Effective Ways to Find Email Ids

It is very easy to find someone you do not know over social media and then connect with them. But is that really the most effective approach when it comes to your digital marketing campaigns? Certainly not.  Instead, sending a personalized email can be a better and effective way to connect – especially when it matters to sending cold emails. But, how do you get those email ids of key decision-makers whom you don’t know from the business world?

What is an Email List?

Most of us have at some point or the other subscribed to email newsletters on a website. It allows us to receive periodic emails or other free information. This puts you on the email list of the business that has enrolled you! But have you ever wondered what an email list is and how exactly it is beneficial to any business?

A collection of emails that a business receives via their blog or website or other digital marketing campaigns is called an email list. Such lists are used by individuals or businesses in their digital marketing campaigns to grow their sales and increase their visibility. Now that you are aware of what an email list is and the benefit of having one, you must be itching your hand to have one for yourself too!

Why do Marketers Need Email Lists?

The main goal of any business is to grow its sales, revenue, reach, and visibility. And this is achieved by increasing traffic to its business website and running effective digital marketing campaigns. These activities are carried out by the digital marketing team. But the biggest obstacle that they find is the non-availability of segmented, valid, and verified email lists for their email marketing campaigns. It’s been a cumbersome exercise in finding business emails until recently. Not anymore now!

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Fortunately, today the digital marketing teams can breathe easy – thanks to the availability of various online tools and the number of data providers around. Email marketing which is one of the ways of digital marketing is the best way to connect with customers. It is six times more effective to generate more click-through rates, and 40 times more effective to acquire new customers. For successful email marketing campaigns, it is essential to have robust email lists – and therein lies the importance of email ids.

Finding Email Ids of Key Business Personnel

If you wish to find someone’s email address by their name, and if that person is a key person related to a business, the simplest way could be to visit their company website to get the details. This resource cannot be bypassed because most companies display contact details of their key staff members.

Another way to find an email id is to do a Google search based on the person’s name and company. For example, if you wish to know the email id of Captain Sharma who you know is the Global Security Head in Wipro, you are likely to give the search words as, “Capt Sharma, Global Security Head, Wipro”. You will get your result as seen in the below image.

email ids

Apart from the above tedious ways, you also have the option of using different tools to find email addresses. Today, several online tools have surfaced making your job easier to find the email address that you are looking for. Most of these tools require you to just key in the person’s name or the domain name. And lo and behold you get the person’s email id that you are looking for! Some of the popular tools include Hunter, Voila Nobert, FindThatLead, Clearbit Connect, Skrapp, Name2Email, etc. The free version of these tools allows you to search 50 to 150 email addresses per month while their paid version allows up to 500 searches.

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Generating Email Lists Without External Help

As per HubSpot – the popular inbound marketing and sales platform, an email can generate $38 for every $1 that you spend on it. Isn’t that a crazily high ROI! It’s no wonder that most big companies have their teams in place that help in generating email lists internally without hiring an external consultancy or taking any external help. There are various ways through which digital marketers generate their own email lists.

Social media is one of the best ways to engage prospects and generate new leads. It’s an effective way to build an email list without pinching your pocket. Giving discounts or freebies in exchange for email ids may seem to be like ethical bribery but, none the less it’s really effective.

Landing pages is another proven way to create your email list. Landing pages are pages created for the sole purpose of accomplishing a single action — it could be for purchase, share, or a sign-up. In either of the cases, it captures the email ids!

Apart from the above-discussed ways to generate email lists, other offline opportunities can be just as effective. You can provide a sign-up sheet in various outlets that enables you to collect emails from visitors. Further, you can collect business cards that provide a great opportunity for collecting email and other details. And, hosting frequent events is a great way to keep piling your email database.

Email Lists from Data Providers – Making Life Easy for Marketers

In a fast-paced business environment where competition is cut-throat and time is of prime importance, obtaining email lists from a data provider makes sense. A reputed data provider can indeed enable you to connect with the target audience. Further, they can also assist you at each step of your digital marketing campaigns. It not only becomes effective in your brand promotion but also in a time-bound process. Email lists that are verified and conforming to guidelines can enable you to get a direct reach reducing the chances of your bounce rates.

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Opting for email lists supplied by data providers enables you to not only get the desired prospects on time but, many data providers also let you choose a replacement option if the list is not to your liking. Further, some reputed data providers who also incorporate a refund policy if you are not satisfied with the data provided.

There are a lot of benefits associated with email lists obtained from data providers. It can definitely pacify your sales cycle and help you to maximize your reach. The high-quality contact lists can certainly enable you to magnify your brand. It is now entirely up to the organizations to leverage the benefits of email lists and grow their business.

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