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    Name: Altran Technologies India Pvt Ltd Employee Count: 10001+
    CIN: U74140KA1996ULT068492 Company type: MNC
    Founded: 1996 Sector: Private
    Website: Industry: Information Technology
    Locality: Bangalore, Karnataka, India

    Altran Technologies is the world’s de facto leader in engineering and research and technology services. The Company delivers a unique value proposition to its consumers to address the demands of business transformation and innovation. Altran assists its clients in the creation of tomorrow’s products and services, from design to industrialization.

    Key Decision Makers

    Adrien Authier
    Consultant Innovation & Product Owner
    Ajay Goel
    Vice President - Engineering
    Alastair Cobb
    Director - Operations and Projects
    Albano Formiga
    Head of Cybersecurity Expertise Center
    Albin Jacquemont
    EVP and Chief Financial Officer
    Alexei Vernikovski
    Business Control Director - Europe
    Alfonso Martinez
    Director General Altran Technologies Spain
    Ammar Albetar
    Director, Advanced Networking & IoT Global Service Line
    Anass Boukhris
    Technical Unit Director
    Andrea Allinoro
    Chief Systems Engineer for LandiRenzo Group S.p.A.
    Andrea Russo
    Division Director - Energy, Industry & Life Sciences
    Andreas Kuhn
    CTO / Program Director
    Andreas Stolz
    Head of Real Estate & Mobility
    Andrew Hall
    Head of Delivery & Head of Vehicle Safety - NA Auto
    Angela Cooper
    Head Of Human Resources
    Ankur Agarwal
    Director-Real Estate and Site Operations
    Anna Alveros
    HR Director
    Anton Dijkstra
    Sales Unit Director - Industrials, Electronics & Life Sciences
    Antonella Iasiello
    Head of Controlling
    Arnould De Botmiliau
    Group expertise and knowledge management director
    Arun Kumar
    Assistant Vice President
    Ashish Mhatre
    Director Talent Acquisition
    a***********[email protected]
    Ashok Rai
    Human Resources Director
    Ashutosh Mauskar
    Vice President - Global Semiconductor, Altran
    a**************[email protected]
    Atul Jadhav
    Director Engineering
    Aurelien Gosselin
    Sales Unit Director Telecom & Medias
    a***************[email protected]
    Bart Zuidhof
    Director Division Automotive & Engineering Industries (a.i.)
    b**********[email protected]
    Benjamin Billecocq
    Project Director
    b****************[email protected]
    Benson Cheung
    Vice President, SEI Sales Operations Lead & Business Development
    b***********[email protected]
    Bertrand Combaluzier
    Group Senior Vice-President, Organization & Transformation
    b******************[email protected]
    Binosh Balachandra
    Head - Horizontals
    b****************[email protected]
    Bob Sheedy
    Business Development/Inside Sales Director
    Bobby John
    Divisional Director - Automotive,Industrial & Electronics Sectors & Member of Mgmt Board - Altran UK
    Brian Bronson
    President, Global Platforms and Solutions
    b***********[email protected]
    Bruno Casadinho
    Chief Operating Officer
    b*************[email protected]
    Celia Reis
    Chaitra Kasinath
    c**************[email protected]
    Chinmoy Sabud
    Assistant Vice President
    c***********[email protected]
    Christian Nadaud
    Head of Engineering Office
    c**************[email protected]
    Christophe Depit
    Solutions Director
    c**************[email protected]
    Christophe Truong
    c***************[email protected]
    Christopher Satish
    Director - Technology
    c****************[email protected]
    Cindy Boccabella
    Product Owner - Engineering department
    c**************[email protected]
    Claire Baker
    Operations Manager
    c**********[email protected]
    Claudia Rita
    Team Unit Director Finance & Public Sector
    c**********[email protected]
    Damian Mcnally
    Head of Engineering Cabin & Innovation / Senior Expert
    d************[email protected]
    Damien Tortochaux
    Operational Director
    d***************[email protected]
    Dan Koblicska
    Country Director
    d***********[email protected]
    Daniel Chaffraix
    Executive Vice President (DG Adjoint) Transformation
    d**************[email protected]
    Danny Dicks
    Operations Manager for Airbus ProtoSpace
    Dave Meyers
    Senior Vice President Corporate Development
    David Kaden
    Operations Manager for Airbus ProtoSpace
    David Laflash
    Head of Recruiting Enterprise Performance Deutschland
    d***********[email protected]
    David Vallat
    Product Owner
    d**********[email protected]
    Dean Tosic
    Division Director and Region Head
    Deepak Bohat
    Director - Global Business Services
    d**********[email protected]
    Deepak Shetty
    Director Business Development
    d***********[email protected]
    Delphine Flamant
    Product Owner, AMOA
    d**************[email protected]
    Delphine Simonin
    Group Compensation and Benefits Director
    d**************[email protected]
    Denton Clutterbuck
    Director of Sales and Marketing
    d****************[email protected]
    Diane Daw
    Head of Energy, Industry and Life Sciences
    Didier Pagnoux
    d************[email protected]
    Dietmar Wendt
    President Global Telecommunications
    d***********[email protected]
    Dimitri Baty
    Team Unit Director | Life Sciences & Chemicals
    d**********[email protected]
    Dimitri Boursault
    Head of Financial Control
    d***************[email protected]
    Dominique Cerutti
    Chairman and CEO
    d***************[email protected]
    Dominique Frenet
    Global Account Manager - Railway Industry
    d**************[email protected]
    Dona Liz Peter
    Product Owner
    Elena Dieguez
    Business Development Director
    e***********[email protected]
    Elie Bitar
    Consultant/Product Owner
    Fabrice Leclercq
    Project Director Manufacturing & Digital
    f**************[email protected]
    Filipe Laranjeira De Oliveira
    Business Director
    Fred Strijbos
    Sales Unit Director (Automotive, Mobility & Aerospace)
    f***********[email protected]
    Frederic Bouquerel
    Operations Unit Director
    f****************[email protected]
    Frederic Burger
    Director of World Class Center Life Sciences (Global Expertise Center)
    f*************[email protected]
    Frederic Grousson
    business unit director
    f***************[email protected]
    Frederic Thomas
    Business Unit Director Automotive
    f*************[email protected]
    Fredrik Nyberg
    f************[email protected]
    Gabriella Cesario
    Product Owner
    g***************[email protected]
    Glenn Hoogerwerf
    Group Vice President - Strategy, Technology & Innovation
    g**************[email protected]
    Graham Upton
    Chief Engineer - Aerospace, Defence and Rail
    g**********[email protected]
    Harish Kumar
    Vice President
    h**********[email protected]
    Harshal Sawant
    Head - Professional & Leadership Capability Development (L&D) at Altran Technologies
    h************[email protected]
    Jerome Cottet
    Head Of Sales Performance
    j***********[email protected]
    Jiri Kubes
    Head of MARKETING at Altran CZ
    Joao Neves
    Head of Analytics & A.I Expertise Centre
    Joe Rash
    Vice President / Global Segment Leader - Semiconductor & Electronics Industry
    John Geboers
    Chairman WorksCouncil
    j**********[email protected]
    John Terrington
    Chief Operating Officer
    j*************[email protected]
    Jon Davies
    Project Director
    Josee Zielman
    HR Director
    j***********[email protected]
    Jude Joseph
    Vice President - Business Development
    Judhistira Pradhan
    Product Owner
    j****************[email protected]
    Julien Dupre
    Sales Unit Director
    j**********[email protected]
    Julien Esposito
    Group Digital Director
    j*************[email protected]
    Karthikeyan R
    Operations Unit Director- Consumer Products
    Kevin Cloutier
    Technical Director of Consulting - Systems Engineering
    k************[email protected]
    Kevin Gee
    Director, Technical Sales; Client Executive; HADR Software Sales Solution Architect
    Khalid Sebti
    Vice President, Software Engineering & Cybersecurity Global Service Line
    k**********[email protected]
    Kush Zaveri
    Director - IT
    Lakshika Joshi
    AVP - Legal and Global IP Head
    l************[email protected]
    Lars Klotsche
    Head of Competence Center I Logistic Consulting (Aviation, Automotive, KMU)
    l***********[email protected]
    Lars Seegers
    CEO Altran Netherlands
    l**********[email protected]
    Laurent Staub
    Technical Director
    l***********[email protected]
    Lawrence Guicheteau
    Head of Bid Office / Security / Export Control
    l*****************[email protected]
    Leonard Adams
    Technical Director & Delivery Lead, Life Sciences Division, North America
    l***********[email protected]
    Leonida Gianfagna
    Director of Engineering – Offering Manager and QA Director
    l***************[email protected]
    Luca Mantovani
    Digital Solutions Director
    l************[email protected]
    Ludovic Janvy
    Division Director
    l***********[email protected]
    Manas Tiwari
    Associate Vice President, Global Head Network Applications
    m**********[email protected]
    Marc J. Heylen
    Marco Flavio Marinucci
    Vice President, Healthcare Innovation
    m*************[email protected]
    Marcos Fernandez
    Managing Director, Business Consulting
    m**************[email protected]
    Marek Jablonski
    Group Vice President: Europe NEP Communications
    m*************[email protected]
    Maria Da Luz Penedos
    m***********[email protected]
    Martin Croxford
    Global Solutions Director - Head of Operations, CTO Office
    m*************[email protected]
    Mathieu Pichaud
    Head of design projects for Altran Ouest
    m*************[email protected]
    Matt Eisendrath
    Vice President Medical & Life Sciences
    m*************[email protected]
    Matteo Moriotti
    Sales Unit Director
    m*************[email protected]
    Maxime Lafon
    Business Unit Director - Aerospace & Railway IDF
    m**********[email protected]
    Mayank Singhal
    Director Business Management
    m************[email protected]
    Meryem Chami
    CEO Altran Maroc
    m**********[email protected]
    Michael Hoffmann
    Managing Director, Altran Service GmbH
    m**************[email protected]
    Michael Karlsson
    Technology & Innovation Director
    m**************[email protected]
    Michael Makishima
    Chief Financial Officer
    m***************[email protected]

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