Mobinius Technologies Private Limited

    logo of Mobinius Technologies Private Limited
    Name: Mobinius Technologies Private Limited Employee Count: 51 to 200
    CIN: U73200KA2011PTC060581 Company type: MNC
    Founded: 2011 Sector: Private
    Website: Industry: Information Technology(IT)
    Locality: Bangalore, Karnataka, India

    The aim of the Mobinius technologies is to provide high-tech solutions with an unified approach and disruptive technologies for various fields, e.g. automation, design, education and innovation, information technology, logistics, travel, medical and pharmaceutical supplies, product creation, cloud integration and migration,  and UX creation and digital transformation  

    Key Decision Makers

    Damodar Puthye
    CEO Mobinius
    Guru Murthy J D
    Director Sales
    Lokesh M
    Chief Technology Officer
    Mathew Mahimainathan
    Sharath Kumar TP
    Vice President

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