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Import-export database
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The very mention of an import-export business can enlighten your eyes as it is a highly lucrative and profitable arena. After all, doesn’t it involve low overhead costs, less financial investment, and the prestige of working with people from all over the world? However, building an import-export business requires dedication, and you need to have a lot of contacts. You certainly need relevant and verified data that can help your business gain visibility, and grow further.

Import Export Business – An Overview

Import means bringing goods or services into a country from abroad for sale or use, while export is all about selling goods or services to another country. It affect most of us in this ever-integrating world. It enables countries across the globe to make the best use of their abundant resources. Building offices or plants in a foreign country is a part of the import-export business, and it also involves the exchange of technocrats and technical know-how along with product distribution in the international market.

When a country’s imports outweigh the value of what they export, the overall imbalance toward imports is called a trade deficit. The import-export trade is driven heavily by government policies, and it affects the value of the currency.

However the import-export industry involves transport companies, a global network of ports, and airports for ferrying of merchandise. As per the US Chamber of Commerce, about one-fifth of the personnel coming under private employment are involved in activities that are linked to import or export.

The Basic Needs of an Import-Export Enterprise

export-import database

Being in the import-export business, you need to thoroughly research the market to keep an eye on the trading movements around you. And, any competent marketer or authority would want to have access to import-export data to execute their enterprise successfully.

Depending on the type of your business, you may want to know about Indian importers or the top import-export companies in India. Going further, you may even want to contact the key personnel in many of those companies for which will need the phone numbers of importers, or phone numbers of exporters, and even their email lists.

Top Indian Import and Export Items

Companies in India today actively engage in the export of raw or manufactured products, and by complying with international standards and best practices they have made a mark for themselves in the highly competitive international market. Prominent top Indian export companies include Reliance Industries which exports oil and gas; Tata Steel which exports steel products like HR coils, ferrochrome, and wires; Arvind Mills which exports shirts and denim jeans; Sun Pharma Industries which exports pharmaceutical formulations and ingredients; and Vardhaman Textiles which exports cotton yarn, fiber, sewing thread, and fabrics.

However, coming to the imports, in the by-gone year 2019, the top ten Indian imports accounted for about 80% of the total value of product purchases from abroad. Mineral fuels accounted for 32% of total imports; Gems and precious metals accounted for 12.5% of imports; Electrical machinery and equipment accounted for 10.5% of imports; Machinery including computers accounted for 9.2% of imports; Organic chemicals accounted for 4.3% of imports; Plastics, and plastic articles accounted for 3.1% of imports; Iron & steel accounted for 2.4% of imports; Animal-vegetable fats, oils, and waxes accounted for 2% of imports; Optical, technical, and medical apparatus accounted for 2% of imports; and Fertilizers accounted for 1.5% of imports.

Accessing Import Export Data Essential for Business Growth

For any import-export business, it’s quite essential to have a pocket-friendly and intelligence-based access to the trade database. It enables marketers and those in authority to find ways to keep clients updated, and find new markets around the world.

If you are looking to get free yet accurate country-wise data, you may gather insights from the respective country’s bureau or ministry. Also, you may further cross-check with the UN database. However, this could be a time-consuming process. In such a scenario, you can look up to independent research bodies or other verifiable sources. But, data providers can be your best bet! Here, you can get all the required import-export related data under a single roof.

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Sample – A Look at USA Import Data

Are you aware, the USA holds the number one position in the world as an import economy? Therefore, any company that is mainly into exports would certainly be interested in examining the importing activities of the USA to grow its exports to that country! This data usually comprises details like the importer’s name, exporter’s name, product description, HS code, and date of shipment. The exporter would then also like to get insights about the most imported products by the US, and also know its major import partner countries.

Certainly, the above is just a sample for one country! Imagine getting the above type of exhaustive information for every country! It would be a major time-consuming exercise for any import-export business enterprise without any guarantee of its accuracy. But, it’s quite essential to have a complete list at your disposal to stay afloat, sustain, and grow further. In the sections ahead, we will see how data providers can be of great help.

How Data Providers Help You

The import-export database that is provided by data providers can be useful to you in tracking shipping activities around the world – it reflects on what’s going on in the import-export business. Apart from that, you will be able to better identify your suppliers, connect with new customers, and also learn about the supply chains of your competitors.

Whether you are an importer or an exporter, at some point in time or the other you are bound to feel the need for an email list of exporters or importers for your digital marketing campaigns.

At other times you may urgently need to contact key personnel in the industry

and want the phone number of an exporter or importer to derive critical information.

In case you are an importer, data providers can help you find high-quality suppliers. They have relevant shipping data that help in revealing customers, and product lines for factories around the world. Using their intuitive database, you can identify your prospects based on products imported.

In case you are an exporter, the shipping records provided by data providers can help you keep an eye on your competitors along with identifying new companies in the market. You will be able to get insights about how much your competitor is shipping, and from whom they are sourcing.

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