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    Name: Quest Global Defence Engineering Services Private Limited Employee Count: 10,001+
    CIN: U72200KA2012PTC066760 Company type: MNC
    Founded: 2012 Sector: Private Sector
    Website: Industry: Information Technology(IT)
    Locality: Bangalore, Karnataka, India

    QUEST Global has become a prominent worldwide product engineering and lifecycle solutions partner for the world’s most recognized businesses. With more than 12,800 experts, and a regional presence at 73 locations in 15 nations, In the Aero Engines, Aerospace & Defense, Hi-Tech, Transportation (Auto and Rail), Power and Industrial, Oil & Gas and Medical Devices sectors.

    Key Decision Makers

    Ajay Kumar
    Head of Delivery APAC
    Ajay Prabhu
    Chief Operating Officer
    Ajit Patil
    Chief Engineer
    Ajit Prabhu
    Chairman & CEO
    Alan Spring
    Director/Center Manager/Chief Engineer, Greenville Engineering Center
    Alberto Rodriguez Prieto
    Head Of Operations
    Ali Cawley
    Europe Head of Talent Aquisition
    Amit Mathur
    Vice President and Strategic Client Partner
    Ankur Chhapolika
    Group Head - Global Taxation & Pricing
    Aravind Melligeri
    Co-founder and Board Member
    Arun Pai
    President - New Business Development
    Ashok Pr
    Vice President & Industry Leader - Medical Devices & Diagnostics
    Balaji Balakrishnan
    Senior Account Manager / Centre Head
    Bart Finnel
    Vice President, Strategy and Corporate Development
    Berthold Puchta
    Vice President and Global Industry Lead Transportation (Automotive/Rail)
    Birgit Kredel
    Vice President - Strategic Client Partner & VBU Head
    Borget A. Anoye
    Cathy Devitt
    Head of Programmes at QuEST Global
    Chris Fitzpatrick
    VP, Healthcare P&L Leader
    Daniel Medina
    Dinesh Sekar
    VP / Global Head - Supply Chain & Manufacturing Solutions
    d**********[email protected]
    Dush Reddy A
    Global Business Head
    Dwarakinath Ns
    Consultant & Chief Engineer
    d************[email protected]
    Gerhard Heilmaier
    Head of Delivery Germany
    g***************[email protected]
    Giridharan Thyagarajan
    Head- Procurement
    g********************[email protected]
    Glen Tyrrell
    Chief Development Engineer
    g**********[email protected]
    Harpreet Wasan
    Vice President - Asia Pacific Region
    h************[email protected]
    Indraneil Chowdhury
    Head - Account Based Marketing
    i*****************[email protected]
    James A. Wyskiewicz
    Director, Corporate Social Responsibility and Employee Engagement
    j**************[email protected]
    James Gallo
    Vice President
    Javier Vidal Puente
    Operations Program Manager - Catalonia
    j****************[email protected]
    Jeff Fischer
    Vice President North America Sales BUs
    j**********[email protected]
    Jennifer Horsley
    Global Head of Investor Relations
    j**************[email protected]
    Joe Barnes
    Vice President Corporate Development
    John Reinard
    Associate Vice President - Compliance and Quality
    j**********[email protected]
    Joseph Muraca
    Director - Supply Chain, N.A.
    j***********[email protected]
    K Ramesh
    Chief Engineer and Technical Head
    K Vijayshyam Acharya
    Global Head - Legal & Company Secretary
    v****************[email protected]
    Kanchan Mishra
    Head -Global Leadership, Sales & Corporate Hiring
    k************[email protected]
    Kapil Bakshi
    Vice President & Strategic Client Partner
    k**********[email protected]
    Kapil Singhal
    Head, Influencer Marketing & Corporate Communications
    k***********[email protected]
    Karthikeya D A
    Manager, Operations Controller
    k***********[email protected]
    Kishore Rao
    Vice President, APAC Delivery & Global Operations Support
    Krish Kupathil
    Head Of Innovation
    k************[email protected]
    Lawton Green
    Associate Vice President - Strategic Clients
    l**********[email protected]
    Lee Whiteman
    l**********[email protected]
    Leo Joseph
    Asst. Operation Manager
    Lluis Raurich
    Managing Director of engicom (a Quest Global Company)
    l***********[email protected]
    Marcos Vega
    Vice President Spain
    Narayanan S
    Vice President
    Natarajan Iyer
    n************[email protected]
    Neelkanth Deshpande
    Vice President and Industry Leader - Hi-Tech
    n*****************[email protected]
    Nicholas Lupoli
    Vice President
    n*************[email protected]
    Pavan Taori
    Head of Recruitment for APAC
    Prakash Lakshminarayanan
    Center Head for Japan Delivery HiTech Division
    p**********************[email protected]
    Prosenjit Purkayastha
    CFO and CIO
    p*******************[email protected]
    Raghavan Venkat (rv)
    Global Head - Talent Acquisition
    r*************[email protected]
    Raghavan Venugopal
    Associate Vice President
    r****************[email protected]
    Rajeev Bhat
    General Manager & Head of HR - Europe
    Rajendra Kumar Shreemal
    Chief Financial Officer
    r********************[email protected]
    Rajkin G
    Delivery Head - Medical Devices
    Rakhin Rajan
    Head of Learning and Development
    r**********[email protected]
    Ramakant Dokania
    General Manager (Finance) and FP&A Head
    r**************[email protected]
    Rangarajan Narayanan
    Vice President and Delivery Head - Apple VBU
    r******************[email protected]
    Ranjana Premnath
    Head - Global HR Shared Service
    r**************[email protected]
    Ravalnath Kamath
    Delivery Head - Southeast Asia and Japan
    r**************[email protected]
    Ravi Kumar
    Global Head - Talent Acquisition
    Reepha Radhakrishnan
    Sales Operations
    r******************[email protected]
    Reshmi Stephen
    Head - BPHR, APAC Delivery Units & Corporate Functions
    r************[email protected]
    Robert Harvey
    President - Strategic Accounts
    r***********[email protected]
    Roberto Munoz Lopez
    HR Recruiter
    r****************[email protected]
    Roshan Joseph
    Vice President - Learning & Development
    r***********[email protected]
    Rubayat M.
    Director of Sales and Business Development
    Sanjiv Pande
    Global Head - Marketing & Communication
    s**********[email protected]
    Santhosh Iyengar
    Project Manager / Product Owner
    s**************[email protected]
    Senthil Kumar V.
    DC Head
    s***********[email protected]
    Settu Sathishkumar
    Manager Operations
    s****************[email protected]
    Shashidhar Rao
    Head of UK and Emerging European Markets
    s************[email protected]
    Shrikant Naik
    Sr. V P. Head of Global Delivery
    s***********[email protected]
    Sonia Kutty
    Associate Vice President Human Resources
    Sree Tammineni
    Chief Engineer
    s************[email protected]
    Steve Nelson
    Vice President - Strategic Client Partner, UTC Aerospace Systems
    s**********[email protected]
    Steven Gerber
    Senior Vice President - Strategic Accounts
    s***********[email protected]
    Suhas Jogalekar
    Asst. Vice President - Global Supply Chain
    s*************[email protected]
    Sujay Kamath
    Business Manager, Sales Operations
    s**********[email protected]
    Sumeet Arora
    Vice President - IT
    s**********[email protected]
    Suresh Pvr
    Head-Global Resource Management Group
    T.c. Ramesh
    Head, Technology Excellence Group
    Tanmoy Roy Choudhury
    Vice President & Global Client Partner
    t*****************[email protected]
    Tanya Fowler
    Delivery Operation Manager - GDO Manager UK
    t**********[email protected]
    Todd Ashley
    Vice President - Digital & Industrial Solutions
    Tom Brown
    SVP Human Resources
    Vasant Kudva
    Vice President (Talent Acquisition)
    v**********[email protected]
    Vijay Shrinivas
    Vice President - Business Excellence
    v*************[email protected]
    Vikram Mehta
    Associate Vice President, Finance & Treasurer
    v**********[email protected]
    Vinay Parimi
    Product Owner
    v**********[email protected]

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