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    Name: Dr.Reddy’s Laboratories Ltd Employee Count: 10001+
    CIN: L85195TG1984PLC004507 Company type: BSE / NSE Ltd
    Founded: 1984 Sector: Public
    Website: www.drreddys.com Industry: Pharmaceuticals, Labs
    Locality: Hyderabad, Telangana, India

    The integrated drug company Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories Ltd. is dedicated to providing safe and creative healthy life pharmaceutical products. Dr. Reddy’s has a range of products and services including APIs, specialty pharmaceutical services, generics, biosimilars and patented formulations across three companies – Pharmaceutical services & active ingredients, Global Generics and Proprietary Products.

    Key Decision Makers

    Allan Oberman
    Board Of Directors
    Alok Joshi
    Associate Director
    Amitabha Mukhopadhyay
    Associate Director
    Amrinder Singh
    Associate Director
    Anand Eswaraiah
    Head Clinical Operations
    Anand Garg
    Vice President - Head India Supply Chain
    Andiappan Murugan
    Associate Director
    Andrea Karnitschky
    Director & Head of In-Licensing Europe
    Aniruddha Bhattacharyya
    Associate Director, Medical Sciences, Medical Assessment
    Arunabha Raychaudhuri
    Senior Director & Head Supply Chain Management
    Arvind Kushwaha
    Associate Director (Quality Assurance)
    Ashish Jain
    Head- Insurance Business
    Ashish Nigam
    Sr. Director and vertical Head,
    Ashok V K
    Director Marketing
    Ashwin Kalamkar
    Director & Head
    Atanu Sengupta
    Bharadwaja Pvr
    Bijaygopal Chakrabarti
    Vice President Biologics Technical Operations
    Birendra David
    Director Process Engineering
    Bruce Carter
    Board Director
    Calvin Printer
    Head of Strategy, Brand and Communication
    c************[email protected]
    Chandra Kumar Verma
    Associate Vice President
    Chandra Shekar
    Director, New Product Development
    Deepa Kodur
    Deepak Sehajpaul
    Senior Director
    Dharini Mishra
    Head of Brand and Corporate Communications
    Dinesh Reddy
    Associate Director
    Ganesh Mopidevi
    Senior Director & Regional Head
    Gaurav Chopra
    Gazala Khan koticha
    Head Project Management
    Gireesh Kerur
    Head - Commercials
    Hari Krishna V
    Vertical Head
    Jerome Gnanaprakasam
    Global Head
    Joshua Hudgens
    Senior Director, National Accounts
    K Kulbhushan
    Global Head and Vice President
    Kalpesh Modi
    Associate Director
    Kannan I
    Associate Director
    Kanthikiran Vs Varanasi
    Head - Preclinical, Bioassay
    Kapil Choudhury
    Head Of Business Developmen
    Kim Quint
    Senior Director Packaging Development & Design
    Kiran Desai
    Associate Director
    Kiran Varma
    Associate Director
    Krishna Venkatesh
    Senior Vice President
    Kumar Gaurav
    Director Medical Affairs
    Kunal Kirti
    Head- HR
    Larry Matthews
    Associate Vice President - Sales
    Lee C. Banks
    VP, Intellectual Property
    Madhu Sundar M S
    Vice President
    Madhumita Manna Kulkarni
    Director/Head Marketing
    Manabendra Ghosh
    Associate Director
    Manjit Singh
    Associate Director
    Marc Kikuchi
    CEO - North America Generics
    Mohammed Arif
    Associate Director - Portfolio management, strategic planning, & Licensing/Business development (EU)
    Mohan Reddy
    Sire Head
    Muneetpal Singh Jolly
    Murali Jayaraman
    Namrata Gill
    Vice President
    Narendra Maharaj
    Vice President and Head
    Niraj Agrawal
    P V S Raju Mantena
    Associate Director
    Padmanaban Veluchamy
    Head of Marketing and Sales
    Pankaj Phatak
    Head HR - CIS Countries (Ukraine, Kazakh, Uzbek, Belarus) & Romania
    Paramagurunathan Kaliamoorthy
    Associate Director
    p***************[email protected]
    Phani Mitra B
    Vice President
    Prabal Chattopadhyay
    Associate Director (PP-Biology)
    Prasad B
    Associate Director
    Prasad G V
    Co Chairman
    Prashant Kakade
    Head of Combination Products
    Prateek Dani
    Puvvala Yugandhar
    Raghunadha R Burri
    Associate Director - Data Science
    Rahul Adakmol
    Vice President, Head Business Development
    Raja Mvsma
    Vice President - Marketing & Portfolio
    Rajaram Bagayatkar
    Sr.Director & Vertical Head
    r**********[email protected]
    Rajashekhar Totad
    Director - Program Management and Head, CoE New Technologies in MSAT.
    r**********[email protected]
    Rajeev Raghuvanshi
    Senior Vice President
    Rajesh Venugopalan
    Director - Business Development
    r***********[email protected]
    Rajiv Nair
    Director - Sales & Marketing
    Rama Mohan
    Senior Director & Global Head,
    Ramakant Singani
    Senior Director - Finance
    Ravi Palaparthi
    Director, Process Engineering
    r**********[email protected]
    Ravi Paradkar
    Associate Director - Corporate Sustainability
    Ravi Prasada Rao Mugada
    Head AR&D
    Ravi Talwar
    Sr. Vice President and Global Head
    Ritesh M. Dhundi
    Head, DS Manufacturing (Biosimilars)
    Rupika Kumar
    Associate Design Director
    Sahil Poddar
    Marketing Head
    Sai Nandeswar
    Associate Director
    Saibal Das
    Sandeep Khandelwal
    Sandeep Mohanty
    Director, Process R&D
    Sanjay Sharma
    Sasi Gunturi
    Associate Director
    Satheesh Balasubramanian
    s***************[email protected]
    Saumen Chakraborty
    President, Chief Financial Officer and Global Head of IT & Business Process Excellence
    Saurabh Biswas
    Head DPE R&D
    Saurav Kumar
    Head HR
    Sauri Gudlavalleti
    Head Of Research And Development
    Seshnath Chauhan
    Shashank Paithankar
    s**********[email protected]
    Shashi Kanth
    Associate Director, Medical Affairs
    Siddhartha Deshpande
    Associate Director Sales & Marketing
    Sridhar Desikan
    Srihari Kaninghat
    Associate Director
    Srinivasa Rao
    Vice President and Head of Regulatory Affairs - North America Generics
    Srividya Ramakrishnan
    Senior Director
    Sudhaker Reddy T
    Associate Director
    Suman Bandyopadhyay
    Sumera Hasham
    Senior Director and Head, Portfolio Strategy, Global Marketing and External R&D
    Sumitra Pillai
    Senior Director
    Sunil Kumar.meda
    Site QA Head
    Sunita Uppe
    Surabhi Kaul
    Suyog Mehta
    Senior Director and Head Medical Affairs
    Swapnil Wadhwa
    Sr. Director & Global Head- IT Digital BPE, EMs | Analytics | Digital | Transformation | Innovation|
    Swatee Sarangi
    Global Head
    Syam Tatineni
    Associate Director
    Tazeen Aamena Idris
    Associate Director - Medical Sciences
    Thakur Pherwwani
    Global Head SHE & Sustainability
    Tulja Singh
    Udaykumar Vazrapu
    Associate Director
    V Narayana Reddy
    Vice President - Head Industrial Relations, Corporate Affairs & CSR
    Vansi Krishna
    Senior Director Finance
    Vellaian Karuppiah
    Head - Process Development & Tech Operations
    Venkat Vishwanath
    Vikas Mishra
    SHE Head- Global IPDO
    Vineet Kalia
    Executive Vice President
    Vishvesh Bhupathiraju
    Vice President and Head
    Viswanath Bandi
    Associate Director
    Vivek Balasubramanian
    Vice President & Global Delivery Head
    Vivian Zhu
    Associate Director
    Vladyslav Letik
    Director Marketing & Portfolio
    Volodymyr Skyba
    Head of Sales and Marketing OTC
    Yeshwanth Nikkam
    Associate Director Marketing
    Zubin Kutar
    Head Of Digital Marketing Transformation

    Social Media Accounts

    Facebookhttps://www.facebook.com/Dr.ReddysLaboratoriesLtd/Twitter https://twitter.com/drreddyslabs?lang=en
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