How to generate leads for real estate business in India?

Generate leads for real estate business

If you are running a real estate business, then generating excellent quality leads will be of critical importance for your business. But how to generate leads on that actual convert? This is the question that many real estate’s businesses face. The good thing is that there are several avenues that businesses can use to generate high quality leads and turn prospects into actual property buyers.

Our aim here will be to look into some offline and online avenues that real estate businesses can explore to develop a good source of quality leads.

 Tips to Generate High Quality Real Estate Leads



Advertise of Facebook

Facebook ads is a platform that can generate high quality leads. It is possible to customize audience by location and other specific attributes to reach the right audience base. You can also do re-marketing for those who saw your ad or reached your website, but did not take any action.

Moreover, you can utilize messenger ads on Facebook to start a live conversation with prospects, which generally results in high quality leads,

and you get a clear idea about what the prospect is looking for.

This helps in eliminating multiple steps in the conversion pipeline.

Develop Your Online Network

Tap into your online network of hundreds of people on LinkedIn and other social platforms.

Your aim should be to make regular posts and generate interaction with people.

People will be more inclined to contact you when they consider you an authority and industry expert.

 Build Your Website

Develop a professional-looking website that showcases all the properties and talks about who you are. The aim should be to make it content rich so that prospective buyers find information that they are looking for and feel more interested in inquiring about the property.

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In addition, the site should be user friendly, take very less time to load,

and be responsive so that users can easily browse the website on their mobile phones.

 Focus on SEO

People use search engines like Google to find more information while searching for properties. If your website ranks at the top for those searches,

then chances of getting high quality leads who are actually interested in purchasing a property increase manifold. Thus, you need to invest time and effort on search engine optimization to rank higher than your competitors.

Building and improving Google My Business listing should also be part of your seo strategy.

The benefit of creating a proper My Business listing is that it appears in Google Maps as well as in search result pages, augmenting the chances of people reaching your website.

 Purchase Leads Database

You can buy leads database for a specific location or demographic from a genuine database provider for real estate and reach prospective buyers efficiently.

You can do email marketing on the database you have purchased to send informative newsletters that drive traffic onto your site, which may well result in generation of leads.

However, before you buy real estate database, check the return policy company has so you are aware of your rights in case you are not happy with the quality of the leads.

Before making a purchase check freshness of the database and the company verifies whether the contact details in the database.

You should also inquire about a sample home buyer database that you can try out before making an actual purchase. This way you will judge the quality of the data provided by the company.

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 Do Content Marketing

By sharing useful content with prospects through social media platforms such as Facebook groups and on your website, you will demonstrate your professional expertise.

You could share information about affordable properties, new real estate developments taking place in any specific location, insights into present local market conditions, etc.

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Tap into Referrals

Referrals can be an excellent medium of generating high quality leads that convert.

All you will have to do is decide about referral commission that you want to pay

and just sit back and relax while the leads flow in.

Utilize Online Reviews

There are several review websites which prospective buyers visit to know more about quality of service a real estate firm provides.

If there are a good number of positive reviews for your firm on such sites,

then buyers will be more interested in contacting you about their requirement.

Use Google Ads

Advertising on Google is an excellent means of generating leads. Google ads allow you to present your business in top position on Google searches and in addition,

you can also advertise on the vast network of display sites in Google GDN.

Implement Chat Functionality

Your marketing efforts will drive traffic towards your website. The chat functionality is a great way of starting communication with visitors coming on your site.

People want instant information and nothing can be better than having someone chat with your prospective customers and provide them valuable details about the properties.

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Pay Attention to Offline Advertising

Offline advertising in the form of billboard advertising, advertisement in residential welfare associations (RWA), and similar other options can be an effective means of generating leads for your real estate business.

Participate in Events

Apart from industry specific event, take part in local events happening in your locality to make people more aware of your business. Interact with people without a sales pitch and if the opportunity comes, share information about your business.

Apart from participating in local events, you can also exhibit at events and conferences that will open up new networking opportunities for your business.


To conclude it can be said to Generate leads for real estate business will no longer appear to be a difficult task when you utilize above mentioned avenues of lead generation.

Good planning and strategic implementation can help you develop a regular stream of quality leads for your business,

which can be converted into actual property sales.

To start with, you will have to utilize all the avenues and check the return on investment (ROI) each of them provide to zero-in on select few that offer the highest ROI as well as provide good leads.


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