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    Name: Accelya Solutions India Limited Employee Count: 1,001 to 5,000
    CIN: L74140PN1986PLC041033 Company type: MNC
    Founded: 1976 Sector: Public
    Website: Industry: Information Technology(IT)
    Locality: Pune, Maharashtra, India

    Accelya Solutions India Limited was founded in September 1986 and offers financial, trading, freight and analytics solutions for a changing world. Accelya is a strategic partner for more than 400 airlines, travel agencies and shippers.

    Key Decision Makers

    Abdul Saleem
    Director - Software Development
    Alessandro Alfano
    Director of Product Management
    Alicine Almeida
    Process Head
    Allwyn Monis
    Amar Nair
    Director - Business Operations
    Andrea Alexandra Craciun
    Head of Strategy - Sales and Incentive Solutions
    Ankit Jain
    Process Head
    Anmol Sagar
    Head - Global Performance & Learning
    Anna Muniesa
    Head of Group Corporate Finance
    Anuj Kumar
    Working as Product Owner
    Anupama Barve
    Process Head
    Arun Gala
    Sr. Vice President
    Attila Nagy
    Director of Product Strategy
    Bhushan Pathak
    Process Head
    Cesar Leonardo Cicilia
    Head Of Product Development
    Cinthia Torres Calderon
    Product Owner / Business Analyst
    Cyrille Martin
    Head of Sales & Incentive Solutions
    Deepak Sharma
    Associate Vice President
    Digant Shah
    Vice President Human Resources
    Duane Perryman
    Global Head of People and Engagement / Global HRBP
    Elena Garcia Dieguez
    Head of Finance
    Elliott Brits
    Account Director
    Emmanuel de Lassagne
    Senior Vice President
    Eric Selvadurai
    Chief Operating Officer
    Ernesto Tejerina
    Product Owner / Business analyst
    Feby Ann Bono
    Business Operations Analyst
    Ganesh Shinde
    Process Head - Accounts
    Gautam Jain
    Senior Leader
    George Johny
    Vice President
    Glenn Liao
    Director-Sales & Account Management
    Gopal Shettigar
    Senior Vice President
    Gurudas Shenoy
    Chief Finance Officer
    Guy Hescott
    Vice President
    Hareendran E
    Cluster Head
    h**********[email protected]
    Ignacio Martinez Mancebo
    Director, Marketing Solutions
    Jaime Zaratiegui
    Director, Data Science
    James Fernandez
    EVP, Head of Group Business Development
    j*************[email protected]
    Jikky John
    Jitendra Raut
    Asscoiate Vice President
    John Johnston
    Group CEO
    j***********[email protected]
    Jordi Arcalis
    Commercial & Customer Relations Director
    Jose Maria Portabella
    Managing Director
    Joshi Anthony
    Senior Vice President - Software Product Development
    Juanjo Quesada
    Head of Operations
    Karen Broghammer
    Vice President, Commercial - North America and Caribbean
    Kerman Bhandari
    Director Business Operations
    Klaas Fokkema
    Executive Vice President - Commercial Solutions
    Lalita Kakanadan
    Founder at Boutique Travel Portugal
    Laurence Brena Montessuit
    Head of Customer Service
    m**********[email protected]
    Luis Roman Eslava
    Regional Sales Director Nordics, Russia & CESE
    Malak Kamil
    Global Director, Brand & Creative Marketing
    Marcus Carotti
    Director, Regional Marketing
    Mark Nieuwendijk
    Chairman Of The Board
    n**********[email protected]
    Mathew Thomas
    VP - Accelya Kale Solutions Ltd and Director - Canary Travel and Logistics Solutions Pvt.Ltd
    Matthew Woolmer
    Vice President
    Mayte Estevan
    Group Controller & Internal Auditor
    Meet Raut
    Database operations Head
    Milind Kakirde
    Moez Mili
    Managing Director
    Mufaddal Lokhandwala
    Global Head Business Development
    Neela Bhattacherjee
    Managing Director, Accelya Kale Solutions Ltd.
    b************[email protected]
    Neema Margaret Fernandes
    Service Delivery Head
    Nirav Shah
    FPA Head
    Nitin Patwardhan
    Senior Vice President - Head Delivery & PMO
    Nitin Pujara
    Nitin Sonavane
    Process Head
    Parag Walve
    Associate Vice President
    Paul Clarges
    Global Head of Enterprise Infrastructure
    Perrine Debris
    Global Head
    Philip Fernandes
    Executive Vice President – Revenue Accounting Practice
    Philippe Perrin
    Sales & Account Management Director Europe & Africa
    Prakash Sonpatki
    Vice President
    s*******[email protected]
    Prakash Tiwari
    Associate Vice President - ITS CEG
    Prasad Kulkarni
    Vice President - HR Operations
    Prasenjit Gangopadhyay
    Director of Product Management
    g***********[email protected]
    Prashant Kedarpawar
    Associate Vice President
    k**********[email protected]
    Rafael Gomez
    Global Head of HR Business Partners & HR Integration
    Rahul Kulkarni
    Director - Software Development
    Rahul Mhatre
    Head Of Information Security
    Rajesh Menon
    Process Head
    Ramesh Ganji
    Rangan Bhaumik
    SVP & Head of Sales
    Ravi Chakravarthy
    SVP & Sales Head - Asia Pacific
    c***********[email protected]
    Reju Varghese
    Process Head
    Robert Angre
    Associate Manager
    Robin Paul
    Director - Strategy and Customer Solutions
    Roger Page Morris
    Regional Director - Sales & Account Management
    Rose Fernandez
    Senior Vice President Global Marketing
    Rosita Infante
    Regional Head - Sales and Account Management (LATAM Region)
    Sahre Anjum Syed
    Associate Vice President
    Salim Nathani
    Vice President
    Sandeep Fernandes
    Head BU
    Sanjay Sontakke
    Associate Vice President
    Sanjyot Tawde
    Senior Vice President, Airline Services & IT Projects
    Satish Deulkar
    Manager Business Operation
    Sean Moriarty
    Vice President,
    Shipra Lawrence
    Senior Vice President
    Shweta Mehra
    Director Pre-Sales
    Srinivas Kothakota
    Vice President
    Steven Fayers
    Director of Commercial Improvement
    Sumeet Nadkar
    Chief Financial Officer
    Sunanda Kariyakarawana
    Director - Software Development
    k*************[email protected]
    Sunil KrishnaKumar
    Vice President Business Development
    k***********[email protected]
    Surendra Tuli
    Technical Director
    Suresh Manwani
    Director of Sales and Account Management
    Teresa Rivera
    Head of Payment Solutions
    Toby Solak
    Director, Sales and Account Management, EMEA
    Tom Winters
    Regional Director
    Venkata Sanjeevi Dharmarajan
    Director of Information Technology
    d**********[email protected]
    Vikram Joshi
    Director and Regional Head Sales
    Virgil Ferreira
    Vivek Sinha
    Service Delivery Head
    Zsuzsanna Herczeg
    Director of Product Management, Airline Revenue Assurance

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