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    Name: Agility Logistics Private Limited Employee Count: 10,001+
    CIN: U60230MH1998PTC112960 Company type: SMEs/MSME
    Founded: 1998 Sector: Private
    Website: Industry: Courier, Logistics, Packaging, Transport
    Locality: Mumbai, Maharastra, India

    Agility is a multinational logistics company with annual sales of $5.1 billion and a workforce of 26,000+ in over 100 countries. It is one of the largest freight forwarding and contract logistics companies in the world, and a tech leader and investor to boost the performance of the supply chain.

    Key Decision Makers

    Abdul Kadim
    Head-Project Logistics
    Abdullatef Alateeqi
    Director of sites and infastructure
    Abrar Yousef Alotaibi
    Director of Strategic Planning & Development
    Adith Krishnan
    CEO Oman
    Ahmed Aly
    Ahmed Shalash
    Operations Manager
    Ajay James
    CEO, Real Estate
    Al Quiming
    Director, Ocean Product TPEB
    Alain Flament
    Directeur d'agence
    Alan Mascarenhas
    Director of Real Estate Development
    Alex Shao
    Head of Finance Department
    Alexander Petrovic
    Director Operations
    Alexandre Henrotte
    Alexandrina Gomes
    Operacional Account Manager
    Ali Elzein
    Director - Sales and Marketing (Real Estate Business)
    Ammar Garaibeh
    Operations Manager
    Anders Tidholm
    Director Network Development
    Andreas Thelen
    Director Tender Management Germany
    Aneta Trifonov
    Director, Operations
    Angel Hierro
    Director Supply Chain Solutions Spain
    Anja Rozenzweig
    Director of Customer & Product Solutions
    Antonio El Baty
    Director of Project Logistics, Freight Forwarding, and Transport
    Armin T
    Director Global Transformation & Strategic Initiatives
    Arun Iyer
    Head of QHSE
    Ashish Garg
    Head - Ocean Product
    Ashley Dsilva
    Director of Sales
    Asif Ahmed Mirza
    Director - Enterprise Applications
    Axel Kirchgessner
    VP of IT
    a***********[email protected]
    Ayesha Azhar
    Operations Coordinator
    Ayhan Uzun
    Head Project & Trade Solutions
    Bassel El Dabbagh
    CEO, Abu Dhabi
    Ben Cherian
    Director - Global Transformation & Strategic Initiatives
    Ben N. Hasnai
    Director PMO & Vendor Management
    Benoit Guillermit
    CEO Agility DGS France
    Bernie Center
    Director, Quality, Environmental, Health, Safety and Security (QEHSS) & Strategic Procurement
    Bhavesh Thakrar
    Director of Global Quality
    Bill Muir
    Director, Agility Project Logistics - Gorgon
    Bjoern Buesing
    Director Global Airfreight
    Bradley Forcand
    Operations Team Lead
    Brian Underhill
    VP, Global Sales Performance
    Bruno Alves
    CFO - Area South Europe
    Cahaya Narimas
    Head, Legal (Malaysia/Insia)
    Cam Nerdahl
    director of operations
    Carl Cooper
    VP, Chief Financial Officer
    Carol Stephenson
    Director Information Technology
    Charles Campione
    VP Commercial Strategy
    Charlie Gassoub
    VP Aviation Services & VP West Africa
    Chris Maccari
    Christoph Ritt
    Director Finance Projects & GPO Global Process Owner OTC & PTP
    Cindi Mai
    VP, Global Tax
    Cindy Engelbart
    Director Life Science APAC
    Clive Tranter
    vp global sales
    Colin Hindley
    CEO Iraq
    Damien Grandjean
    CFO Area West Agility (France & Switzerland)
    Dave Morgan
    David Huang
    VP Sales,China
    David Thorpe
    VP Supply Chain Solutions
    Deepak Jain
    CFO, Infrastructure Group
    Deepty S.
    Head of Human Resources & Admin.
    Dennis Van Der Meijs
    VP Sales & Marketing Europe
    d**********[email protected]
    Didier Techer
    Directeur Administratif et Financier
    Domenico La Banca
    Director Airfreight Switzerland
    Domenico Tafuro
    Ceo Italy
    Dominique M.
    Director Global Quality
    Dominique Paule Gonzales
    Directrice des Ressources Humaines
    d************[email protected]
    Ec Yang Ag Korea
    e**********[email protected]
    Edi Angelova
    Director Strategic Accounts Europe
    Eduardo Ludwig
    cEO mEXICO
    Eko Budhi Nugroho
    Operations Manager
    e***********[email protected]
    Elizabeth Dlima
    Head Legal ( India & Bangladesh)
    Elizabeth Hale
    Director of Procurement, Americas
    Eric Blonk
    Director Global Processes (PMO)
    Esmeralda Smith
    Director Of Business Development for Logistics & Projects
    Esra Topsal
    CEO, Turkey
    Fady Gabra
    Head of Finance Africa
    Fatima Guadamuz
    Director - Trade Compliance - Operations
    Fernanda Lima Galvao
    Operations Analyst
    Fouad M. Alame
    VP, Global Organizational Development
    Frank Guerra
    Frank Heijnen
    Director CCT Road Freight Europe
    Frankie Poon
    Director Of Ocean Freight
    Franziska Inman
    VP Global Oil & Gas Business Development
    Gareth Rees
    CFO Australasia
    Geoff Riley
    Head of IT at Agility Chemical Logistics
    George Lambka
    Director Bus Operations
    George Wong
    Director, Strategic Accounts/APR
    Gerhard Faller
    Head of Business Intelligence
    Ghassan Assaad
    Director of Operations- GIL Warehousing
    Hasan Masri
    Director Of Business Development
    Hassan Mikail
    Head Of Ecommerce - MEA
    Heinz Zengaffinen
    VP Human Resources Europe
    h**********[email protected]
    Helen Wong
    Director, Global Transformation, APAC Field Implementation
    Hemant Singh
    Head of Sales & Marketing - India
    Henadi Al Saleh
    Henry Oh
    Director of Sales Marketing
    Hesham El Refay
    Head Of Operations
    Hokie Song
    Head of Project Logistics, Greater China Area
    Hudson Fernandes
    Director - Quality Assurance / Quality Control
    Irene Leow
    Director (Fair & Events)
    Itatrans Agility Brazil
    Head Life Science - Pharmaceutical Competence Center
    i************[email protected]
    Iwan Darmawan
    Operations Manager
    Jack Li Mengxiong
    Director, Strategic Account Management, Asia Pacific
    j**********[email protected]
    Jack Robbins
    Director, Global Compensation
    Jakkapan Limpthanarak
    j***********[email protected]
    James Jones
    Jana Graves
    Director, Ocean Export
    Jasmine Chang
    Director, Strategic Account Management, Asia Pacific
    Jason Johns
    Operations Co-Ordinator
    Jay Gomez
    Operation Account Manager - Ocean Export
    Jayaraman Srinivasan
    Head of HR (People & Process Management Officer)
    Jennifer Imhoff
    Director of Procurement
    Jerry Lim
    Director and Head of Financial Shared Service
    Jim Cox
    VP Corporate Communications
    Joe Tsoi
    Head of Information Technology, China
    Johan Dittlau
    Director of Operations, South East Region USA
    Johan Oosthuizen
    Johanna Adriansson
    Operations Road Freight
    John Anderssen
    Head of Logistics
    John Petsche
    Operations Account Manager-Key Accounts
    John Thekanady
    Head of Digital Marketing (Digital Marketing Strategy)
    Johnson Sebastian
    Operations Executive
    Jon Foo
    Director, Sales
    Jonathan Bodmer
    VP Human Resources Europe
    Joshua Lamson
    Director of Pricing
    Joshua Rogers
    Director, Global Sales Reporting and Analytics
    Juniati Oei
    Kais Bourguiba
    Kala Devi Panchacharam
    Head of Legal - Malaysia & Insia
    k***************[email protected]
    Karelle Michel
    Director, Global Airfreight Product
    Karen Rondino
    Director Air Product Americas
    Karl Khambatta
    VP Strategy, Agility Project Logistics
    Kevin Rolfe
    Director - Sales UK & Ireland
    Khaled Al Ghais
    Director - Projects & Business Development
    Khaled Suleiman
    CFO Libya
    Kiran Hegde
    Director Trade Lane - USA/India
    Kogi Thanagopal
    Operation Manager (Chemicals)
    Lai Ying Lum
    Director-Financial Systems & Strategic Analysis
    Luis Manuel Santos
    Head Product Management Road Freight Switzerland _ France
    l***********[email protected]
    Marco Gemelli
    Operations Manager
    Marek Fausel
    Director Ocean Freight
    Margaret Basil
    Operational Accounts Manager
    Margaret Churchill
    Maria Peres
    Operational Controller - European Shared Service Center
    Mark Pycroft
    Head of Supply Chain Solutions, UK & Ireland
    Mark Soubry
    Markus Lingohr
    CEO Area Central Europe
    Martin Reichner
    Director Ocean Freight Area Central Europe
    Massimo Rossetti
    Director Air Product Latin America & Air Product BCT for Transformation
    Matthew Spartz
    VP Global LCL Services
    Matthias Dischinger
    Director Strategy Europe
    Matthias Hurst
    Director, Global Airfreight Initiatives
    Maurice Collis
    Director- Leadership Development
    Mehdi Lamiri
    Head of Data Science CoE
    Mehmet Cetkin
    Head of HR Switzerland
    Michael A. Hernandez
    Director of Business Development Agility Chemical Logistics
    Michel Saab
    CEO Logistic Parks
    Miguel Germano
    Miguel Seco
    VP Corporate Air & Ocean Operations
    Mike Shum
    CEO, Canada
    Mohammed Basyouni
    Head Of Procurement
    Muhannad Al Omari
    Director - Business Development
    Mustafa Tuco
    N V Suresh Kumar
    VP : Enterprise Applications , IT Governance and IT Security
    Nader Alkandary
    Nayan Malpani
    CFO - GIL Dubai & Iraq
    Neetika Chahar
    Operations (life sciences)
    Neil V
    VP IT - Head of Global Business Applications
    Nguyen Thi Bich Ngoc
    n**********[email protected]
    Nick King
    Director of Credit Management and Collections, European Region
    Nick Lahaut
    Director, Global Process Owner OtC
    Nicolas Pollet
    VP Sales & Marketing
    Nikhil Agte
    Director - Global Finance Projects
    Nils Rodewald
    CFO Area West
    Norman Zimmer
    Head Strategy & Projects Area West Europe
    Novia Widiastuty K
    Operations Supervisor
    Oliver Klingbeil
    CEO, Oman
    Patricia Ndagire
    Head Customer service
    Patrick Preikschat
    Director Pharmaceutical Competence Centre
    Patrick Simone
    CCO Area West Europe
    Paul Jenkinson
    operations manager
    Phil Browit
    CEO Agility Chemical Logistics
    Pierre Rey
    Directeur d'agence
    Pierre Saks
    Director Global Implementation
    Prasanna Kumar Pattam
    Director - Technology
    p**********[email protected]
    Premin Mathew
    Head of Operations – Contract Logistics
    Raden Bambang
    Operation Manager
    Rainbow Ren
    Operation Manager
    Rajkumar Meenakshisundaram
    Director and Business Head, Global finance shared services
    r****************[email protected]
    Randy Ingels
    Director Global Compliance and Seurity
    Ray Pang
    Operations Manager
    Remco Rohaan
    Director Business Development Road Freight Europe
    Richard Szirbik
    Director IT Global SCM
    Rita Alberici
    Director Credit and Collections
    Rok Ivancic
    Rushabh Shah
    VP - Digital Delivery
    Saher Guirguis
    CFO, Real Estate
    Samer Shammas
    Director of Strategic Sourcing
    Sandy Mcculloch
    Director - Global Tradelane program
    Sangeetha Pradeep
    Director - Human Capital : Kuwait
    Sasi Kumar
    Head - Organisation Development
    Scott D. B
    Director of Operations Process Management, China
    Scott Taylor
    Operations Manager
    Scott Templeton
    Operations Manager
    Shadi Abdullah
    Director of Strategy & Corporate Development
    Shadi Khalifa
    Shebl El Khayatt
    Director - Logistics Village Qatar
    Simon Blunck
    Head of Tender Management APAC
    Stefano Martini
    Director - Strategic Account Development, Asia Pacific
    Steven Ryan
    CFO Europe
    Sudin Gopi
    Director - Freight Forwarding, KSA
    Sureshkumar Thandapany
    Director IT
    Sushant Palakurthi Rao
    Head of Global Partnerships
    s************[email protected]
    Tarek Al Sultan
    Chairman & Managing Director
    Tarek Sultan
    CEO and Vice Chairman
    Tatyana Mastyugina
    Head of Moscow Sales Department
    Tek Karki
    Director - Warehousing Operations
    Thomas Peter
    Director of Sales Central Europe
    Thomas Straube
    Operations Manager
    Thomas Suppik
    Director of Sales - Area South, Americas Region
    Toby Raworth
    Director of Sales - CHN,TWN,HK
    Tommy Little
    Director IT Services
    Tony Saliba
    Vanina Carmo
    Director of Human Resources and Compliance Coordinator
    Venkatesh Chandrasekar
    Head - Global Finance Projects
    v***********[email protected]
    Vijay Kumar B
    Director, Global Shared Services - Operations & Commercial(Sales Support)
    Vikram Ahlawat
    Director Strategic Account Sales
    Vince Lipiz
    Director, Technology & Architecture
    Virginie Manchon
    Directrice Commerciale France
    Wassim Al Ali
    Head of transportation / Operation
    Wendy Tay
    Operations Manager
    William Stenhouse
    VP - Systems, Process and Training, Africa
    Yashodhara C
    Head HR India
    Yuliya Klymiuk
    Head of International Transport department
    Ziad Nassoura
    CEO - GIL Jordan

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