How our Company Database can help you in your Business Growth

How our Company Database can help you in your Business Growth
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How our Company Database can help you in your Business Growth

In this competitive Environment, surviving the business, itself is the biggest challenge,

As years passed, from Generation to Generations, we have come a long way, with technology growth, so as the economy.

As India is now becoming one of the major Economy in the world,

currently, we are growing in this major industrial sector so as the competition.

You can take any industry, there’s stiff competition, and every entrepreneur is taking major risks to run business and its growth.

If you are a business owner, you are a major objective is to earn revenue and business growth, but to do that, you need any buyer of products/services you are offering.

And reaching those target customers is one major challenge.

Yes, I have previously discussed a different type of lead generation method or strategies for Business Growth, i.e.  Inbound Lead Generation and Outbound Lead Generation,

Inbound Lead generation method, use a digital channel, where outbound lead generation uses an offline method.

When your business is in initial phase and you’re planning some strategy for growth, you can use both methods.

How the Company Database help in Business Growth

Business Growth

When going for Outbound Lead Generation strategy, which is getting Readymade Database from Vendors,

A good database can promote future growth. A Database comes with all those Filtered options, to have accuracy and viability to Data, like in Data Webster,

we follow some Data Validation method which makes our Database Valid. Running a company without managing info as a marketable asset no longer makes sense.

To make Database works perfectly for your business growth to meet all those needs yourself need to have an eye on the following

Data managementwhich includes processes like sourcing of data, filtration, Analyzing, Reconciliation and Leveraging of data?

Data Cleansing: This includes steps like NCOA (National Change of Address?)

Clustering and Appending of Data: This includes direct dial appending and email appending?

Clustering of Data

The task of dividing population or data points into multiple groups so that information points in same groups are closer to other data points within the same group than the other groups.

Put simply, each goal is to separate groups with similar characteristics and assign them to groups.

Data Appending

In simple terms, it is like Add to Data, In Business Growth Perspective it just everything about your customers.

From what they have bought to the time they buy it, every piece of information is crucial to effectively market your brand growth.

Data Refining

Data refining can eliminate inaccurate info with some assistance from advanced filtration.

Verification will be done on email ids and mobile numbers to overcome bounce and invalid numbers rate to take care of sleek flow to reach target customers.

Data Recoiling

Data Recoiling is a process of change within the database, incase any error inside data type,

In recoiling Process, a quality check is performed by an expert using HLR Lookup and Email Data appending

Data Recoiling, We make sure database provided is pure, actionable and result, As in the case of drop-in Quality of database,

Our data Expert will recoil these Data, to make sure quality is maintained provide you fresh info within a stipulated time frame.

This is in terms of Database and to have success in Business Growth it is oblivious you need to have KPI’s

KPI’s for Business Growth

Pipeline volume vs. Objective:

Proactively determine if you are on the right path to reach your sales quota. By identifying goals of each step, you can easily identify gaps within the pipeline and make some necessary adjustments to continue to meet your overall revenue goals.

Representative Activity

Helping salespeople and sales managers to proactively monitor progress in achieving common goals and strategies for business growth, such as bid maintenance or total revenue

In addition, sales managers can see if any sales representative is focused on some right job. For example, if representative has a high level of activity but is constantly losing focus, this indicates to a specific manager that representative needs training to prioritize the right tasks.

The average length of the sales cycle

The average duration of sale contributes to the predictability of your sales forecasts. If you use these sales statistics and have a number of potential customers, you know how much your sales growth will be in a few days, weeks or months. In addition, if you set a KPI to shorten the average sales cycle, you can accelerate revenue growth, a tactic often used by high growth companies.

Conversion Rate of Qualified Potential Customers (QPC) for Winning

 This helps to understand the effectiveness of the negotiators and to determine if there are problems with the quality of generated opportunities.

Qualified Marketing Leads (QML) Qualified Sales Lead (QSL) for improving Conversion Rate

It helps you understand some effectiveness of your sales force development staff in transforming qualified marketing prospects into qualified leadership leads. You can also see if quality-related topics are being passed on to your marketing sales team.

An average number of follow-up attempts:

According to a study by TeleNet and Ovation Sales Group, in 2007, 4 cold call attempts were required to reach every potential customer. Today it takes 8 attempts. However, according to one study by Sirius Decisions, the average sales representative only makes two attempts to reach a potential customer. In light of this, it is imperative that sales managers monitor an average number of follow-up attempts made to reach a manager.

Potential Customer Response Time:

The company that initially responds to a potential customer significantly increases its chances of winning a transaction.

The sales representative was able to call potential customers from the supplier database.

According to Inside Sales, the right time to make calls to generate sales for business growth,

50% of shoppers choose sellers who respond quickly when the response time is fast.

According to Dr. James Oldroyd allows prospective clients to complete or enter sales process 21 times more frequently if they are contacted within 5 minutes instead of 30 minutes after lead entered in the CRM.


You can use database services for your business growth. Whether it’s new or established business,

you can use the database to achieve the business goal of increasing revenue and improving the overall business growth.

There are different types of databases provided by a database service provider, such as medical care, real estate, automobile, and finance, depending on the industry.


For Any Sample Database kindly visit Data Webster


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