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    Name: Bentley Systems India Private Limited Employee Count:
    CIN: U72200DL2000PTC109034 Company type: MNC
    Founded: 2000 Sector: Private
    Website: Industry: Information Technology(IT)
    Locality: Delhi, Delhi, India

    Bentley Systems is the world’s leading provider of software solutions to the design, development and operations of infrastructure engineers, architects, geospatial professionals, constructors and owner operators. Bentley’s MicroStation technologies and BIM systems, as well as their digital twin cloud networks, advance transportation and other public works, roads, industrial and resource plants, and commercial and institutional infrastructures through the delivery of project networks (ProjetWise) and asset performance (AssetWise).

    Key Decision Makers

    Adriana Cardoso Faria Torii
    Alan Lamont
    Vice President
    Alvin Lai
    Industry Sales Director
    Ben Rogers
    Director, Software Development
    Beth Emmert
    Head of Americas Region Marketing
    Bhupinder Singh
    Senior Vice President
    Brian Robins
    Vice President Product and Industry Marketing
    Craig Hansen
    Corporate Account Manager, Owner-Operators, North America
    D. Noah Eckhouse
    Senior Vice President
    Dan Vogen
    Vice President,
    David Hollister
    David McKenney
    Senior Vice President
    Emad Shama
    Director - Global PMO
    Eric Crivella
    Construction Solutions Director
    Francois Valois
    Vice President
    Gary Morin
    Director Product Management
    Ian Smith
    VP & Industry Director
    Jan-Willem Koutstaal
    Vice President Local Account Initiatives
    Jeff Richardson
    Chief Data Officer
    Jerry King
    Vice President
    Jim Newman
    Senior Director, Marketing Programs - Asset Performance
    John Sanins
    Senior Director, Solutions Management
    Justin Schmidt
    Senior Director, Portfolio Development
    j************[email protected]
    Kremena Fletcher
    Financial Analyst & Executive Assistant to CFO
    k**************[email protected]
    Leona Hardin
    Marketing Head
    l**********[email protected]
    Lutz Bettels
    Vice President, Regional Executive
    l**********[email protected]
    Melanie Jakubiak
    Executive Assistant Owner
    m**************[email protected]
    Michael Clarke
    Senior Director
    m************[email protected]
    Michael Fischette
    Vice President
    m***************[email protected]
    Mike Coldrick
    Vice President
    m***********[email protected]
    Mohit Bradoo
    m**********[email protected]
    Neville Glanville
    Regional Director - Project Delivery Central & Southern Europe
    n***************[email protected]
    Peter Bonne
    Senior Director, 3D Mapping
    Phil Christensen
    Senior Vice President - Digital Cities Business Development
    p**************[email protected]
    Richard Humphrey
    Senior Director of Product Management
    Robert Mankowski
    Vice President, Digital Cities Business Unit
    r**************[email protected]
    Rowell Ildefonso
    Director of Accounting
    r**************[email protected]
    Sandra DiMatteo
    Global Marketing Director, Digital Twin Solutions
    s*************[email protected]
    Udayan Misra
    Director, Software Development
    u**********[email protected]
    Vinayak Trivedi
    Vice President & Global Head, Bentley Institute
    v*************[email protected]
    Vonnie Smith
    Vice President
    v**********[email protected]

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