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Call Centers – Hubs that Deliver Great Customer Experiences

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A centralized workplace that’s used for receiving or transmitting huge volumes of telephonic inquiries is what a call center all about. And, there are a lot of companies that subcontract their business-related operations to call centers – this is referred to as Business Process Outsourcing. It’s quite natural if you are wondering about where call centers get their calling data from. This article discusses call centers and their data sources.

Call Center Vs BPO

When an organization helps another organization by performing a process or a part of the process, such an organization is referred to by the term BPO which stands for Business Process Outsourcing. The main reason for outsourcing a process to another company is to save on costs and gain in productivity.

On the other hand, the call center is a business that performs another organization’s business function which deals exclusively in handling telephone calls. To cite an example of a call center function could be related to the handling of customer complaints via telephone calls.

Therefore, you can safely refer to a call center as being a BPO organization but, the converse does not hold true! This can be cited by giving an example of BPO organizations that are a medical transcription agency – it handles its business via websites but, does not handle or process any telephone calls. Call centers are required to give a seamless and relaxed experience for their customers. If they fail to do so, they may even risk losing the customer to their competitor.

More about Call Centers

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We have just seen above how a call center is basically a workplace that deals with customer phone calls – incoming as well as outgoing. These phone calls are operated and maintained by phone representatives. They are responsible for keeping track of the transaction until the deals, complaints, or other transactions are closed. For efficient handling and keeping teams well-organized, call centers generally use various call-center software systems. These systems enable them to distribute inquiries and interact with different customers.

When a call center handles a function related to customer service – it can be proactive or reactive. In case of proactive, it means reaching out to customers with service offers. In the case of reactive, it means they are supporting by responding to incoming calls. Today, most companies offer proactive customer services. It not only creates a strong bond with customers but, also helps to capture timely up-sell and cross-sell opportunities.

You should also take note that, call centers can also be owned by a parent business or it could also be hired as a third-party provider. And, both these options have their pluses and minuses. Therefore, it makes sense for someone looking out for a job in a call center to ensure whether the call center they are about to work in is a third-party provider or a parent-owned company.

A Typical Call Center Set-up

A call center usually comprises of an open workspace for all the calling representatives. A typical work station given to any calling agent includes a computer and display, a telephone set, or a headset that is connected to a telecom switch. Your headset may even be connected to an inbound or outbound call management system, or to other supervisor stations.

A work station has the flexibility to be operated independently or networked with other centers. It is often connected to a corporate computer network that includes mainframes, servers, and LANs. The computer telephony links the voice and data pathways centrally.

The contact center forms the central point of the call center. From here, all customer contacts are managed and valuable information about businesses is routed to appropriate people – this enables tracking of contacts and gathering of data. All this forms a part of a company’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM) infrastructure.

Role & Importance of Call Center Representatives

Call centers are an alternative channel to communicate with customers. It helps businesses to avoid writing emails or traveling long distances by simply picking up the phone to interact. This type of communication is most preferred as it helps to provide immediate sales or service along with giving personalized solutions. It’s therefore interesting to note the duties or responsibilities of a call center representative.

A call center representative is a person who liaises between the company and its existing customers and prospects. The representative is required to take ownership of effectively interacting with customers or prospects to solve their issues, inquiries, or make sales. Customer satisfaction is what the call center representative has to ensure. The major responsibility of the call center representative is to manage all the inbound or outbound calls efficiently and promptly. They are usually required to adhere to communication “scripts” when attending various topics. They are required to identify the needs of customers, research issues, and provide solutions or alternatives. They are required to initiate up-selling of products or services by seizing the slightest of opportunities.  Building relationships and engaging with customers, managing conversation details, and constantly attending educational meetings to improve their know-how and performance are other responsibilities that call center executives are expected to take.

Data Generation in Call Centers

The backbone of any call center lies in building exceptional customer experience. It is meaningful data analytics that can make things easier in any call center. Customer service rendered by a call center is at its best when it’s driven by robust data.

A huge amount of data, real-time as well as historical, is generated by the various call centers that operate around us. And, the immediate question that comes to one’s mind is, “Where do call centers get their data from”? Is generating a database for the call center a difficult process? Well, in this technology-driven era and so many data providers around us, it cannot get easier than this.

Phone lists for call centers are usually obtained from reputed data providers. Data providers have the best lead generation processes in place that can efficiently help you to recognize them as a BPO BPO leads provider, or a call center leads provider.

In today’s digital world that’s driven by technology, there exist a lot of solutions that generate huge amounts of data. Some of the solutions in a contact center usually consist of Auto Call Distributor (ACD), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Work-Force management (WFM), Interactive Voice Response (IVR), Email, Chat, Instant Messaging (IM), Call Recording, and Call Accounting solutions and products in use.

The call centers of today can leverage all available data.  The data sources that help them to drive each customer interaction depend on the digital marketing campaign that the customer viewed, or recent transactions done by the customer or buying history of the customer, etc.

Partner With Us for Your Data and Call Center Needs

Customer engagement is today the most influential business driver. And, outsourcing call center services to specialized, trusted, and renowned service providers is an emerging trend. Call center service providers can generate value to any business – it allows you the flexibility to devote time and resources to your core activities in building and growing your company. is a company that has rich experience in handling customer sales and support processes. With dedicated lines for supporting customers, it could indeed be the best way to grow your business.

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