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    Name: Amadeus Software Labs India Pvt Ltd Employee Count: 10,001+
    CIN: U72200KA2012FTC062617 Company type: MNC
    Founded: 1987 Sector: Private
    Website: Industry: Information Technology
    Locality: Bangalore, Karnataka, India

    Amadeus software Labs India Pvt Ltd, the Amadeus IT group’s second-largest site, launched at Bangalore in 2012. They’re a research lab powered by imagination, with over 1600 of the brightest tech minds coming together to shape the future of travel.

    Key Decision Makers

    Aaron Lu
    Account Director
    Aaron Wh Chong
    ASIA Pacific Head of Commercial Operations (Business Travel)
    Abiola Omosini
    Head of Sales and Marketing, Nigeria
    Absalon Fonseca
    Head of Cars & Transfers Product Management
    Adam Piecuch
    Global Account Director, Hospitality
    Aditya Gogia
    Head of Business & Performance Management, Asia Pacific
    Adrien Perret
    Chief Operating Officer - Amadeus Hospitality
    Agnieszka Kedzior
    Head of Amadeus Training Services CESE
    Ahmed Msallem
    Account Director for North African Airlines
    Ainhoa Txakartegi
    Account Director - Hospitality
    Aki Kettunen
    Global Head of Commercial Operations, Business Travel
    Akimi Takemura
    Vice President, Online Travel Group
    Akop Alkhazian
    Product Owner
    Akrem Aloui
    Managing Director
    Alain Berkane
    Director, Airlines Delivery Central & Eastern Europe
    Alain Simon
    Chief Information Security officer (CISO)
    Alejandra Roslyakova
    Account Vice President
    Alejandro Garcia Pellitero
    Head of Sales Consulting
    Alesha Bencivenga
    Managing Director, Hospitality Business Group
    Alessandro Di Nicolo
    Global Head of Delivery and Implementation B2B Payments
    Alex Neginsky
    Head of, Merchandizing Architecture and Quality Assurance
    Alexander Schott
    Head of R&D Corporate IT
    a**************[email protected]
    Alexandra Candelas
    Head of User Experience, R&D Americas
    a****************[email protected]
    Alexandre Bouthors
    Director of Platform and Solution Strategy
    Alexandre Cabaud
    Director, Amadeus for Destinations
    a**************[email protected]
    Alexis Gazikian
    Head of Delivery Management for Central Europe, Airlines Business Unit
    Alfonso Sasselli
    Head of Business Performance Airline IT Middle East & Africa
    a**************[email protected]
    Alice Dunan
    Director, Regional Marketing Communications, North America/Latin America
    Alina Linkevych
    Product Owner
    a*************[email protected]
    Alix Arguelles
    Managing Director - Greater China and South East Asia, Business Travel. Global TMC Engagement, APAC.
    Altaf Rizvi
    Head of Partnerships & Acquisitons, Airlines
    Altaf Sultanji
    Director Business Development - Americas
    a************[email protected]
    Alvin Chan Kit Wan
    Head of Regional Marketing, Northern & Western Europe
    Amanda Finch
    Director, Regional Network Services Department
    Amanda Hoffmeister
    Head of Group Events Management
    a**********[email protected]
    Amanda Kotenko
    Director - Head of Account Management, UK
    a************[email protected]
    Amandine Verez
    a************[email protected]
    Amar Muharemovic
    Head of Digital Customer Engagement - DTS
    a**************[email protected]
    Amber Huff
    Sr. Director of Software Development, Hospitality
    Amelia Rodriguez Garcia
    Head of People & Culture Hospitality
    Ana Herrera Malone
    Head of Airlines Marketing, Americas
    a***************[email protected]
    Ana Paola Duron
    Head of Hotel and Car Distribution- Latam
    a*************[email protected]
    Ana Regidor
    Chief Privacy Officer
    Anand Bhat
    Product Owner
    Andre Chtchebrioukov
    Global Head of Airline Business Transformation
    a******************[email protected]
    Andrea Marazzi
    Head of Delivery & Services for Corporation IT and Business Intelligence
    a************[email protected]
    Andrea Sachau
    Head of Controlling Technology and Platform Engineering
    a***********[email protected]
    Andreas Stendera
    Director - Corporate Solutions DACH
    a**************[email protected]
    Andrew Cruse
    Head of IT Account Management for Corporations
    a**********[email protected]
    Andrew Delaney
    Head of IT Account Management
    a************[email protected]
    Andrew Gay
    Managing Director, Retail Travel Channels - Pacific
    Andrii Struts
    Product Owner
    a***********[email protected]
    Angel Gallego
    Executive Vice President Corporations
    a***********[email protected]
    Angelica Testini
    Product Owner
    a**************[email protected]
    Ani Mestre
    Director, Strategic Accounts
    Anja Drexler
    Head of Solution Management
    Anke Schweikart
    Director, Marketing Communications
    a*************[email protected]
    Ankur Bhatia
    MD Indian Subcontinent
    Anna Almqvist
    Head of Merchant Customer Services, Amadeus Payments
    a***********[email protected]
    Anna Kofoed
    Associate Director, Asia Pacific People & Culture Business Partner, Airlines & Travel Channels
    Anna Mcshane
    Head of Human Resources
    Anna-carin Krantz
    Sales Director - Corporate IT
    a***************[email protected]
    Annabelle Tricard
    Head of Communications and Employer Branding
    a***************[email protected]
    Anne Minereau
    Global Head of Customer Experience and Marketing - Travel Channels - Business Travel Agencies
    a***********[email protected]
    Anne Rouget
    Director - Technology
    Anthony Hoglund
    Vice President and Head of Legal, Asia Pacific - Distribution and Travel Channels
    a*************[email protected]
    Antonio D Medina Diaz
    Senior Vice President, Retail for Nothern, Eastern, Central and Southern Europe
    Arancha Martinez
    Head Commercial Finance MENA
    Arnaud Peyret Forcade
    Head of commercial Singapore & Head of IT Sales and Account management for the SEA region
    Arno Hasan
    Account Director Airlines
    Arnold Matignon
    Associate Director, Customer Insights and Experience Management - Airlines
    a*************[email protected]
    Art Trevino
    Head of People & Culture DACH
    Arturo Gonzalez Gonzalez
    Arunkumar Pappala
    Head Of Regional Product Management (APAC Altea)
    Ashok Kumar Shankarappa
    Senior Director of Engineering
    a***************[email protected]
    Aurelien Dardo
    Head of Hotel Sales Business Travel - France & Benelux
    a************[email protected]
    Avinash Agrawal
    Account Director - India (Airline Business)
    a*************[email protected]
    Axel Mueller
    Director EMEA region, Corporate Solutions
    Aydin Gunes
    Account Director
    Aykut Orman
    Head of On-line, Sales Department
    Barbara Moreno
    Director Global Market Content Communications
    Barry Egan
    Global Head of Sales B2B Payments
    Bart Tompkins
    Head of Portfolio Management for Digital & Transformation Services
    Bassam Henaidy
    Director People, Culture & Admin (Saudi Arabia)
    b************[email protected]
    Benedicte Isnardon
    Associate Director
    Benjamin Cany
    Head of Offer Optimization
    b***********[email protected]
    Benjamin Rodriguez
    People & Culture Director
    b****************[email protected]
    Bernard Rannou
    Director, Research & Development
    Bernhard Steffens
    Senior Vice President, Business Travel Agencies Northern, Eastern, Central and Southern Europe
    b***************[email protected]
    Bertrand Martinier
    Head of Implementation for Latin America
    b****************[email protected]
    Bertrand Poey
    Head of Airport IT
    b***********[email protected]
    Bertrand Tran
    Head of Productivity Engineering - Airlines Inventory R&D
    b***********[email protected]
    Bill Sintiris
    Director of Software Engineering, Digital for Airlines in the Americas
    b***********[email protected]
    Birgit Schmid-heilmann
    Head of Organizational Learning
    b********************[email protected]
    Brauneder Bernhard
    Director, External Communications, Americas
    b****************[email protected]
    Brian Houser
    Chief Of Staff
    b**********[email protected]
    Brigitte Bourla
    Founder & Manager of Amadeus Women’s Network | Corporate Event
    Brigitte Loehl
    Head of Marketing, NDC [X] Program
    Bruno Beaugrand
    Head of Cloud Solution Engineering
    b*************[email protected]
    Bruno Spada
    Director Strategic Accounts
    Camilla Garcia
    Head of Talent Management & Acquisition
    c************[email protected]
    Camilla Pettersson
    Director Service Delivery and Operations Division Scandinavia
    Camille Guerillot
    Head of Business Intelligence Consulting Services
    Carine Tang
    Head of Product Definition and Quality Analysts
    Carlo A Palazzese
    Vice President of Strategic Sales and Account Management
    c*************[email protected]
    Carmen Nash
    Director Product Delivery - Operational Systems
    Carmen Pichot
    Director, Revenue Management & Collection Department
    Carole Briais
    Head of Retail Delivery for France, Benelux, UK and Ireland
    Carolina Diaz
    Director - Amadeus Hospitality Migration and Data Services
    Catherine Lauribe
    Associate Director Finance Controlling
    Catherine Wright
    Regional Services Director
    Cedric Dourthe
    Head of Acquisition, Search & Pricing in Distribution Product Management organisation
    Cedric Louis Simon
    Director Strategic Accounts IT
    c***************[email protected]
    Cedric Tosel
    Head of Airline IT Services Operation
    c**********[email protected]
    Celia Auge
    Head of Business Planning & Internal Communication, Technology Platforms & Engineering
    Celine Rodriguez
    Business Operations Manager
    Chaimongkon Tantipakdee
    Head of Commercial Management
    c*********************[email protected]
    Champa Magesh
    Executive Vice President, Retail Travel Channels & Managing Director EMEA
    c***********[email protected]
    Chantal Boeckman
    Head of Delivery Factory & Production
    c**************[email protected]
    Charles Antoine Robelin
    Head of Engineering, Search and Shopping
    Charles Rogier
    Senior Vice President, Airlines, Air France-KLM Group and SkyTeam
    Charlotta Skoldemyr
    Global Head of Sales Operations, Retail
    Charlotte Elf
    Head of Airlines Customer Unit Governance & SVP office
    Checar Duran
    Director Corporate Strategy- M&A
    c**********[email protected]
    Chris Dolphin
    Vice President
    Chris Geerts
    Head of Portfolio, Pricing & Communication Management
    Chris Keller
    Vice President
    c**********[email protected]
    Christel Barbera
    Director Personal Assistant
    c**************[email protected]
    Christian Doorenbos
    Head of Portfolio Strategy, Retail SMEs
    Christian Giana
    Finance Director
    c*************[email protected]
    Christian Kaess
    Head of Data Center Management
    c*************[email protected]
    Christian Segade
    Head of Airlines Learning Services
    Christian Von Thuemen
    Director Strategic Programs - The Amadeus Airline Retailing Platform
    Christine Madala
    Associate Director, Head of Travel Agency Marketing
    Christine Van Den Winckel
    Marketing Director Amadeus Benelux
    c*********************[email protected]
    Christophe Defayet
    Director R&D Airline IT - Inventory System
    Christophe Fauque
    Head of Payment Solutions
    Christophe Gouze
    Head of delivery Merchandising & NDC program
    Christophe Meyer
    Devops Engineer - Product Owner
    c**************[email protected]
    Christophe Remondeau
    Associate Director, Head of Business Relationship Management
    Christophe Roux
    Director Airlines Solutions Middle-East, Turkey and Africa
    c*************[email protected]
    Christophe Ruyer
    Associate Director, R&D Business controlling
    Christophe Sebti
    Head of Central Quality (CI/CD, Tooling, Process and methodologies)
    Christophe Zammout
    Regional Sales Director
    Cigdem Cengiz
    Head of Travel Channel Delivery - Programme, Evolution and Efficiency
    c***********[email protected]
    Cissy Wu
    Head of HR Amadeus Greater China
    Claire Garnier Vaschalde
    Head of Data and Analytics Marketing Management
    c*********************[email protected]
    Claudio Santos
    c************[email protected]
    Craig Palmer
    Head Of Sales - Retail
    c**********[email protected]
    Cristian Argentin
    Director, Strategic Account Management - IAG (International Airlines Group)
    c***************[email protected]
    Cristina Sanz Diaz
    Director Risk & Compliance Office
    Custodio Barreiros
    Head of Airline Data Consulting and Services
    c****************[email protected]
    Cyril Tetaz
    Head of Marketing and Communications
    Dai Tran
    Executive Vice President Strategy & Marketing, Airlines
    Damian Alonso
    Head of Payer Services
    d***********[email protected]
    Damien Leonard
    Associate Director - Delivery Services APAC
    d************[email protected]
    Dan Welch
    Vice President, Account Management
    Daniel Batchelor
    Vice President, Latin America and Caribbean
    d**************[email protected]
    Daniel Chazad
    Account Director Lufthansa Group
    d***********[email protected]
    Daniel Moreland
    Head of Security Operations
    d*************[email protected]

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