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    Name: Adani Enterprises Limited Employee Count: 10,001+
    CIN: L51100GJ1993PLC019067 Company type: MNC
    Founded: 1993 Sector: Public
    Website: Industry: Petroleum, Oil, Gas, Refineries
    Locality: Ahmedabad, Gujarath, India

    Adani Enterprises Limited founded in 02 March 1993. The Adani Group is an integrated trading conglomerate in India that consists of six listed companies with total sales of $ 13 billion. It serves at Petroleum, Oil, Gas, Refineries. and has developed into a global player for integrated infrastructure with companies in important industrial sectors: natural resources, logistics, energy and agriculture.

    Key Decision Makers

    Abhijeet Sinha
    Head Cost Engineering
    Abhishek Basu
    Head Geotechnical
    Ajay Das
    Associate Vice President
    Ajay Sharma
    Head - Travel Management
    Akshay Mathur
    Associate Vice President
    Amit Jain
    Associate Vice President
    Amitabh Mishra
    AVP- HR & OD
    Amrendra Kumar Sinha
    Associate Vice President
    Anand Marathe
    Head Operations - Liquid Terminal
    Anshul Khandelwal
    Head Of Strategy - Renewables businesses
    Ashish Sharma
    Head - Travel Management
    Ashtad E
    Head of Technology - Energy Business
    Atul Chaturvedi
    Balram Panda
    Associate Vice President & Head (HR)
    Bernhard Rack
    Chief Operating Officer, Manufacturing - Solar
    Chandrasekaran S
    Head-IT, Logistics
    Deepak Sontakke
    Head HR- South Region
    Erik Stockglausner
    Vice President, Strategy & BD | Renewables & Data Centers in India
    Gautam Adani
    Hamish Manzi
    Head of Environment & Sustainability
    Jacxine Fernandez
    Vice President & Group CISO (Chief Information Security Officer)
    j***************[email protected]
    Joy Ghosh
    Group IT Head-Application Services
    Karthikeyan Nambiar
    Head - Operations & Maintenance
    k*****************[email protected]
    Kartik Reddy
    Assistant Vice President
    k**********[email protected]
    Kevin Chothani
    Head Environment, Health and Safety
    k************[email protected]
    Kishore Gandhi
    Group Head - Ratings
    k************[email protected]
    Manoj Singh
    Head - HR
    Nalin Tripathi
    Head Overseas - ABEX & Projects
    n************[email protected]
    Neeraj Sharma
    Associate Vice President, Head-Engineering
    n***********[email protected]
    Onkar Kapoor
    VP & CIO
    o**********[email protected]
    Paresh Chaudhry
    Group President, Corporate Communication
    p*************[email protected]
    Prakash Yadav
    Head Of Information Technology
    p***********[email protected]
    Pranab Ghosh
    Head of HSE & Asset Integrity (Adani Gas)
    p**********[email protected]
    Praveen Mange
    Head HR, Australia
    p***********[email protected]
    Puneet Mehndiratta
    Business Head
    p****************[email protected]
    Rahul Yadav
    Raj Jain
    Head Business Development Renewable Energy
    Rajeev Katiar
    Group Head - Talent Acquisition
    r***********[email protected]
    Rajendra Goyal
    r************[email protected]
    Rajendra Singh Talan
    COO - Coal & Bunker Fuel Trade
    r***********[email protected]
    Rajesh Shah
    Vice President - Finance
    Rajiv Kumar
    Associate Vice President - Corporate Affairs & Admin
    Ramesh Sharma
    Chief Officer- Group Shared Services
    r***********[email protected]
    Ravi B
    Chief Financial Officer
    Robbie Singh
    Group Chief Financial Officer
    r**********[email protected]
    Sachin Jain
    Head Of Logistics Department
    Sanjay Gupta
    Vice president & Head Techno Commercial
    s**********[email protected]
    Sanjeev Muramkar
    Head - Learning and Development - Adani Group
    s**************[email protected]
    Santhosh Joseph
    Head Techno Commercial Group Services
    s*************[email protected]
    Shalin Shah
    Associate Vice President - Finance
    Shamik Parikh
    AVP - Strategy & Innovation
    s***********[email protected]
    Soumen Mukherjee
    Associate Vice President
    s**************[email protected]
    Sridhar Nuti
    Head- HR SSC - ABEX
    s**********[email protected]
    Subimal Shome
    s***********[email protected]
    Sudipta Bhattacharya
    Chief Executive Officer - North America
    s******************[email protected]
    Sunil Chauhan
    Head Quality & Business Excellence
    s***********[email protected]
    Vs Chandrawat
    Head of Security
    v***********[email protected]

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