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    Name: Allianz Cornhill Information Services Private Limited Employee Count: 10,001+
    CIN: U72200KL2003PTC015907 Company type: MNC
    Founded: 2003 Sector: Private
    Website: Industry: BFSI
    Locality: Ernakulam, Kerala, India

    Allianz Group was founded in Berlin in 1890, and is a global leader and employer in insurance and financial services in more than seventy countries worldwide. With several different insurance and financial service companies are present on all continents with Allianz SE as head office.

    Key Decision Makers

    Adriana Lecu
    Chief Actuary - Actuarial Support Center
    Agata Przygoda
    Regional Chief Operating Officer - Central & Eastern Europe
    Alain Theys
    CIO Allianz Benelux
    Aleksandar Mlinar
    Regional Head of Bancassurance and Partnerships
    Alessia Vecchio
    Group Head of Inclusion & Employee Experience - Allianz Group
    Alexander Hahn
    Head of Operations, Customer Processes Health
    Amine Benabbou
    Head of Business Division Africa and MENA
    Amit Passi
    CEO Allianz Technology Thailand
    Andreas Birkl
    Head of Financial Reporting (Group Accounting & Reporting)
    Andreas Graser
    Head of Financial Risk Management
    Andreas Stahl
    Head of Run-Off Claims
    Andreas Wilhelm
    Andrew Tandiawan
    Operations Manager
    Angelica Benavides
    Global Head of Operational Management for HR
    Anian Haager
    Head of Product Design and Optimization
    Anna Metzner
    Head of Team Sales Remuneration
    Arne Benzin
    Head of Global Digital Factory
    Axel Zehren
    Bart Schlatmann
    CEO Allianz Direct
    Benedikt Laudage
    Head of Data Analytics
    Benjamin Warnholz
    Head of Global Services & Transformation
    b***************[email protected]
    Bernhard Arbogast
    Chief Portfolio Officer
    b***************[email protected]
    Bert Van Houte
    Regional Commercial Director
    Birgit Zepka
    Head of IT division customer and sales
    b**********[email protected]
    Catherine Dietrich
    CFO at Allianz X
    c****************[email protected]
    Christian Boaschi
    Regional Chief Risk Officer & Actuary - Central & Eastern Europe
    c***************[email protected]
    Christian Finckh
    Chief Human Resources Officer
    c**************[email protected]
    Christine Preisach
    Head of Advanced Analytics Life Insurance
    c****************[email protected]
    Christof Mascher
    Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Allianz SE
    c**************[email protected]
    Christopher Iwanowski
    Director Business Process Engineering P&C
    c*******************[email protected]
    Claudia Ganter
    Head of ITCO Management
    c************[email protected]
    Coenraad Vrolijk
    Regional CEO Africa
    c**************[email protected]
    Daniela Cerna
    Head of Personal Accident, Legal Protection, Pet Health
    d***********[email protected]
    Daniela Gehrunger
    Head of HR / HR Director
    d***************[email protected]
    David Brandl
    Executive Assistant to Chief HR Officer
    d**********[email protected]
    David Storch
    Head of Network Contract & Commercial Management
    d**********[email protected]
    Dirk Hellmuth
    Head of Corporate Life, Pension & Health at AZ SE
    d***********[email protected]
    Dominik Gaus
    Global Head of Application Architecture & Technology
    d**********[email protected]
    Dorothee Mathieu
    Head of Global Brand Governance
    d**************[email protected]
    Edzard Romaneessen
    Head of Cat Management Global P&C
    e****************[email protected]
    Erik Heusel
    CEO Allianz Partners Austria and Southeast Europe Region
    Evgenia Vorontsova
    Director Corporate Strategy
    e****************[email protected]
    Fabian Huber
    Head of Group HR Operations, Analytics & Reporting
    f**********[email protected]
    Folker Michaelsen
    Assistant Vice President for Market and Customer Insight
    f***************[email protected]
    Francois Jacquemin
    Head of Products and Solutions
    f****************[email protected]
    Francois Trausch
    CEO Allianz Real Estate
    f**************[email protected]
    Franziska Albertowski
    Head of Department
    f*******************[email protected]
    Gavin Lillywhite
    Global Account Director
    g**************[email protected]
    Georgios Kargakis
    Head of Agile- (Training-) Center Stuttgart
    g***************[email protected]
    Henning Schult
    Head of Digital Regulation & Trends, Allianz SE, Munich
    h************[email protected]
    Holger Klotz
    Head of Topics & Financial Communication
    h**********[email protected]
    Insa Adena
    Head of Advanced Risk Intermediation
    Ivan Elfimov
    Head of Loss Control & Risk Consulting Allianz Russia
    i**********[email protected]
    Jayesh Patel
    Regional Director - UK & Ireland
    j**********[email protected]
    Jennifer Gillette
    Regional Head of People Attraction and Talent Management Asia Pacific
    j***************[email protected]
    Jochen Fehringer
    Head of Workforce Intelligence
    j**************[email protected]
    Joerg H. Biebel
    Regional Chief Risk Office Asia Pacific
    j**********[email protected]
    Joerg Weber
    Member of the Board of Management Allianz Benelux, CEO AllSecur Netherlands
    Josep Maria Sales
    Chief Financial Officer
    Katharina Latif
    Head of Reputation Strategy and Analytics
    k*************[email protected]
    Kathi Zinke
    head of team
    Klaus Berge
    CFO Allianz Re
    Klaus Driever
    Managing Director
    k***********[email protected]
    Link Anika
    Global Head of Employee Experience
    Lucie Bakker
    Head of CEO Office at Allianz SE
    l**********[email protected]
    Ludovic Subran
    Chief Economist
    l************[email protected]
    Lutz Hannigbrinck
    Head of Group Performance Management & Controlling
    l***************[email protected]
    Marco Gimenez
    Head of global Data Center Consolidation for North America
    m***********[email protected]
    Marco Tessmer
    Director of Sales Allianz Private Krankenversicherungs-AG
    m***********[email protected]
    Mario Ferrero
    Regional Chief Underwriting Officer, Central & Eastern Europe
    m***********[email protected]
    Markus Kanhofer
    Head Of Operational Risk Allianz Deutschland AG
    m*************[email protected]
    Markus Loffler
    Chief Technology Officer
    Markus Von Freyberg
    Head of Planning & Controlling Allianz Automotive
    Martijn Ollefers
    Head of Digital Transformation
    Martin Huber
    Head of NPS Activation & Measurement
    m**********[email protected]
    Martin Klecha
    Head of Sales/Broker Management
    m***********[email protected]
    Martin Radler
    Chief Procurement Officer
    Martin Sachs
    Group Performance Transformation - Head of Productivity Programs, Methods & Capabilities
    m**********[email protected]
    Martina Gerbl
    Head of Global Sales - Bank & Insurance
    m***********[email protected]
    Martyn Cuff
    Global Head - Allianz HR Transformation
    Matthias Westrich
    Head of Product Development
    m***************[email protected]
    Michele Bassir
    Head of Direct & Digital Pure Play
    m************[email protected]
    Neeraj Maheshwari
    Head Microinsurance | Emerging Consumers - Africa
    n***************[email protected]
    Nicholas Adams
    Chief Market Manager
    Nick Vosper
    Global Head of Claims - Allianz RE SE
    Nicole Biotti Van Enoo
    PA to CEO
    Olaf Novak
    Managing Director of Reinsurance
    Olaf Tidelski
    Chief Customer Officer
    o***********[email protected]
    Oliver Baete
    o**********[email protected]
    Patrick Kobs
    Head of CEO Office Health
    p**********[email protected]
    Peter Bauer
    Director Business and IT Transformation Motor
    Peter Burri
    Head of IT Technology & Engineering (CTO)
    Philipp Feininger
    head of product harmonization and digital customer communication / P&C Germany
    p***************[email protected]
    Philippe Gros
    Vice President | Global Life & Health | Performance & Business Development
    p***********[email protected]
    Pietro Liguori
    Head of Analytics Technology
    p************[email protected]
    Qingru Li
    R. Thorsten H
    COO Allianz Reinsurance
    Raffaella Gabinio
    Regional Head of Organization for IberoLatam
    r***************[email protected]
    Robert Lackermeier
    Executive Assistant to Member of the Board (Business Transformation) at Allianz SE
    r****************[email protected]
    Roland Fuchs
    Head of European Real Estate Finance
    r**********[email protected]
    Ronnie Garreaud
    Head of Group Risk Insurance Coverage Western Europe, USA, Asia, Africa
    r*************[email protected]
    Sabine Goldes
    Head of IT Strategy & IT Management
    s***********[email protected]
    Sebastian Knabben
    Head of Office / Büroleiter
    s***************[email protected]
    Simon Crisford
    Global Account Director
    s************[email protected]
    Solmaz Altin
    Regional CEO Asia-Pacific
    s**********[email protected]
    Steve Coles
    Global CTO & Board Member AMOS SE
    Susanne Arheit
    Head of Investor Relations 2 | Share & Shareholders
    s************[email protected]
    Sylvie Bernard
    Head of Cash Management Munich & Paris
    s************[email protected]
    Tatijana Kulas
    Head of Community Activation at Allianz SE
    t************[email protected]
    Thierry Colliot
    t*************[email protected]
    Thomas Loesler
    Head of Business Division Western & Southern Europe
    t************[email protected]
    Thomas Paulu
    Head of Collection/Disbursement, Commission, Property and Motor Systems
    t**********[email protected]
    Tina Maric
    Director Offer & Contract at Allianz Health Insurance
    Tobias Buecheler
    Head of Supervision and Regulation - Director
    t**************[email protected]
    Turan Sahin
    Chief Executive Officer, Allianz Services
    Ulrich Schoepf
    Head of Accounting and Reporting
    u************[email protected]
    Uwe Michel
    Executive Vice President; Head of Asia Division
    Worth Groome
    w**********[email protected]
    Yves Aka
    Head Of Corporate Services - Global Telematics Division

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