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    Name: Panasonic Life Solutions India Private Limited Employee Count: 10,001+
    CIN: U31200MH1981FTC128292 Company type: MNC
    Founded: 1981 Sector: Private
    Website: Industry: Electrical, Electronics
    Locality: Thane, Maharashtra, India

    Panasonic Life Solutions India Pvt Ltd has been running for the last five decades . And has managed to catch the interest of every person in this country (formerly known as Anchor Electricals). It began with a modest dream of delivering outstanding quality electrical goods at a time when the unorganized sector handled the business involving electrical switches or cabling devices.

    Key Decision Makers

    Alex Nollmann
    Director of Sales
    Andrew Cilia
    Chief Architect
    Beatriz Loizillon
    Vice President Procurement and Real Estate
    beatriz.loizillo[email protected]
    Bill Brennan
    Director Of Sales Marketing
    Bob Voll
    Senior Vice President Retail Solutions / Automotive / Digital
    Brian Cox
    Director - Enterprise Solutions Group
    Bu Chng
    Carol Distaulo
    Media Director
    Cedric Rhoads
    Director, Product Management
    Charles P Monahan
    Director, Regulatory Compliance
    Chris Tomachi
    Executive Vice President
    Christopher Armstrong
    Vice President, CIRRUS/V2X
    Claus Andersen
    Director, CIRRUS/V2X
    Crissy Fanganello
    Director of Applied Innovation Panasonic CityNOW
    Dan Silver
    Vice President
    Danilo Alejandro Williams
    Deborah Scott
    Director, Human Resources
    Dexter Gauntlett
    Director of Smart City Utility Advisory Services
    Dirk Schulze
    Head of Product Marketing TV / Home-AV
    Donald Maidment
    Head of CS for Europe
    Douglas Dodd
    Director of Operations
    d**********[email protected]
    Eisuke Tsuyuzaki
    VP, Corporate Development
    e**************[email protected]
    Fannon Peter
    Vice President
    f**********[email protected]
    Gary Lanzilotti
    Vice President Business Operations
    g*************[email protected]
    Henry Hauser
    Vice President
    h**********[email protected]
    Ikuo Honda
    Managing Director,Marketing Division
    James Grove
    Director, Business Transformation Officer
    Janet Lin
    Director, Energy & Digital
    Jeff Howell
    Jeff Werner
    Vice President, Corporate and Government Affairs
    Jim Black
    Head of Information Security, Cybersecurity, IT Risk & Compliance
    Jim French
    President, Panasonic R&D Company of America
    Jim Reilly
    Vice President, Corporate Communications
    Joe Calcaterra
    Director, HR Operations & Service Delivery
    j************[email protected]
    Joe Decarlo
    Vice President, New Business Development
    John Arganbright
    VP Sales and Marketing
    j**************[email protected]
    John Baisley
    President - Pro Video Group
    j**********[email protected]
    John C. Greenwood
    Vice President/GM, Smart Mobility Office Business
    j************[email protected]
    Jordan Stone
    Director of Cloud Platforms, CIRRUS/V2X
    j**********[email protected]
    Joseph Lukes
    Director of Accounting
    j**********[email protected]
    Keita Yasuda
    VP of Strategic Planning, Smart Mobility Office
    k**********[email protected]
    Keith Myers
    Head of Global Facilities Operations & Real Estate
    Krisztina Merritt
    Director of Human Resources - PIPSA
    k***************[email protected]
    Lauren Sallata
    Chief Marketing Officer, Panasonic Corporation of North America
    l************[email protected]
    Laurence Roach
    Chief Intellectual Property Counsel
    l************[email protected]
    Lee Campbell
    Director, IT Business Solutions
    l**********[email protected]
    Lee Jeff
    Associate Director
    Linda Woodruff
    Vice President, Rewards, HR Operations and Analytics
    l************[email protected]
    Lori Cloonan
    Director / Sports & Entertainment
    l**********[email protected]
    Lydia Wu
    Head of Talent Analytics
    Marc Allcorn
    Director of Sales, Specialty Markets
    m**********[email protected]
    Mareile Rumann
    Head of Marketing Communication Consumer Electronics
    m************[email protected]
    Mark Mckanny
    m**********[email protected]
    Matt O Connor
    Vice President AVC Networks Panasonic
    m***********[email protected]
    Megan Myungwon Lee
    CHRO & Vice President of Strategic Planning, New Business Initiatives
    Michael Moskowitz
    Chairman and CEO
    m***************[email protected]
    Michael Odonnell
    Finance Director
    m**************[email protected]
    Michael Rocha
    Director of Creative Services
    m***********[email protected]
    Michelle Connolly Capate
    Director of Sales
    m*********************[email protected]
    Michelle Tucker
    Operations Manager
    m*************[email protected]
    Mihai Sofronie
    Head of Procurement Corporate Services and Logistics
    m************[email protected]
    Mike Riccio
    Chief Financial Officer & Treasurer
    Mike Stephani
    Vice President Finance
    m***********[email protected]
    Nick Tongue
    Director of Sales and Marketing - Consumer Products
    Oliver Akinrele
    Deputy Director, Platform Solutions
    o*************[email protected]
    Paul James
    Head of R&D Strategy Europe
    Paul Liao
    Paul Schomburg
    Director, Government & Public Affairs
    p************[email protected]
    Piercarlo Marelli
    p***************[email protected]
    Quinton Sall
    q**********[email protected]
    Ragini Sinha
    National Sales Head
    r**********[email protected]
    Raj Datt
    VP & CIO
    Raman Trivedi
    Head of Sourcing - IT & Telecom
    r***********[email protected]
    Ramesh Narayanan
    Director Of Product Development
    r**************[email protected]
    Ramzi Kanso
    Vice President & Chief Audit Officer
    Richard Hsu
    Vice President, Global Solutions and Engineering
    Robert G
    Deputy Director, Strategic Planning - Innovation Center North America
    Robert Rauh
    VP of Business Development
    Roberto Meles
    Head of National Key Account for PANASONIC ITALIA Brown Goods Division
    r***********[email protected]
    Ron Martin
    Sr. Vice President / Director - Research and Development
    Ron Merk
    Director of Logistics
    Rudolf Kammerer
    Sales Director
    r*************[email protected]
    Rusty Osterstock
    Vice President
    r**************[email protected]
    Samir Tailor
    Head of Product, Connected Vehicle and Security Solutions
    s**********[email protected]
    Sean Murray
    Business Unit Head; Process Automation
    Sean Taylor
    Head of Visual Systems
    Shigeo Irie
    Chief Engineer
    Stephen Robinson
    Vice President Mobility Engineering and Service
    s**************[email protected]
    Steve Abend
    Director- PRO-AV Distribution
    Steve Beck
    Vice President Supply Chain Operations
    Sylvie Briz
    Director of Marketing and Business Development, Residential Energy Storage
    Tatsuo Ogawa
    t**********[email protected]
    Tatsuya Iwagaki
    Marketing Director
    t*************[email protected]
    Tim Decrow
    Director of Advanced Manufacturing
    Todd Lancaster
    t************[email protected]
    Tony Tomasso
    Director Sales and Marketing, Componets Sales Division
    t**********[email protected]
    Wataru Baba
    Vice President
    Xinbing Liu
    Director, Panasonic Boston Laboratory
    Yoshi Hirayama
    Director, New Business Development Collaboration
    y************[email protected]
    Yoshihiro Hiro Urabe
    Director, Procurement Company, Corporeate Procurement Division
    y*****************[email protected]
    Yosuke Ishikawa
    marketing director
    y*************[email protected]

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