engines.

For example, if you are searching for business listing sites in Bangalore, obtaining the information from local business directories is high as the ranked higher by the search engines.


The right business leads at your disposal can enable you to have direct and immediate communication with your business prospects, or partners, or customers.

If you are searching for contacts in India to boost your business further, accessing an online India companies’ directory or database is an immediate option for you.

The exhaustive list of all companies, traders, manufacturers, businesses, and industries in an easy to sort and filter format can indeed be very useful to you.


Business industrial directories and mailing lists are helpful to plan your sales strategies, find new buyers, and carry out market research. Having understood the importance of listing local, it not only helps to increase your reach and online visibility but also buyers are likely to approach you directly – that’s definitely a win-win situation for you!  In case you do not have the time or the right personnel to create a profile on local business directory websites, Best Data Provider can help you with the listing services.

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