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    Name: Microsoft Corporation India Pvt Ltd Employee Count: 10000+
    CIN: U74899DL1988PTC032549 Company type: MNC
    Founded: 1988 Sector: Private Sector
    Website: Industry: Information Technology
    Locality: Delhi, Delhi, India

    Microsoft Corporation India Pvt Ltd is the marketing subsidiary of Microsoft Corporation with offices in ten cities across the country. Microsoft drive the transformation in businesses with it cloud based technology and serving customers across the world.

    Key Decision Makers

    Adela Popilkova
    Account Director, Search - Microsoft Advertising
    Adwait Joshi
    Director of Product Marketing
    Albert Greenberg
    Corporate Vice President, Microsoft Azure Networking
    Alec Saunders
    Senior Director, Microsoft Business AI
    Amaresh Ramaswamy
    CFO & Director, Microsoft India R&D
    Anant Maheshwari
    President, Microsoft India
    Andrew Sandico
    Director HR Analytics, Engineering
    Anita Varghese
    Senior Director, Data Analytics
    Ashley Marolf
    Operations Program Manager : Launch
    Aydin Gencler
    Director, Marketing Internet of Things Western Europe
    Basudev Banerjee
    APAC Enterprise Director- FSI
    Ben Tamblyn
    Director Of Innovation Communications
    Bharath Upadhya
    Director, Business Analytics & Insights
    Bobby Morrison
    VP and Head of WW Small, Medium, and Corporate Segments
    Bogdan Crivat
    Partner Director of Engineering
    Brett Ostrum
    Corporate Vice President - Surface & Xbox Device Development
    Carlos De Torres Gimeno
    Vice President Device Sales North America
    Catherine Kuenzel
    Vice President Microsoft Services, US Public Sector
    Chad Hall
    Field Intelligence Finance Director
    Chad Pearce
    Chief Marketing Officer, APAC
    Charles Randolph
    Senior Director - Executive Protection and Risk Intelligence
    Charlotte Yarkoni
    Corporate Vice President
    Charoo Singh
    Director Solution Sales – Corporate Accounts & Education (India)
    c**********[email protected]
    Christian Vinay
    Chuck Edward
    Head of Global Talent Acquisition
    Cindy Walker
    Sr. Director, Xbox Platform Marketing
    c**********[email protected]
    Colin Browne
    Senior Director International Operations (Global Sales Operations)
    Corine Schep
    EMEA Global Black Belt IoT Technical Sales Director
    c**********[email protected]
    Daniel Zini
    Global Client Director
    Danny Vogt
    Sales Director
    David Delgado
    Director Information Technology Operations
    David Porter
    Corporate Vice President, Microsoft Store
    David Prien
    Sr. Director, Xbox HW Engineering PM Manager
    David Rulon
    Sr. Director Supply Chain and Treasury Accounting
    Denis Guz
    Director, Applied AI in Global Demand Center
    Derek Burney
    Corporate Vice President, Commercial Software Engineering
    Detlef Kaiser
    Managing Director, Digital Advisory Services
    d***********[email protected]
    Diana Kelley
    Cybersecurity Field CTO
    d**********[email protected]
    Divya Kumar
    Director of Product Marketing
    Dominic Margetson
    Director Brand Strategy
    d***************[email protected]
    Dylan Evers
    Director, U.S. Department of Defense and FSI's | Surface
    Emma Da Silva
    Vice President, Marketing and Operations
    Eric Loper
    Sr. Director of NSI Sales
    Evelyne Viegas
    Director, Research Engagement, Microsoft AI & Research
    Florent Greffe
    Category Director, Windows
    Gautam Karmakar
    Director/ Principal Cloud Architect - Data & AI
    g*************[email protected]
    Georgia Addington
    Sr. Operations Manager
    Girish Bablani
    Corporate Vice President
    Gopal Kakivaya
    Corporate Vice President/Technical Fellow - Microsoft Intelligent Edge
    Greg Urquhart
    Sr. Director, Azure Apps & Infrastructure Sales - Global Lead
    Gunter Ollmann
    CSO (Cloud and AI Security Division)
    g************[email protected]
    Hanne Lahdensuo
    Director, Launch and Lifecycle Management, Surface Product Marketing
    Hari Narayan
    Director of Engineering
    Heather Raikes
    Principal Creative Director, Mixed Reality Studios
    Hermann Erlach
    Chief Operating Officer (COO) & Digital Transformation Lead
    h************[email protected]
    Hugh Milward
    Director, Corporate, External and Legal Affairs
    h**********[email protected]
    Ian Bennett
    Director, Sales Management, Consumer Sales at Microsoft IT
    Jacky Wright
    Chief Digital Officer (CDO)
    James Chou
    Managing Director & CEO, Microsoft for Startups, GCR, Japan & Korea
    James Phillips
    Corporate Vice President
    j************[email protected]
    Janet Lewis
    Vice President, Global Financial Services
    Jason Bradley
    Senior Account Director - Azure
    j***********[email protected]
    Jason Miller
    Head of Brand Marketing, Microsoft Advertising
    Jennifer Cheung
    WW Sr. Director, Developer Relations, Content + Learning
    Jeremy Collins
    Jeremy Grubaugh
    Principal Creative Director
    Jim Lee
    Director & Chief of Staff - US Services
    John Gilles
    Director, One Commercial Partner
    John Smith
    John W. Thompson
    Chairman of the Board
    Judy Meyer
    VP, ISV
    Justin Spelhaug
    Global Head - Tech for Social Impact
    Justin Thenutai
    Sr. Director, Human Resources - Devices & Hardware
    K Raman
    Managing Director
    Kandy Samy
    Director - Enterprise Data Management and Governance
    Kate Johnson
    President, Microsoft US
    k**********[email protected]
    Keith Dolliver
    Vice President and Deputy General Counsel, Corporate Legal Group
    Kelly Davidson
    Director, Global Partnerships
    Kevin Collins
    Director More Personal Computing Showcases
    Kevin Peesker
    President Microsoft Canada
    k***********[email protected]
    Kim Albrecht
    Director, Audience Marketing
    Kristin Johnsen
    Corporate Vice President, Enterprise Services
    k*************[email protected]
    Kudo Tsunoda
    Corporate Vice President
    Leila Martine
    Product Marketing Director
    l***********[email protected]
    Linda Sampson
    CFO Microsoft Canada
    l***********[email protected]
    Mandar Kulkarni
    Director - Partner Technology
    m*************[email protected]
    Manickam Sridhar
    WW Executive Director, Digital Transformation & Innovation
    m**************[email protected]
    Marc Ossinger
    Director Product Marketing
    Marc Pollefeys
    Partner Director of Science, Microsoft HoloLens
    Marcelo Fumasoni
    Head Of Human Resources
    m**************[email protected]
    Marina Boter
    Mark Chaban
    Chief Technology Officer
    Mark Perry
    West Region Director - Customer Success, Health & Life Sciences
    Mark Souza
    Corporate Vice President
    Marsha Kensok
    Business Process Owner
    m***********[email protected]
    Maruschka Loubser
    Director - Brand Marketing and Partnerships
    Matthew Smith
    Director - Cloud & Data Platform - Enterprise
    m***********[email protected]
    Matthew Waddell
    Creative Director / Copywriter
    Maureen Mo Osborne
    Corporate Vice President & Chief Operating Officer - Business Applications Group
    Max Wheeler
    Director of Engineering
    Megan Gray
    CEO Communications & Operations - Microsoft
    Michael Wang
    Director of Reliability Engineering
    m**********[email protected]
    Michaela Borsje
    Director, Channel & Device Marketing, Consumer & Devices Sales DACH
    m*************[email protected]
    Mike Simms
    Chief Procurement Officer
    Mitch Price
    Director of Data Platforms, WW Sales Ops Business Intelligence
    Muhammad Ajmal
    CFO - Microsoft Gulf & Saudi
    Myriam Delesalle
    Executive Assistant Chief Operations and Marketing Officer (COO/CMO) & Ambassadrice Métier
    m**************[email protected]
    Naomi Moneypenny
    Director of Product Management for Enterprise Search
    n**************[email protected]
    Navin Kumar
    Director of Product Marketing -- Xbox Accessories
    Niall Murphy
    Global Head of Azure SRE
    Nuri Cankaya
    Director Product Marketing
    Oliver Gronau
    Corporate Sales Director Germany
    Omar Saleh
    Regional Director - Energy, Manufacturing & Resources, Middle East & Africa
    Patrick Shettlesworth
    Art Director
    Pauline Maillard
    Marketing Director - Microsoft Business Apps (CRM & ERP)
    p**************[email protected]
    Pen Lewin
    Sales Director Cloud Productivity Australia, APAC & India
    Peter Engrav
    CTO, Experiences and Devices
    p**********[email protected]
    Peter Martin
    Senior Director, Engineering
    p**********[email protected]
    Peter Skillman
    Director of Design Outlook at Microsoft
    Priscyla Laham
    Vice President of Sales & Partners
    Quinn Ye
    Director, Data Science
    Rafael Achaerandio
    Head of Azure App Innovation, Developer & Skills | Cloud Sales & Marketing | Western Europe
    r****************[email protected]
    Rahul Dodhia
    Senior Director of Data Science
    Ramiro Torres
    Creative Director for Windows Holographic / Hololens
    Raquel Abizanda
    Rebecca Winter
    HR Director, Global Talent & Organizational Capability - MSFT Services
    r************[email protected]
    Richard Koh
    Chief Technology Officer (Singapore)
    Richard Riley
    Senior Director, Power Platform Marketing
    r***********[email protected]
    Robbee Minicola
    Senior Director, Retail & Consumer Goods Global Partner Lead
    r*************[email protected]
    Roland White
    Global Director of Diversity & Inclusion - Microsoft International
    r**********[email protected]
    Ron Huddleston
    Corporate Vice President One Commerical Partner Organization
    Ronan Geraghty
    Director, Mìcrosoft Azure Sales and Marketing
    Rosie Mastrandrea
    Chief of Staff to Microsoft CMO
    Roy Sharples
    Global Director, Industry Product Marketing, Microsoft
    r**********[email protected]
    Russ Madlener
    Senior Director of Customer & Channel Marketing, Small & Midsized Business Segment Group
    Sam George
    Corporate Vice President of Azure IoT
    Samik Roy
    Country Head - Microsoft Modern Workplace (Windows, Office, Security, Devices)
    Sanjay Batra
    Chief of Staff, Corporate External Legal Affairs, Global Sales Marketing and Operations
    Sarah Bond
    Corporate Vice President, Gaming Partnerships & Business Development
    Scott Schaefer
    Director, Modern Workplace Solution Sales
    Sebastien Lamour
    Commercial Markets Strategy Director
    s**************[email protected]
    Senthil Velayutham
    CTO/Chief Architect, Microsoft Search, Assistant & Intelligence
    Shane Kolar
    Sr. Director, Manufacturing and Supply Chain (MSC), Supply Chain Architecture
    Shipra Singh
    Director Human Resources
    Shira Levy Barkan
    CMO - Microsoft Central Eastern Europe MC-Global Marketing Executive
    Shivakumar Padmanaban
    Global Director - Customer Repair Experience and Warranty, Commercial Devices
    p**********[email protected]
    Simeon Payne
    Senior Director, Global Surface Category Management and Sales Leader
    Simon Francis
    Director, RE&S Platforms
    s***********[email protected]
    Soundararajan Srinivasan
    Director, AI Program
    s**********************[email protected]
    Steve Clayton
    Chief Storyteller, Microsoft
    Steven Guggenheimer
    Corporate Vice President - AI & ISV Engagement
    Stuart Mckee
    Chief Technology Officer, State/Local Government
    s**********[email protected]
    Sumit Chauhan
    Partner Director of Development, Office Engineering
    s***********[email protected]
    Sumrita Chander
    Director, Corporate Communications
    s*************[email protected]
    Sunil Kishen
    Sr. Director Product Management, Azure Networking
    s**********[email protected]
    Surya Ramkumar
    Director Services at Microsoft
    s************[email protected]
    Sven Seger
    Global Creative Director
    Takuya Hirano
    Vice President, Global Alliances and Systems Integrators Partners at Microsoft
    Tim Hillman
    Director, Global Capacity Planning & Management
    Tim Stopper
    Director, Technical Delivery
    Tina Flammer
    Director of Product Marketing
    Tony Imperati
    Director, Business Development
    t***********[email protected]
    Trevor Nies
    Sr. Director of E-Commerce Payments, Risk Operations & Analytics
    Usha Krishnan
    Director, Global Black Belt Blockchain Americas Lead
    Vadym Melnyk
    Chief of Unicorn Division
    Vinay Kumar
    Director Artificial Intelligence, Azure and Search Partnerships
    Vinita Ananth
    Sr. Director, Microsoft Azure Engineering
    v***********[email protected]
    Vivek Chatrath
    Sales Director - Small, Medium & Corporate Segment
    Vivek Shah
    Director, Windows Education Marketing
    Vivian Eickhoff
    Volkmar Eich
    Managing Director - Digital Advisory Services Automotive & Retail Germany
    v**********[email protected]
    Vram Oknayan
    Global Executive Director, Sr. Digital Advisor - Strategy, Transformation & Innovation
    v**********[email protected]
    Wayne Bartlett
    Director-UK Banking
    w************[email protected]
    William Stasior
    Corporate Vice President of Technology
    Yi-min Wang
    Chief Technology Officer, Artificial Intelligence, Business Applications Group
    Yousef Khalidi
    Corporate Vice President
    y************[email protected]
    Yusuf Mehdi
    Corporate Vice President, Modern Life and Devices
    Yuting Jia
    Director of Risk Data Science
    Yvette Smith
    Director D&I, Global Communities and Outreach
    y**********[email protected]
    Yvonne Haarloev
    Director Product Marketing
    y*************[email protected]

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