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Who wouldn’t want to travel and explore new places? Certainly, most of us love to do that – further we would also want to travel without any time constraints or budgetary limits. Unfortunately, the majority of us do not have that luxury. And that’s the reason why most of us go to the Tours and Travel companies to assist us in making our plans affordable and comfortable! However, the economy the world over has taken a big hit and is now compounded by the ongoing pandemic. Today, the scenario is the other way round – instead of people queuing up to the agencies, it is travel companies who are luring prospects to improve their business. Let’s discuss how a travelers database or email list of frequent flyers can help travel agencies grow and sustain their business.

Traveling- It leaves you speechless, then turn you into storyteller- Ibn Battuta

About Travel Agents and their Role

In broader terms, a tour and travel company or agency is one that assists its clients with anything related to travel. And, two of the most important services involved in planning a holiday or travel are transportation and accommodation – these services form the core business of any travel company. Travel agencies can assist you in buying your journey tickets – road, rail, sea, or air. They can help you to rent vehicles or book tours. These businesses not only help to plan holidays but, combines it well with a package that includes food, accommodation, and transportation. A good travel company can definitely give you an experience that meets your expectation – affordably.

Explaining it further, a travel agency is a private or public service that provides tours and travel-related services to the public in general. They have tie-ups with various accommodation or travel suppliers all over which enables them to offer to their clients at attractive prices. Other services offered by travel agencies include recreation activities, cruise lines, travel insurance, package tours, public transport timetables, etc. In the case where airlines do not have sales outlets in specific regions, travel agencies also serve as general sales agents. Simply put, a travel agency is one that acts as an agent that sells travel products and services on behalf of a supplier.

How do Travel Businesses Generally Find New Clients?

How do Travel Businesses Generally Find New Clients?

If you are a good travel business, there is all likelihood of retaining your old and existing clients – they’ll keep coming again for more. But, enrolling new clients into your sales pipeline is what matters for your future growth and sustenance – finding clients for travel business is a big challenge that any business faces! Let’s find out some of the inexpensive ways in which a travel business can attract new prospects.

Offering Incentives: Incentivize existing clients with gifts or offers for referring to new prospects. That’s the power of referrals you can capitalize on. It’s one of the most effective and cheapest ways to get more leads into your sales funnel and later convert them into your customers.

Press Releases: Publishing press releases that announce new tours, or awards, and promotions are a great way to gain visibility and attract new prospects. Further, you may even sponsor articles in newspapers, magazines, and online publications. A travel column in a leading news publication can indeed propel you to dizzy heights.

Collaboration: Tying up with charities and the corporate world by arranging special events and tours can be a good idea to get business in bulk. Further, participating in trade shows and special events will also help you to gain more visibility, and get the desired leads.

Advertisements, Hoardings, Networking: The most commonly used means to gain visibility that most travel agents use is by advertising on social media, websites, newspapers, or magazines. They also put up banners and hoardings in commercial areas most frequented by consumers and travelers. Networking online is also a popular method that many are leveraging – you can use the various online groups in social media, emails, WhatsApp, etc. to showcase your deals and offerings, and spread your word. It’s an effective way to reach out to new prospects.

Frequent Flyer Database

Frequent Flyer Database

One of the most complicated tasks is without a doubt that of extracting value from any database. And, segmentation is the foundation of any successful campaign – from cold calling, email marketing, revenue management, customer interaction, and then the ability to measure analytics. An airline company is also a travel agent as it facilitates travel from one place to the other. The airline company is known to maintain a database of flyers who are loyal to their company. Apart from that, these airline companies also keep a track of travelers who use another airline over theirs by obtaining databases from various sources. Accordingly, airline companies devise Frequent Flyer programs that are specifically meant for frequent air travelers. Travelers are offered points for their travel which they can redeem for their travel in the future.

The Frequent Flyers program is driven by revenue-based accrual. The more you spend and fly, it reflects your higher status. Such travelers are prioritized as super high spenders. A travel-related business or agency that intends to target prospects for the tour packages, holiday packages, or business trips; having a frequent flyers’ database is a great option to generate leads.

Frequent Travelers Database or Travel Agent Database? Data Providers Can Help

You may be a travel company looking out for the frequent flyer database to enable your digital marketing team in their lead generation process. Or, you may be a business – say a computer software or hardware business that intends to tap all the travel agents to sell your travel-related software system or computer networking solutions. There are even individuals who explore online to get a list of travel agents to shortlist one for their travel or holiday plans.

If you are a travel company, your digital marketing team is most likely to generate the contact data of frequent flyers using inbound lead generation methods or by using existing client details. However, for smaller travel agents, having a specialized digital marketing team is unaffordable. Now, if you are a business that is looking to target travel agents for their business growth, you may get the travel agent datasets online. But this data is unlikely to solve your purpose since what you will use is most likely to be outdated or have decayed resulting in increased bounce rates.

Whatever may be your database requirement, and if time is your constraint, and you cannot afford a separate lead generation team; your best bet lies in obtaining datasets or email lists from reputed data providers. Data obtained from genuine data providers is usually verified, and updated at regular intervals that prevent it from decaying. It helps you to reduce your bounce rates – whether cold emailing or cold calling or SMS campaigns.

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