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    Name: Changepond Technologies Limited Employee Count: 501 to 1000
    CIN: U72200TN2000PTC044948 Company type: SMEs/MSME
    Founded: 2000 Sector: Private
    Website: Industry: Information Technology (IT)
    Locality: Chennai, Tamilnadu, India

    Changepond Technologies is a leading software and engineering firm, committed to helping customers navigate enterprise applications, social media and technology convergence. With the agile COVE™ approach, they deliver innovative solutions to companies worldwide, including Digital Strategy Consultancy, DevOps, UI / UX Technology, Cloud, Analyze and Managed Services.

    Key Decision Makers

    Balaji CS
    Head of US Sales
    Balaji Subramaniam D
    Senior Vice President
    Mark Lovell
    Panbarasan Vedachalam
    Vice President - Global Delivery
    Raghu Rajagopal
    Vice President
    Ramesh Raman
    Chief Financial Officer
    Solai C
    Project Head Civil
    Srinivas Katta
    Vice President - Technology
    Srinivasan Krishnamachari
    Associate Vice President
    Venkatesan Srinivasan
    Vice President Human Resources & HR Head

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