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    Name: AIMIA India Loyalty Management Pvt Ltd Employee Count:
    CIN: U74990MH2010FTC198767 Company type: MNC
    Founded: 2010 Sector: Private
    Website: Industry: Information Technology(IT)
    Locality: Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

    Aimia Loyalty Solutions is a internationally recognized leading retail, CPG, travel and entertainment, finance and recreation business solutions provider. Aimia helps brands define and target key consumer segments to provide customized brand interactions as a company organization. Their SmartJourney ® patented approach utilizes innovative algorithms, AI and Machine Learning techniques to identify measure and forecast consumer behavior over thresholds of customer journey.

    Key Decision Makers

    Akbar Lam
    Director, Strategy and Consulting
    Alex Croker
    Head of Outbound Channels
    Amy Sharratt
    Account Director
    Ana-mari Perica
    Operations Manager
    Andrea Swicegood
    Director of Training
    Angela Krob
    Director, Rewards & Partnerships
    Becky Letsche
    Director, Particiant Management - Channel & Employee Loyalty
    Benjamin Lim
    Director, Global Loyalty Solutions - Asia
    Bhavin Bhuptani
    Account Director
    Bob Sjostrom
    Director End User Computing and Infrastructure Support Services
    Brad Albers
    Director Reward Solutions and Prepaid Incentive Cards
    Carrie Blum
    Vice President, PMO and Campaign & Creative Services
    Christy Reutiman
    Director, CX & Campaigns
    Chuck Stain
    Vice President General Manager West Division
    Cindy Faust
    Vice President, Global Client Development
    Claire Jones
    Chief Operations Officer for ISS
    Cosmina Buiga
    Director Product Management
    Daniel Baxter
    Account Director
    Duncan Stewart
    Vice President, Intelligent Shopper Solutions,
    Essam Al Kibsi
    Account Director
    Fatima Barrera
    Director, Core Products
    Fiachra Woodman
    VP Global Innovations Lab
    f*************[email protected]
    Fred Mifflin
    Gail Ryan
    Vice President, Enhancement Services
    Genevive Page
    Director, Strategy
    g**********[email protected]
    Georgia Mizuleva
    Director, Data Management
    Gina Drewek
    Director, Business Technology Solutions
    Guy Culshaw
    Head of Strategy and Planning
    Heidi Noyes
    Account Director
    Hugo Breton
    Vice President, Global Strategy and Corporate Development
    Ian Rose
    Director Programmes & Projects
    James Cooper
    Head of Travel Solutions, Partnerships & Rewards - MENA
    James Dowden
    Director Strategic Partnerships
    j**********[email protected]
    Jan Tannis
    Director Meetings & Events
    Jason Mossotti
    Account Director
    j************[email protected]
    Jennifer Albee
    Director, Performance Improvement and Training
    Jeremy Molnar
    Vice President, Analytics and CRM
    Jonathan Kibel
    Finance Director
    Josh Chandler
    Vice-President of Mergers & Acquisitions and Treasurer at Aimia Inc.
    Kate Schneider
    Director, Program Management (Auto)
    Kelli Ask
    Client Development Director, Global Loyalty Solutions, Americas
    Kevin Baldwin
    Chief Commercial Officer
    Kevin Gross
    DFO, Vice President of Finance, Insights & Loyalty Solutions Division
    Kim Georgallis
    Director – Partnerships & Rewards Services, APAC
    k**********[email protected]
    Leila Legaspi
    Director, IT
    Lesley Elcombe
    Account Director
    Lourdes Blanco
    Vice President IT
    Luc Gagnon
    Director, Client Analytics - Travel
    Lyn Thomson
    Head of BAU Operations
    Lynn Frye
    Director, Channel & Employee Loyalty Operations
    Maddy Mullins
    Sales and Marketing Coordinator
    Martin Langlois
    Director, Application Services - Members / Agent
    Megan Ratcliffe
    Director of External Communications
    m*************[email protected]
    Mehad Elmahadi
    Operations- Custome Service (CRM)
    Michelle Oss
    Account Director
    Mike Corneille
    Vice President, Global Platform Solutions
    Mita Sharma
    Director - Account Management
    Mona Afrouz
    Director, CIBC Partnership
    Natalie Woodson
    Director, Client Solutions Development
    Nathaniel Felsher
    President & Chief Strategy Officer
    Neil Bhagat
    Head Of Global Procurement
    Nick Mattinson
    Account Director & Global Program Management CoE Lead: Insights & Loyalty Solutions
    Nicolas Goulet
    Director, Internal Audit
    Nung Lian Sume
    Head of Analytics & Insights, Asia
    Patrizia Agostinis
    Head of Delivery Operations Italy
    Phil Eames
    Phil Mittleman
    Board Of Directors
    Philippe W. Naud
    Directeur, Rapports Financiers & Assistant Contrôleur Corporatif
    Prachi Sharma
    Director, Data Architecture and Engineering
    Richard A. Miller
    Director, New Business Development, Financial Services
    Richard Peake
    Chief Operating Officer
    Rob Thomson
    Director - American Express
    Sara Ringold
    Director, Solutions Analyst Services, Global Service Center
    s**********[email protected]
    Sarah Klimek
    Director, Program Operations
    Siva Vayalpati
    Head Of Architecture
    Stephane Rochette
    Director, Planning & Reporting
    Stephen Jones
    President - Strategy & Consulting
    Steve Leonard
    Chief Financial Officer
    s***********[email protected]
    Steve Martin
    Director of Insight
    Tanya Macramalla
    Director, Global Digital Marketing
    Teresa Harris
    Account Director
    Tracey Ingram
    Finance Director of FP&A EMEA
    Vincent Dubois
    Director, Campaign Strategy & Services
    Wintah Thompson
    Account Director
    Yves Godbout
    Director, IT Process Improvement, Global IT Governance

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