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    Name: BASF Construction Chemicals India Private Limited Employee Count: 10000+
    CIN: U26950MH1995FTC086988 Company type: MNC
    Founded: 1995 Sector: Private
    Website: Industry: Chemical
    Locality: Thane, Maharastra, India

    They establish chemistry at BASF for the future. Economic prosperity is paired with conservation of the environment and social responsibility. More than 117,000 workforce of the BASF Community contribute in almost every industry and country in the world to the success of the customers.

    Key Decision Makers

    Abhijeet Sharma
    Abhishek Gupta
    Director - Direct Procurement South America
    a************[email protected]
    Abhishek Maheshwari
    Achim Gritsch
    Vice President
    Achim Sties
    Senior Vice President
    Adrian Cottey
    Adriana Guedez
    Afrah Mukbil
    Agustin Sanchez
    Vice President
    AikMeam Tan
    Vice President
    Alan Nedza
    Alan Shepard
    Alba Mena
    Vice President
    Alberto Ancora
    Vice President
    Alberto Giovanzana
    Senior Vice President
    Alex Hunsinger
    Alex Xu
    Alexander Maryunin
    Alexander Neumann
    Senior Vice President
    Alexander Prager
    Alexander Traut
    Vice President
    Alok Bhushan
    a**********[email protected]
    Alvan ZENG
    Head of Sales
    Amanda Josey
    Head of Global Product Management, Mobile Emissions Catalysts
    a**********[email protected]
    Amaury Duhem
    Head of Polyamides & Intermediates Strategic Marketing and Global Key Account Manager
    Andras Brueckner
    Regional Head
    a**************[email protected]
    Andre Hurst
    Andreas Bluethner
    Director Food-Fortification & Partnerships
    Andreas Hurst
    Head of Process Design at BASF Coatings
    Andreas Kunkel
    Head of Biopolymer Research
    a************[email protected]
    Andreas Schneider
    Director Gloabl Logistics Procurement
    a***************[email protected]
    Andreas Sewing
    Head of Research and Development Vegetable Seeds
    a************[email protected]
    Andreas Ufer
    Head Global Ecotoxicology
    a**********[email protected]
    Andrej Brejc
    a**********[email protected]
    Andrew O Connor
    Director, Digital Transformation - Businesses & Functions
    Anna Kristina Heien
    Head of R&D
    Annik Masure
    Head of Project Support Office
    Antonino Raffaele
    Head of Global Marketing Jet Fuel Additives
    Antonio Lacerda
    Senior Vice President Chemicals and Performance Products South America
    a*************[email protected]
    Anup Kothari
    President, Performance Chemicals Division
    a**********[email protected]
    Arjan Kerkhoff
    Head of market & Competitor Intelligence, Head of Commercial Excellence
    Arnaud GUEDOU
    Director, business unit photopolymers 3d Printing
    a***********[email protected]
    Arnaud Meissonnier
    Head of Global Business Unit Controlling - Nutrition & Health Division
    a****************[email protected]
    Arno Rychtr
    Vice President
    Arthur Tol
    Head of Operations & Marketing BASF Coatings Services B.V.
    Arvind Deshmukh
    Head of Sales
    a*************[email protected]
    athisak kliangpradit
    Head of Nutrition & Health Business
    a******************[email protected]
    Axel Beil
    Head of IT Service Continuity Management
    Barbara Hoyer
    Vice President Domestic Deliveries
    Becky Stiles
    b**********[email protected]
    Benny Zhou
    Head of Controlling, Greater China
    Bernard Detavernier
    Head of Supply Chain and Site Logistics
    b*****************[email protected]
    Bernd Gehlen
    Vice President Mergers & Acquisitions
    b**********[email protected]
    Bernd Kammermann
    Director Global IS Procurement
    Bernd Lohe
    Director Supply Chain Excellence & Digitalization, Supply Chain Health & Nutrition
    Bernhard Heyder
    Vice President Procurement & Logistics
    b*************[email protected]
    Bernhard Rosenau
    Director Segment Marketing, Transportation Industry, Performance Materials Europe
    r*************[email protected]
    Bernhard von Vacano
    Global Head Scouting and Incubation, Advanced Materials & Systems Research
    b*************[email protected]
    Beth Holland
    Vice President Polyamides & Precursors
    b**********[email protected]
    Bill Baxter
    Director, Commercial Excellence
    Bill Rowland
    Director, Regional Sales
    b**********[email protected]
    Bir Darbar Mehta
    Vice President, Business Management
    Boone Pitts
    Director Of Marketing And Product Management - Construction Systems
    Boris Jenniches
    Vice President Electronic Materials Asia Pacific
    Bram van Betteray
    Head of Quality Assurance EUMEA
    b***********[email protected]
    Brandon Crist
    Head of Sales, Home Care And I&I Solutions
    Brian Denys
    Vice President, Construction Systems
    Brian Houston
    Global Business Director
    Brian Standen
    Head of Scouting and Partnerships, Digitalization of R&D
    Brigitte Koschnitzki
    Head of Communication European Country Cluster and Site Relations
    Carla Seidel
    Vice President Acids & Specialties
    c**********[email protected]
    Carsten Kringel
    Head Of Controlling
    Carsten Weers
    Head of Global Supply Chain Management Monomers Division
    Catherine Sum
    c***********[email protected]
    Cedric Dieleman
    Director Global Procurement - Renewables
    Chaiyapat Hansumrithisak
    Head of Chemicals & Catalysts
    c**********************[email protected]
    Chao Li
    Head of project and operation Electronic Materials(EDM), China
    ChoonNga Phua
    Vice Director, Isocyanates
    c***********[email protected]
    Chris Fletcher
    Director of Construction Chemicals - UK & Ireland
    Chris Meyer
    Vice President, Global Procurement Perf. Chemicals & Renewables
    Chris Titmarsh
    Vice President Automotive Refinish Coatings Solutions Asia Pacific
    Chris Toomey
    Senior Vice President, Coatings Solutions, NA
    Christian Geierhaas
    Vice President BASF Construction Chemicals Division
    c*****************[email protected]
    Christian Heller
    Vice President Value Balancing Alliance
    c**************[email protected]
    Christian Jutzi
    Senior Vice President Mobile Emissions Catalysts
    c*************[email protected]
    Christian Madera
    Head of Communications and Branding, Agricultural Solutions Asia Pacific
    c**************[email protected]
    Christian Magin
    Director Engineering Services
    c*************[email protected]
    Christian Rein
    Director R&D - Reactive Systems
    Christian Wulff
    Senior Vice President, Global Technology Performance Chemicals
    c*************[email protected]
    Christiane Glasmacher
    Head of Research
    c******************[email protected]
    Christiane Sajdak
    Vice President
    c***************[email protected]
    Christine Fussinger
    Head of HRacademy
    c*****************[email protected]
    Christine Habicher
    Head of Project Management Office Nutrition & Health
    c****************[email protected]
    Christofer Arisandy
    c*****************[email protected]
    Claudia Guterl
    Senior Vice President HR Solutions
    c************[email protected]
    Claudio Tacconi
    Head of Care Chemicals
    c*************[email protected]
    Claus Dallner
    Vice President
    Claus Jacobs
    Global Marketing Director
    Connie Belling
    Head of HR Nordic/Baltic
    c************[email protected]
    Constantinos Triantafyllou
    Vice President - Safety and Environmental Protection Global Governance and Support
    c************************[email protected]
    Craig Carey
    Head of Business Unit Controlling
    Crystal Lannaman
    Head of Talent Acquisition & University Relations
    Dame Alison Carnwath
    d*****************[email protected]
    Daniel Dornbusch
    d**************[email protected]
    Daniele Piergentili
    Vice President, Head Home & Personal Care
    d*****************[email protected]
    Dario Mastroiaco
    Head of Care Chemicals, Business Center South & West
    Darja Ivannikov
    Head GMP - Quality Unit
    d*************[email protected]
    David Freidinger
    Vice President - Business Management Pharma Solutions
    d**************[email protected]
    David Suriani
    Head of Global Key Accounts
    Deena Abraham
    Director H.R. & Corporate Communications
    a**********[email protected]
    Denise Hartmann
    Senior Vice President - Dispersions, Resins and Additives, North America
    Detlef Kratz
    d**********[email protected]
    Diana Westrich
    Senior Executive Human Resources - Head of Legal & Pensions
    Dieter Rogge
    Director Supply Chain Design Transport Solutions
    Dieter Wieland
    Business Head, Performance Materials
    w***********[email protected]
    Dr. Gabriele Lang-Wittkowski
    d***********************[email protected]
    Falco T. Meuser
    f**********[email protected]
    Franziska Huggenberger
    f********************[email protected]
    Henry Paeckert
    Joseph Jones
    Julia Hoefer
    Chairman of the Management Board, Vorsitzender der Geschäftsführung, BASF Schwarzheide GmbH
    j**********[email protected]
    Katherine Blatz
    Business Director
    Kevin XU
    Business Director
    KokOn Wong
    Business Head-Construction Chemical ( Bangladesh )
    Marcos Fernandes
    Business Director North America & Global Strategic Marketing Industrial Solutions
    Michael De Marco
    Chairman and Managing Director, BASF Australia and New Zealand
    Michael Tribelhorn
    Ceo & Founder
    Philip Buskens
    Director - Commercial Transportation Systems
    Rolf Golombek
    Director - Contracting & Technical Sales
    SangYoung Lee
    Business Director, Home Care I&I Solutions North America
    s***********[email protected]
    SeongWon Cho
    Director - Advanced Materials Research
    Stefan Bartens
    s************[email protected]
    Thibault Bersier
    Director - Business, Projects & Development
    Thomas Kloster
    CFO & Director of Business Services BASF Canada
    Zinny Chie
    Business Director - Coatings and Construction Industries

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