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    Name: Broadridge Financial Solutions (India) Private Limited Employee Count: 10,001+
    CIN: U74999TG2007PTC052368 Company type: MNC
    Founded: 2007 Sector: Private
    Website: Industry: BFSI
    Locality: Hyderabad, Telangana, India

    Broadridge, a global market capitalisation leader with over 9 billion dollars, helps consumers tackle the obstacles of today and focus on connectivity, technology and data solutions and improve their businesses. They are an important partner from the world’s leading companies and financial institutions. They deal with millions of trades a day in trillions of dollars, provide core communications for more than 5,000 brands and handle voting by shareholders in 90 countries.

    Key Decision Makers

    Aaron Schnarch
    General Manager, Professional Services | Head of Strategy, Broadridge Customer Communications
    Alex Zernitsky
    Director, Finance & Accounting Shared Services
    Andrew Johnston
    Director, International Buy Side Solutions
    Anthony Brockley
    Managing Director, Head of Sales - EMEA
    Anthony Shapiro
    Director, Institutional Sales
    April O Connor
    Information Security Analyst, Director
    Arun Sharma
    Chief Operating Officer (COO), Global Technology and Operations
    Aviad Stein
    Global Senior Director, Head of Digital CX and Innovation Strategy
    Badhri Parthasarathy
    Senior Vice President & Chief Security Officer
    Bill Quinn
    Chief Operating Officer, Global Sales Strategy and Operations & Head N.A. Financial Services Sales
    Bob Heske
    Director Business Marketing
    Brett Keller
    Member of Board of Directors
    Brian Murphy
    Director Of Escheatment
    Carl Hovland
    Head of Client Services APAC, Message Automation
    Carol Penhale
    Managing Director, Advisory and Consulting, Broadridge Financial
    Charles Sax
    Chief Financial Officer, Vice President and Treasurer - Senior Director of Regulatory Reporting
    Chris Cowlard
    Programme Director
    Chris Perry
    President and Chief Revenue Officer
    Christopher Leo
    Vice President - Business Line CTO, Head of Application Infrastructure & Service Delivery
    Clint Williams
    Sales Director, Capital Markets & Compliance - Investor Communication Solutions
    Dave Crosby
    Director, Application Development
    David Kelly
    Group Finance Director
    David Taylor
    Executive Director
    Deborah A. Bussiere
    Global Chief Marketing Officer
    d**************[email protected]
    Didier Amaral
    d***********[email protected]
    Dj Liu
    Director, Information Technology
    Donna Bristow
    Vice President, Business Management & Operations
    d***********[email protected]
    Douglas Rohrkaste
    Product Line Director, Market Information and Data Management Services
    d***************[email protected]
    Garfield Hayes
    Head Of International Buyside Account Management
    g************[email protected]
    Gregg Rosenberg
    Global Head of Corporate Communications
    g*************[email protected]
    Jay Mistry
    Managing Director, Sales
    Jeff Rayner
    Chief Operating Officer Global Marketing Strategy and Operations
    Jeffrey Chan
    Sales Director
    j**********[email protected]
    Jeffrey Klein
    Senior Business Analyst
    j***********[email protected]
    Jeffrey Musgrove
    Head of Wealth Management Advisor Solutions
    j**************[email protected]
    Jim Getty
    Senior Director Global Business Solutions - Hot Technology
    Jim Young
    Chief Financial Officer
    JoAnn Donahue
    Director, Human Resources
    j***********[email protected]
    John Burnett
    International Sales Director
    j**********[email protected]
    John DiGiorgio
    Senior Director – Tax Services
    j************[email protected]
    John Malko
    Sr Director Finance
    John Oliveri
    Chief Technology Officer
    j**********[email protected]
    John Ridout
    Managing Director
    Justin Llewellyn Jones
    Head of Capital Markets, North America (Equities & Listed Derivatives)
    j*******************[email protected]
    Justin Macklin
    Senior Director of North American Professional Services
    j************[email protected]
    Karen Leung
    Senior Director, Application Development
    Laura Cohen
    Director - Global Distribution Solutions
    Laura Leitzinger
    Chief of Staff to COO GTO IT
    l**************[email protected]
    Lori Staggs
    Director, Sales Operations
    Mark Kramer
    Director, Data Management Services
    Mark Schlesinger
    Chief Information Officer
    m**************[email protected]
    Martin C.W. Walker
    Head of Product Management, Securities Finance and Collateral Management
    m***********[email protected]
    Megan Flemming
    Senior Director of Sales - Corporate Issuer Solutions
    m************[email protected]
    Melissa Berry
    Director, Global HR Operations
    m***********[email protected]
    Merissa Sangenito
    Director Event Marketing
    m***************[email protected]
    Michael Galanter
    Chief Administrative Officer & VP Strategic Decision Support - Global Sales
    m**************[email protected]
    Michael Guidice
    Director of Corporate Actions
    m*************[email protected]
    Michael Lumpp
    Senior Director, Software Engineering
    m***********[email protected]
    Mike Thrower
    Vice President, International Sales, EMEA and Asia Pacific, Broadridge Financial Solutions
    m**********[email protected]
    Mike West
    Vice President, Head of EMEA Regional Marketing
    Nachi Muthu
    Global Head of Derivatives Trading and Clearing Solutions
    Nicholas Zagaroli
    Director, Product Management
    n***************[email protected]
    Oliver Otto
    Head of Marketing, Asia Pacific
    Paul Baker
    Sales Director
    Paul Fioribello
    Director of Operations - Corporate Actions
    p*************[email protected]
    Rajita Singh
    Head HR
    r**********[email protected]
    Richard Daly
    Executive Chairman, Board of Directors
    Rob Spalding
    Managing Director
    Robert Kalenka
    Chief Operating Officer, ICS
    r************[email protected]
    Scott Lanciloti
    Director Capital Markets
    s*************[email protected]
    Steve Brown
    Managing Director, Head of US Wealth Management Sales
    Steve Krzemienski
    Chief Technology Officer, Advisor Solutions at Broadridge
    s***************[email protected]
    Steve Rosenthal
    Global Treasurer, Managing Director
    s*************[email protected]
    Steven Davis
    Head of Talent Acquisition
    s**********[email protected]
    Tim Gokey
    Chief Executive Officer
    Tim McConnell
    SVP- Co-Head of Global Account Management
    t***********[email protected]
    Tyler Derr
    Chief Technology and Product Officer
    Vanessa Hall
    VP Head of HR EMEA &APAC
    v**********[email protected]
    Venice Tsun
    Director of Professional Services
    Warren Maynard
    Senior Sales Director
    w************[email protected]
    Win Franke
    Senior Director of Pre Sales

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