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    Name: Akamai Technologies India Pvt Ltd Employee Count: 5,001-10,000
    CIN: U64202KA2004PTC033749 Company type: MNC
    Founded: 2004 Sector: Private
    Website: www.akamai.com Industry: Information Technology(IT)
    Locality: Bangalore, karnataka, India

    Akamai is the leading provider of media and software delivery services to the content delivery network (CDN), and cloud security solutions. Worldwide, leading brands count on Akamai as their competitive advantage. Using agile approaches that expand the power of their multi-cloud environment, they help them win the market, unmatched customer service, analytics, and 24/7/365 monitoring support their portfolio of edge security, web and mobile efficiency, enterprise access, and video delivery solutions.

    Key Decision Makers

    Adi Eran
    Chief of Staff to CIO
    Adnan Rizvi
    Chief Procurement Officer
    Amol Mathur
    Andy Champagne
    VP & CTO
    Anthony Stiesi
    Director, Engineering
    Anthony Williams
    EVP, Chief Human Resources Officer
    Anup Chakravarthi
    Director Finance
    Ashish Jain
    Operations Manager
    Ashvini Singhal
    Senior Director
    Avneesh Kumar Jain
    Operations Analyst
    Benson Rosen
    Director of Carrier Products
    Beth Favini
    Bill Wheaton
    EVP and Chief Strategy Officer
    Brad Jeans
    Senior Director
    Brian Long
    Casey Kita
    Chandra Velpuri
    Director, Platform Operations
    Chris Leis
    Christopher Schill
    Director, Network Engineering
    Christopher White
    Director of Engineering
    Chuck Bernard
    Director of Engineering
    c***********[email protected]
    Darren Foley
    Vice President
    d**********[email protected]
    David Habben
    Business Development Director
    David Minch
    Director Of Engineering
    David Rubin
    Director - Sales Operations
    Edward Mcgowan
    Erik Nygren
    Chief Architect
    Gagan Achar
    Director - Product Line
    Gene Meyer
    Chief Revenue Strategist
    George Economou
    CTO Custom Analytics
    Gerald Deck
    Vice President, International Legal
    Graham Twaddle
    Director of Engineering
    Greg Denny
    Harish Kammanahalli
    Director Of Engineering
    h***********[email protected]
    Harish Menon
    Ian Klein
    Global Director
    Ittay Dror
    Chief Product Architect
    Jagadish S
    Director (Technical Support)
    James Casey
    Chief Privacy Officer
    James Kretchmar
    VP & CTO
    Jeffrey Huang
    Chief Ethics & Compliance Officer
    Jill Graber
    Jim Benson
    John Devasia
    Product Line Director
    John Hanson
    Vice President and Chief Pricing Strategist
    John Payne
    Chief Architect
    John Summers
    VP & CTO
    Jonas Naumann
    Director Sales Operations
    Jonathan Morgan
    Vice President, Product and Operations
    j*************[email protected]
    Kai Koon Ng
    Kate Jenkins
    Chief Architect
    Kathryn Cruz
    Director Of Engineering
    Kevin Johns
    Chief Product Architect
    Kim Kane
    Vice President
    Kyungjoon Lee
    Managing Director
    Lior Netzer
    VP & CTO IoT
    Lise Greenboim
    Operations Director
    l************[email protected]
    Lynn Hare
    Director, Learning and Development
    Manja Muthanna
    Mark Ardagna
    Area Vice President
    Mark Buckle
    Director, Internal Audit
    Matthew Campbell
    m**************[email protected]
    Matthew Philbin
    Melanie Francis
    Vice President and Chief
    Michael Archer
    Chief Strategist IoT
    Michael Merideth
    Chief Architect
    Michael Szydlo
    Nadeem Mohsin
    operations analyst
    Natalie Temple
    Neha Akhouri
    Director of Engineering
    Neha Jain
    Director Operations
    Noam Freedman
    Senior Vice President and Chief Architect
    Patrick Sullivan
    CTO, Security Strategy
    Paul Feldman
    Director - Sales and Marketing
    Pavan Golla
    Director QA Engineering
    Philip Lisiecki
    Chief Architect
    p*************[email protected]
    Pierre Ehsani
    Director of Product Line Mangement
    p***********[email protected]
    Prasad Mandava
    MD India & VP of Engineering
    Rajdeep Ghosh
    Operations Manager
    Randall Palm
    Area Vice President of Sales
    Revathi Murali
    Operations Analyst
    Rishibha Vasudev
    Operations Analyst
    Sandra Downey
    Director Program Management
    Sankara Subramanian Palanisamy
    s****************[email protected]
    Sean Butler
    Chief Architect
    Souvik Mitra
    Stephen Ludin
    Chief Architect
    Stephen Stierer
    Director, Solutions Engineering
    Steve Gamache
    Director of Network Programs
    Steven Schecter
    Director, Network Architecture
    s*************[email protected]
    Teresa M. Kim
    Vice President
    Teri Carilli
    Director Q/A Engineering
    Thorn Vogel
    Director Global Business Development
    Tim Dunn
    Director of Hardware Engineering
    Tim Whitman
    Tom Leighton
    CEO & Co-Founder
    t**********[email protected]
    Udi Trugman
    Chief Architect
    Vinay Kanitkar
    v************[email protected]
    Warren M. Parti
    Regional Sales Director
    Will Law
    Chief Architect, Media Cloud Engineering

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    Facebookhttps://www.facebook.com/AkamaiTechnologies/Twitter https://twitter.com/Akamai
    Linkedinhttps://www.linkedin.com/company/akamai-technologies/about/Instagram Add Instagram Account
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