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    Name: Apco Worldwide India Private Limited Employee Count: 501-1,000
    CIN: U74140DL2006FTC153263 Company type: MNC
    Founded: 2006 Sector: Private
    Website: www.apcoworldwide.com Industry: Consulting
    Locality: New Delhi, New Delhi, India

    APCO Worldwide is a multinational marketing agency, founded in 1984 and recognized by the Holmes Report as the “Agency of the Decade” and “Best Large Agency to Work For.”In this fast-moving, interconnected, and dynamic world, they help the most creative companies adapt and succeed, helping them to achieve their business and societal goals.

    Key Decision Makers

    Abdullah Alsayed
    Account Director
    Abhijit Neogy
    Aftan Snyder
    Associate Director
    Agnieszka Zieminska Yank
    Chief Talent Officer
    Ahmed Sheeraz
    Creative Director
    Akanksha Dutta
    Associate Director- Public Affairs
    Alex Salem
    Senior Associate Director
    Alexandra Lazorchak
    Senior Director & North America Health Practice Lead
    Ali Koaik
    Senior Associate Director
    Ali Yaseen
    Associate Account Director
    Alison Cheyne
    Director/Vice President
    Alison Chisnell
    Global Talent Director
    Alison Patch
    Senior Associate Director, International Affairs, Office of the Executive Chairman
    Allison Gittings
    Senior Associate Director
    Alyse Feldman
    Associate Director, Advertising and Corporate Communications
    Amelie Coulet
    Andre Smith
    Senior Associate Director, Influencer Science & Strategy
    Andreas Constantinides
    Senior Director, Head of Technology Practice, Europe
    Anna Ditchev
    Associate Director
    Anna Tunkel
    Senior Vice President, Head of Global Strategic Initiatives & Partnerships
    Anupama Varma Chand
    Associate Director / Head of English Editorial
    Anushka Kadam
    Account Director
    Arnaud Pochebonne
    Managing Director
    Bahjat Homsi
    Becky Boles
    Senior Vice President and Practice Group Leader
    Bedoor Khalil
    Associate Account Director
    Benjamin Faull
    Bianca Egli
    Bianca Holland
    Director of Client Accounting
    Blythe Reiss
    Senior Vice President, Food, Consumer & Retail
    Brad Staples
    President International
    Brent Crane
    Associate Director, IAC Programs
    Brian Goldberg
    Vice President
    Bruce Fu
    Senior Director, Co-Lead of the Global Tech Practice
    Bryce Whittaker
    Director, Global Marketing & Communication
    Burhan Al Gailani
    b************[email protected]
    Camilla d Abo
    Managing Director
    Caroline Rowe
    Senior Account Director
    Casey Douglas
    Associate Director
    Catherine Wong
    Deputy Managing Director
    Christoph Mielke
    Chrystine Zacherau
    Senior Director, Insight Healthcare Research
    Claire Boussagol
    President, Europe
    Claire Grant
    Associate Director, Health Policy and Public Affairs
    Cliff Stearns
    Executive Director
    Courtney Crowder
    Managing Director
    Courtney O Connell
    Global Head of Learning & Development
    D.P. Sweet
    Senior Vice President (Director) & Associate General Counsel
    Dale Vieregge
    Senior Director of Digital Strategy
    Dan Meyers
    Senior Director, Public Affairs; Head of Advocacy
    Daniel Benjamens
    Daniel Tan
    Associate Director
    Daniella Lebor
    Associate Director
    Danuta Slusarska
    Associate Director, Energy & Sustainability Practice
    Dave Burke
    Senior Director, Digital Experience
    Debra Delman
    Chief Financial Officer
    Denise Teeling
    Executive Director, Worldwide CFO
    Don Bonker
    Ex Vice President
    Edwin Feliciano
    Chief Operating Officer, Director of Finance, North America
    Eid Albogami
    Chief Of Staff
    Eliot Hoff
    Senior Director
    Elisabeth Hoffmann
    Senior Associate Director
    Elizabeth Gray
    Elizabeth Sen
    Executive Director and Chief Client Officer, MENA
    Ellie Rutland
    Senior Associate Director
    Emilie Williams Sinn
    Associate Director
    e***********[email protected]
    Emily Coghlan
    Emma Louise Wilson
    Senior Associate Director
    Emma Yeung
    associate director
    Evan Kraus
    President and Chief Operating Officer
    Evelina Hobson
    HRIS Manager, Associate Director
    Flora Monsaingeon
    Frank Lowenstein
    Executive Director and Head of APCO Global Solutions international practice group
    Gadi Dechter
    Head Of Public Affairs
    Gaurav Mahajan
    Associate Director
    Haitham Haddadin
    Senior Director - Head of Media Relations
    Hannah Morecraft
    Senior Associate Director
    Hans Vriens
    Vice Chairman Asia
    Harra Little
    Head of Media Buying and Planning
    Howard Pulchin
    Executive Director, Global Creative Director
    Huda Ismail
    Group Account Director
    Imad Lahad
    Head of APCO's AI Comms Lab
    Iris Shaffer
    Senior Vice President/Senior Director
    Isabel Kassabian
    Deputy Managing Director
    J. Brice Adler
    Account Director
    James Bullock
    Senior Director, IT
    James Tyrrell
    Senior Director & Chair of UK Health Practice
    Jan Hausrath
    Executive Vice President and Director
    Jason Meyer
    Director, Corporate Practice Group Leader
    Jay Solomon
    Senior Director
    Jeff Astle
    Managing Director
    Jeff Porter
    Director , Digital Strategy
    Jeffrey Zelkowitz
    Senior Vice President and Global Financial Practice Leader
    Jen Kelley Young
    Senior Director/SVP
    Jennifer Dewan
    Director, PR & Communications
    Jennifer Sunshine
    Jeoff Barraclough
    Deputy Managing Director
    j**********[email protected]
    Jill Dash
    Senior Director, Health Strategy and Business Development
    Jimmy Koo
    Associate Director, Media Relations
    JJ Lee
    Chief Client Officer
    Joanna London
    Senior Director, Practice Lead, Corporate Communications
    Judit Arenas
    Senior Director & Senior Adviser (International Relations) to the Executive Chair
    Julio Valeriano
    Account Director / Associate Director, Corporate Communications Practice
    Karen Townsend Hagens
    Senior Vice President/Senior Director
    Kartik Upadhyay
    Katherine Fountain Mackinnon
    Director (Vice President)
    Katherine Wawner
    Director/Vice President, Advertising & Brand
    Katie Milgrom
    Director / Vice President, Health Care
    Katie Sprehe
    Senior Director, Reputation & Strategy
    Kelly Stepno
    Senior Director and Washington, D.C. Practice Lead, Crisis Management and Litigation Communication
    Kelly Williamson
    President, North America
    Kevin Hasler
    Senior Director
    Lauren Cohen
    Director, Public Affairs
    Lauren Compton
    Layle Nelson
    Senior Vice President
    Leanne High
    Senior Associate Director
    Levie Cequena
    Director and Practice Lead
    Liam Clarke
    Managing Director, Saudi Arabia
    Lisa Ross
    Managing Director
    Lisa Vo
    Account Director
    Maclean Struthers
    Head of Paid Media, Targeting, and Big Data
    Magdalena Stepien
    Maggie Fitzpatrick
    Senior Vice President
    Mahmoud Kandil
    Associate Account Director
    Mamoon Sbeih
    President, MENA Region
    Mara Hedgecoth
    Senior Director, Global Marketing & Communication

    Social Media Accounts

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