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Education Database

The Education Sector

The primary purpose of the education sector is to provide education to children and young people. The education sector is a collection of institutions such as education ministries, educational authorities, institutes of teachers training, schools, universities, etc.

Education brings a positive change in human lives and behaviors. It is a gradual process of acquiring knowledge or imparting knowledge. Education can bring in a lasting change in an individual’s reasoning. It helps to create the ability to achieve the targeted goal.

Types of Education

Apart from Formal, the other two types of education are informal and non-formal. Formal education is subject-oriented and has a hierarchical structure. It involves wearing a uniform, is a full time, and leads to a degree or certification. Informal education is based on life examples and built on learner’s participation. It mobilizes local resources, and there are diverse methods and content to it. Non-formal education is a long process that involves learning from experience and also learning from home. It involves learning from the environment and work.

Database Marketing Using an Education Database

Businesses collect data and it grows exponentially. This data has helped businesses to increase their customer insights. Relevant data forms the backbone of any digital marketing campaign, and it has empowered marketers in their digital marketing efforts.

Database marketing might not be a new thing, but just having huge data is not enough. Data analysis should be implemented to derive maximum benefits accruing out from any digital marketing effort.

Database Marketing in simple words – is a type of marketing that helps businesses reach their target audience efficiently along with optimizing the ROI on their marketing investments.  For this purpose, it uses aggregated and mined consumer data that’s based on their demographic, psychographic, and behavioral patterns.

Purpose of Education Database

For the purpose of administration and tracking, it is mandatory for every school, college, and university to create a database of all their students. Today, most institutes implement their student database management systems. It allows for easy communication with students. It makes possible timely interaction between parents and teachers, or students and teachers. It allows alumni to remain in touch with each other. Database Management System is the simplest form of digital tracking platform that helps educational institutes to maintain and track student curriculum activities and other details.

For any business that wishes to target students, using student databases or educational databases can help. Using education databases, they can easily reach students via SMS Marketing or Email Marketing. Student databases can help businesses to reach the most interested students to promote and sell their product or service with appropriate and impressive messages. This very fact highlights the purpose of obtaining the education or student database.

Ways to Obtain Education Database?

Just like how a hospital will store details about its patients in their database, the education database contains details about students. There are businesses that want to get students database to grow their business – it could be a private tuition institute wanting to tap students; or a medical institute wanting to administer various vaccines; or even further, there could even be businesses wanting to lure school-goers for textbooks, notebooks, and other stationery. Below are seen the different ways to obtain the education database.

In-house Lead Generation

In a rapidly transforming digital world where students, irrespective of age, have access to computers, mobiles, and the internet; interacting with them online is always a great option. If you are an enterprise with an active lead generation process in place, you can use various digital marketing methods to capture school student details.

Creating eye-catching innovative groups on social media to engage students is a way. Engaging school students by offering them interesting free e-books and engage them after they sign up is another way. All this way helps you to build your email list. Apart, there’s the Google search option to get a list of students.

Direct Approach to Educational Institutes

Whether a private tuition entity that provides different subject courses, or one that conducts extra-curricular activities in singing, dancing, and personality-development; the best option for them is to approach the institute directly, and have a tie-up. Chances are that the institute administration could selectively share student details for you to reach them, or display a note on their notice board with your contact details – in either case it helps to build on your school student database.

Online Lead Generation Platforms

There are online platforms that provide businesses with quality student leads in India from their database. Such websites gather contact information from students who are looking for admission to schools. Online lead-generation websites ask a small price in exchange of their data to businesses.

Implement Chatbot

Adding chatbots can help to capture leads. There could be educational prospects or their parents who need clarifications about certain courses. If you can get them answered in real-time, your credibility can go that much up, and also you have generated a lead for yourself in the process!  That’s how integrating chatbots to your website help to increase the chance of a visitor becoming a lead. Also, note, students from India, China, or Singapore usually prefer a fast-responding website.

Buying from Data Providers

Obtaining a readily available education database from a reputed data provider is one of the best and fastest options – especially if you are in a hurry to reach out to students and increase your market share. It should be noted that usually more than 90 percent accuracy levels are obtained from the data coming from reputed data providers. Apart from that, buying ready databases is not only a quick mode but also proves to be economical – the approximate cost depends on the customization required, the information provided, and the size.

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