Asymmetrique Communications Private Limited

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    Name: Asymmetrique Communications Private Limited Employee Count: 51 to 200
    CIN: U72900MH2001PTC133380 Company type: SMEs/MSME
    Founded: 2001 Sector: Private
    Website: Industry: Information Technology(IT)
    Locality: Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

    Asymmetrique is a digital brand solution provider for a multitude of consumers across a number of sectors with diverse marketing issues. Asymmetrique builds on outdated Company models driven primarily by conventional innovative ads. This is a fresh and streamlined approach for contemporary marketers and brand owners with their brands.

    Key Decision Makers

    Aneetha Rao Kasuganti
    Director, Insights and Analytics
    Nitin Gupta
    Managing Director and CEO
    Prabhakar Jampa
    Chief Experience Partner

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