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Optimize Your Email Sales Funnel with Robust Data

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The goal of any digital marketer in their email marketing strategy is to grow their list to ultimately convert them into loyal customers. If you are a part of the B2B business and desirous of jump-starting to gain customers, email marketing is the best way to go about. Being the most effective tool for building relationships, a well-designed strategy can enable you to react to the behaviors of your customer at each step in the B2B email sales funnel.

Defining Email Sales Funnel

To begin with, let’s define an email sales funnel. Briefly put, the sales funnel can be thought of as each step of the email marketing process that you take to convert a prospect into a customer. An email sales funnel is referred by other names like auto-responder series, follow-up email sequence, or lead nurturing funnel. So many names, but the purpose is the same.

The way a subscriber in your email list goes from being a prospective lead to finally being your customer through all your email communications – educational and promotional, is termed as your email sales funnel. It can also be considered as an automated chain of email messages to help your leads move towards the desired goal. It should be noted that marketers need to constantly anticipate subscriber moods and needs, and accordingly to send emails at the opportune moment to induce action.

Taking Note of the B2B Sales Email that Sells

As an email marketer, you must be getting hundreds of emails daily, and chances of anyone opening all of those emails are quite bleak!! In fact, you may even send many of the emails you receive to the trash bin! The industry that you are in may finally be the deciding factor about the open rate.

As a salesperson, trying your best email marketing strategy to close as many deals as possible, you need to ensure that your emails do not go unnoticed or being deleted. What should you do then? Remember, poorly written emails can give a wrong impression of your business. So, it is recommended that you follow the tips shown below to boost your email open rates in reaching more prospects.

Compelling Subject-line

A compelling helps to convey the importance of the content in your mail. It hints at what your business can do for a prospect’s organization even before they open it.

Keeping Content Short and To-the-point: In this busy world where time is of prime importance, your prospects are no different either! It is advisable to avoid big paragraphs in your emails and limit them to a maximum of 125 words. In case you wish to communicate in detail, you may do so via case studies, or links to verified product reviews, or third-party mentions.

Personalizing Emails

Avoid sending stock emails to prospects. Customizing the benefits of your product or service to the buyers by pitching it as a solution and further personalizing that content can create a good impact.

Give Clarity about Next Step

You should take proper care to give a clear picture of your product or service when writing an email to your prospect. Let them know what they need to do next – this can be done by giving a link to a landing page via a CTA. Clarity from your end ensures that both you and your prospect are on the same wavelength.

Following-up regularly

One mustn’t give up on a prospect just because they have not answered your email. It may take multiple attempts on your part before you actually get in touch with them. Therefore, a regular follow-up is always a good idea. Making use of CRM software to generate reminders to follow-up with potential customers can be useful.

The Email Marketing Funnel Strategy

Being relevant is what your email marketing is all about – and that defines its success. Creating and sharing content that is relevant for each stage is what you need to do as part of your email marketing funnel strategy. It helps to give a more refined user experience to your prospects and enables you to deliver value thereby ensuring that they reach the end part of the buyer journey.

Stages in Email Sales Funnel

Optimizing Email Sales Funnel

An email funnel broadly consists of three stages – Awareness, Consideration, and Conversion. The stages are Loyalty, and Advocacy. Each stage has its own importance. Let us briefly explain each one of them.

The Awareness Stage

Your email campaigns should begin by creating awareness about your brand or service. It is only after the prospects know about your brand or your business principles; that they will be comfortable to move to the next stage. Being at the top of your email funnel, it is advisable to push them to take an action via a CTA.

You need to refrain from talking too much about your product. In short, spreading awareness about your brand and generating trust is your main goal in this stage. The Chances of your prospects moving on to the next stage of the funnel will get an increase on the basic of effectiveness of your “awareness” emails.

The Consideration Stage

Once you have successfully caught the attention of your target audience in the first stage, it’s the right time for you to send them content that induces them in doing business with you. The consideration stage involves your prospects of being more inquisitive! They will ask for more information about your product or service.

This is the time to get more specific by giving what they want to learn. To help them better understand your offer, you may share content via blog posts, case studies, FAQs, webinars, or informational videos. Use this opportunity to showcase the benefits of your products or services, explain how it can help solve their problems. Always keep in mind to tell them what they intend to hear, and not what you want to tell them!!

The Conversion Stage

The previous two stages have enabled you to well inform your prospects. Now, to convert those leads into sales, you need to follow up by showcasing the benefits of products or services using is persuasive content. In this stage, you should give all the reasons to your prospects to buy, and at the same time informing to entice that this is for a limited period. Creating a sense of urgency to buy is what this stage is all about! For example, it could be by offering a discount, or a bonus. You just need to make it easy for your prospects to reach their buying decision.

The Loyalty and Advocacy Stage

Once you have grabbed a sale by converting the lead into a customer, you get a sense of relief. But, once you have made a sale to a customer, you also want them to come back again. You need to nurture the new relationship. You may do so by helping them to get the most out of their purchase, or by sending them supportive content. This way you can ensure that the customer stays interested and invested in your business. That’s the loyalty stage for you.

After you have successfully converted a subscriber into a customer, it only means that your email campaign has worked. Further, if you are able to get your customers to spread the word about your product or service, it means your email campaign has been highly successful. By flooring your customer with your brand and the experience, turning them into strong advocates is what the advocacy stage is all about.

Why Email Sales Funnel Necessary for your B2B Business

Recollect the experiment that you did in your school days to convert muddy water into clean water using a filter paper, an email sales funnel is something similar to that. We have seen earlier how a sales funnel is a series of steps that your prospect traverses before actually being converted into your customer.

An email sales funnel is an absolute necessity for any B2B business. Imagine, if you have to promote your webinars without a funnel – you would have no idea which prospects to target and invite. Without follow-ups, chances of your leads getting lost in transit increases and nurturing may never happen. Missing out on this is equivalent to losing an opportunity to make a sale deal. That’s why it’s all the more important for you to make full use of email sales funnels.

Leveraging Email Sales Funnel with Database

A robust database with segmented email lists can help you leverage an email sales funnel. You have two options to own a database – either you build your own sales and marketing database, or your purchase one from the data providers. If finance is a constraint, and if you have already built a huge data on your own, it can help, but chances of it decaying over a period of time are high. By opting to purchase a B2B database from a reputed data provider could be an advantage as it will include direct contact numbers and verified email addresses that are specific to the buyers in your target market.

If you do not have a database of your own that includes valid and verified email lists, you are certainly missing out on the opportunity to leverage your email sales funnel. Best Data Provider that is into the latest trends in digital marketing. It can help you with its well-organized, updated, and verified email lists.

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