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    Name: Intas Pharmaceuticals Limited Employee Count: 10001+
    CIN: U24231GJ1985PLC007866 Company type: BSE / NSE Ltd
    Founded: 1985 Sector: Public
    Website: Industry: Pharmaceuticals, Labs
    Locality: Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

    Intas is one of the world’s leading multinational companies for the development, distribution and marketing of pharmaceutical formulations. Over the past 5 years, it rose to approximately CAGR 25.5% and in the previous financial year reached the $1.9 billion mark. Under the brand Accord Healthcare, the organization has formed a network of subsidiaries in the EU, the US, Canada, SA, Australia, APAC and CIS & MENA countries. With more than 69% of its worldwide sales, Intas operates in more than 85 countries.

    Key Decision Makers

    Abhishek Banerjee
    Director General, Brazil
    Ajay Bhatt
    President - Global Human Resources
    Ajay Trivedi
    Vice President
    Akshaya Nath
    Executive Vice President
    Alok Kumar
    Head Marketing
    Alok Mukerji
    Alpesh Pathak
    Global IP Head Patent Cell
    Angad M
    Vice President
    Ashok Kakkar
    Senior Vice President (Manufacturing)
    Ashok Kumar Singh
    Associate Vice President
    Ashok Subudhi
    Associate Vice President - Finance
    Ashvin Bhimani
    project head
    Binish Chudgar
    Vice Chairman & Managing Director
    Birendra Singh
    Senior Vice President, Group Quality
    D P Satapathy
    Vice President
    Deven Mhatre
    Head Human Resources - Intas Pharmaceuticals - Plasma Fractionation Unit (Celestial)
    Dhaval Shah
    Chief Executive Officer
    Dipak Patel
    Head of Training and Development
    Durga P Satapathy
    Vice President
    Durgesh Singh
    QC Head
    Elisenda Escribano
    Head of Regulatory Affaris & Compliance, Global Licensing & Third Party Sales
    e****************[email protected]
    Gagan Bharadwaj
    Sr. Vice President - Supply Chain
    g*************[email protected]
    Haragopal Avanigadda
    Associate Vice President - Regulatory Affairs
    h******************[email protected]
    Hatim Kapasi
    Senior General Manager - Head Talent Acquisition
    h**********[email protected]
    Jaishankar C S
    Sr Vice President Sales & Marketing
    Jatin Acharya
    Vice President (IT)
    j***********[email protected]
    Javier Garcia Serena
    Supply Chain Director, Europe Third party
    j***********[email protected]
    Jayesh Brahmbhatt
    Senior Vice President
    j***************[email protected]
    John Goddard
    Non Executive Director
    j**********[email protected]
    Kirti Maheshwari
    Executive Vice President
    k**************[email protected]
    Kunal Raval
    Edit headlineSr.Administration at Intas Pharmaceuticals
    Manoj Kumar
    Vice President ( Cluster Head )
    Mayra Liz Guzman Kaslow
    President & CEO
    m**************[email protected]
    Narayan Menon
    Vice President Marketing & Sales
    n***********[email protected]
    Pankaj Sinha
    p**********[email protected]
    Piyush Agarwal
    Associate Vice President in CNS Business
    p************[email protected]
    Pranav Galathiya
    Head Of Marketing
    p**************[email protected]
    Prashant Bhalve
    Senior Vice President
    p*************[email protected]
    Premanand Jha
    p***********[email protected]
    Rahul Patel
    Head of Supply Planning
    Raja Mukherjee
    Sr General Manager & Business Head
    r************[email protected]
    Rajan Shah
    Director, Finance (Accord Healthcare Inc.)
    Rajeev Batra
    Vice President
    r**********[email protected]
    Rajendra Kumar
    Chief Executive Officer
    r************[email protected]
    Rathi Jeetesh Maheshwari
    Snr. Executive Officer
    r****************[email protected]
    Raviraj Karia
    Head Of Internal Audit
    r***********[email protected]
    Reddy R T
    Head of Development Department
    S. P. Singh
    Associate Vice President HR Field
    Sabita Nair
    Senior Director-Regulatory Affairs
    Sameer Tomar
    Zonal Head
    s**********[email protected]
    Sanjay Mishra
    Head-Logistics & Distribution-East Zone & Sikkim
    s***********[email protected]
    Satyendra Kumar
    Regional Head
    s*************[email protected]
    Shardul Salunkhe
    Associate General Managar and Head, Clone Development and Evaluation Team
    s**************[email protected]
    Shivam Mittal
    Executive Vice President & CIO
    s***********[email protected]
    Shudir Mhatre
    Plant Head
    s***********[email protected]
    Sudama Krishan Sharma
    Associate Vice President (Sales and Marketing)
    Sujal Shah
    Senior Vice President - Direct Taxes
    s********[email protected]
    Sushil Vohra
    Vice President Marketing & Sales
    s**********[email protected]
    Toni Santamaria
    Head of Intellectual Property, Europe
    t*************[email protected]
    Umesh Chandrakar
    u**************[email protected]
    Venkat R Naidu
    Vice President R&D
    v**********[email protected]
    Venugopal Vijayendran
    President: India - Marketing & Sales
    v*******************[email protected]
    Vibhuti Bhatt
    Chief Executive Officer
    v***********[email protected]
    Vineesh Garg
    Asso. Vice President (Mktg & Sales) Inara and Avior Div
    v**********[email protected]
    Xavier Formosa
    Head of Innovative Portfolio
    x************[email protected]

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