Altair Engineering India Pvt Ltd.

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    Name: Altair Engineering India Pvt Ltd. Employee Count: 1001 to 5000
    CIN: U72200KA1996PTC020391 Company type: MNC
    Founded: 1996 Sector: Private
    Website: Industry: Information Technology
    Locality: Bangalore, Karnataka, India

    Altair Engineering India Pvt Ltd. is a multinational tech company that delivers software development, high-performance computing (HPC) and data analytics applications and cloud solutions. Altair helps global companies across a wide range of industries (automotive, aerospace, architecture & engineering, electronics, energy, financial services, life sciences and marine) to compete more successfully in a steadily-connected world, thus building a sustainable future.

    Key Decision Makers

    Adam I. Stamper
    Director of Inside Sales & Business Development - Americas
    Alfredo Elia
    Senior Director Software Development
    Amy Messano
    Chief Marketing Officer
    Andrea Maria Benedetto
    Managing Director
    Andrea Siudara
    Chief Information Officer
    Andrew Baldwin
    Director of EMEA Sales, Data Analytics
    Andy Fine
    Vice President EMEA CFD Solutions
    Angel Luis Abades
    Sales Director
    Anthony Norton
    Vice President, Product Development Solutions
    Antoine Castaing
    Cloud Software development director
    Arash Firoozrai
    Directeur des ventes / Sales Director
    Arnaud Stauffer
    Director Program Management Marine and Energy Verticals
    Aspandyar Navalsha
    Marketing Director | SmartWorks
    Avadhesh Mittal
    Director, Global HPC Partners & EDA Alliances
    Badarinath Ambati
    Vice President - Software Development
    Baljesh Mehmi
    Sales Director UK
    Bassayya Kalal
    Director of Software Development
    Brent Shinn
    DevOps Director
    Brett Chouinard
    President & COO
    Brian Brothers
    Vice President Technical Operations - Americas
    Bruce Zulu
    Director of Technical Support Services, Business Intelligence
    C.j. Reddy
    Vice President Business Development, Electromagnetics - Americas
    Chirala Pandu Ranga Rao
    Vice President- Product design and Customer support
    Christian Buckner
    Director Product Management
    Christin Brown
    Vice President & Associate General Counsel
    Christine Barrett
    Director of Web Marketing
    Christophe Blanchet
    Head of PreSales for Data Analytics Solutions - France
    Constance Plummer
    Tax Director
    Dale Dunlap
    Director, HPC/Cloud Technology
    Dan Hollenkamp
    Chief Operating Officer - Toggled
    Daniel J. Bolon
    Director, Federal Programs - Data Analytics
    Darius Fadanelli
    Director of EDU Outreach
    Dave Simon
    Chief Administrative Officer
    David Block
    VP of Software Engineering
    Dhananjay Chopade
    Sr Director Development Meshing and Geometry Technology
    Dhaval Patel
    Sr. Director IT/DevOps
    Eloy Tembras Franco
    Spain HyperWorks Director
    Eric Lequiniou
    Vice President, RADIOSS Development and Altair Solver HPC
    Evelyn Gebhardt
    Senior Director EMEA Marketing
    Fatma Kocer Poyraz
    Vice President, Engineering Data Science
    Fei Yuan
    Sales Director
    Francisco Wu
    Vice President APAC CFD
    Francois Weiler
    Managing Director France
    Gareth Horton
    Director of Product Management
    Giuseppe Resta
    Sr Director Program Management at Altair
    Hakan Ekman
    Managing Director
    Haroun Mokdad
    Sales Director, France
    Holger Hartmann
    Director Business Development
    Howard Morof
    Chief Financial Officer
    Ismail B
    Technical Director - West US
    Jaison Nellikkunnel
    Senior Vice President, Software Development
    James Scapa
    Founder, Chairman and CEO
    Jamie Buchanan
    Director Product Design
    Jasleen Soosaileen
    Senior Director Software Development
    Jason Napolitano
    Senior Vice President, Americas
    Javier Pastor
    Software Development Director IoT
    Jay Chandrasekar
    Sr. Director
    Jeff Brennan
    Chief Product Officer, Altair365
    Jennifer Radivoj Ristic
    Editorial Director
    Jeremie Bourdoncle
    Senior Director, Product Management & Business development, PBS Works
    Jim Cantele
    Vice President Worldwide Sales, Enterprise Solutions
    Joakim Lindholm
    Sales Director
    Joe Sorovetz
    Senior Vice President
    John Brink
    Director - Americas Technical Operations
    Jon Quigley
    Director, Systems Modeling; Americas Technical Operations
    Jonathan Cote
    Director, IT Cloud Strategy
    Jordi Soler
    Vice President of Global Business Development, Electromagnetic Solutions
    Keiichiro Oikawa
    Director Of Business Development
    Kevin Golsch
    Senior Director, Global CFD
    Ki Chan Son
    Sales Director
    Kirk Monroe
    Director of Americas Sales, Enterprise Solutions
    Klaus Muller
    Sales Director
    Larue Brown
    Vice President of Worldwide Solutions Specialists, Data Intelligence
    Laura Vandenbossche
    Director Talent Acquisition
    Lazaros T
    Managing Director Altair engineering Hellenic
    Lim Seng Tat
    Sales Director
    Luca Frattari
    Senior Director, Global Architecture Engineering Construction Business at Altair Engineering
    Ludvig Sandman
    Sr. Vice President Panopticon Product Engineering
    Lydia Smith
    Marketing Director - Data Analytics
    Mahender Reddy
    Sr. Vice President - CFD and Manufacturing Products
    Mamdouh Refaat
    Chief Data Scientist
    Manoj Agarwal
    Vice President HW FE Preprocessing Development
    Marc Crespell
    Director of Data Intelligence Partnerships
    Mark Krueger
    Director, Automotive Software
    Markku Palantera
    Managing Director, Finland
    Markus Haller
    Managing Director
    Martin Nichols
    Chief Purchasing Officer
    Massimo Fariello
    Chief Strategy Officer
    Matthias Goelke
    Business Development Director, Academic Markets
    Maurice Linscott
    Altair UK Regional Director
    Mauro Guglielminotti
    VP Southern Europe & Africa Managing Director
    Michael Arold
    Senior Sales Director Regional Accounts
    Michael J. Kidder
    Senior Vice President, Corporate Marketing
    Michal Bulik
    IT Director
    Mirko Bromberger
    Director Marketing Strategy
    Myriam Mouyal
    Senior Director, Partner Alliance Relationships
    Narayanan Pagaldipti
    Director of Software Development
    Nelson Dias
    Executive Vice President - Asia Pacific
    Oleg Vainberg
    Director, Software Development
    Pamela Marko
    Senior Vice President, Integrated Marketing & Communications
    Par Ola Jansell
    Director Product Design, Nordic Operations
    Patrick Champati
    Senior Vice President - Software Development
    Paul Eder
    Senior Director, HyperWorks Geometry and Meshing
    Pavan Kumar
    Senior Vice President- Global Indirect Business
    Pete Roberts
    Marketing Director
    Peter Dobszai
    Managing Director
    Philippe Le Marrec
    Vice President EDA simulation
    Piush Patel
    Vice President, Corporate Development for HPC
    Pradeep Kumar
    Regional Head- Sales (North & West India)
    Preeta Bahugune
    Senior HR Manager
    Rachel Bland
    Vice President Product Management
    Raghvendra Srivastava
    Director of Product Management, Altair 365 (
    Rahul Sharma
    Director of Sales
    Rajesh Krishnan
    Sr. Director Enterprise Solutions & Technical Operation
    Rajiv Rampalli
    Senior Vice President of Software Development
    Rajneesh Shinde
    Vice President - Global Channel Marketing & Asia-Pacific Marketing
    Ralph Krawczyk
    Creative Director
    Ram Goparaju
    Vice President - Global IT Operations
    Ramachandra Kodlekere
    Director Software developement
    Ramakrishna Satish
    Regional Director- South Asia, HiQube Enterprise Analytics and Optimization
    Raoul Maitra
    General Counsel & Vice President
    Ravi Kodwani
    Technical Director
    Ravi Mayavaram
    Director, Software Development - Mfg Products
    Ricardo Garza
    Sales Director
    Richard Austreng
    Senior Director of Financial Planning and Analysis
    Richard Yen
    Senior Vice-President, Global Automotive and Industry Verticals Team
    Rob Schmitz
    Marketing Director & New Business Development at Altair (toggled LED Lighting)
    Robert Freeman
    Director of Sales EMEA
    Rohit Sadalge
    Director Marketing
    Royston Jones
    President, Altair Product Design
    S. R. Srirangarajan
    Managing Director
    s***********[email protected]
    Sachit Jamwal
    Director Altair ANZ
    Satish K
    Sr.Director - Enterprise Computing - Asia Pacific and GCC
    Scott J. Suchyta
    Director, Partner Solutions & Integrations
    Sean Putman
    Vice President of Learning Development
    Sebastien Plisson
    Director of Production Engineering
    Sergi Chanukaev
    Country Managing Director
    Shannon Cody
    Director, Solutions Marketing - HPC & Cloud Computing
    Shaun Kroeger
    Director – Partner Sales, Americas
    Shidan Murphy
    Director of APAC Solutions Specialists, Data Intelligence
    Simone Bonino
    Vice President of Technical Marketing
    Sony Pauly
    Technical Director : Northeast Region
    Sreeram Mohan
    Development Director -Embedded
    Sridhar Ravikoti
    Director, Training Development
    Srikanth Mahalingam
    Chief Technology Officer
    Sripathi Kamath
    Manager - Facilities and Sourcing
    Stefan Klug
    Managing Director
    Stefano Deiana
    Managing Director Spain & Portugal
    Stephen Smay
    Director of AMER Solutions Specialists, Data Intelligence
    Steve Cosgrove
    Vice President Americas CFD Solutions
    Subhasis Bhattacharya
    Director of Software Development
    Sudhir Padaki
    Director Of Business Development - Data & Analytics
    Suk Rakkar
    Sr. Sales Director
    Sunil Saini
    Director, Software Development
    Surendra Pai
    Sr. Director Finance, APAC
    Suryachar Ganesh
    Director - Software Development
    Sushil. Mane
    Technical Director
    Sylvain Chazot
    Director, Partner Sales - solidThinking - EMEA
    Sylvia Zerweck Sprinz
    Director Finance and Accounting
    Tadeusz Liszka
    Director, Software Architecture
    Tan Pham
    Technical Director - Electromagnetics
    Theo Verbruggen
    Sales Director Benelux
    Tom Perring
    Chief Administrative Officer
    Tony Gray
    Director inspire Business Development
    Traci Zainea
    Director of Corporate Purchasing
    Tsuyoshi Inoyama
    Technical Director - Data Analytics
    Ubaldo Rodriguez
    Senior Vice President Of Global Sales
    Ulises Gonzalez
    Vice President HyperMesh Development
    Ulrich Jakobus
    Senior Vice President - Electromagnetic Solutions
    Venkat Parameshwaran
    Vice President, Math and Systems Modeling
    Vimal Jani
    Director, Enterprise Business Applications
    Vincent Leconte
    Director of Program Management and Business Development - EM Solutions
    Vishwanath Rao
    Managing Director/Country Manager - India & GCC
    Warren Dias
    Director of Global OptiStruct Business Development
    Will Haines
    Marketing Campaign Director, CAE
    Woytek Tworzydlo
    Director, Research and Engineering
    Xavier Avon
    Vice President EDA partnerships - System Engineering
    Xiaonong Meng
    Director Of Software Development
    Yoochul Lee
    Business Development Team Manager/ Sales Director
    Yula Massuda
    Marketing Director

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