Indian Pharmaceutical companies database

pharmaceutical companies database
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Indian pharmaceutical companies have a good presence in the global generic medicines market and one of the top drug and development manufacturers. The pharmaceutical industry in India produced over 50% of medicinal demands in the world, including 40% in the U.S. and 40% in the UK.

In India, the pharmaceutical industry has certainly been led the way and has been developing immensely over the years. Indian pharmaceutical companies supply more than 80% of global drug production requirements in AIDS, with a high number of scientists and engineers.

In a previous article, we have to look up on to top ten Indian pharmaceuticals companies, which a world is facing today.

To overcome this outbreak every pharmaceutical company across the globe is working tirelessly to stop corona.

Stop Corona

Cipla and CSIR-IICT in India Pharmaceuticals join forces to develop medicines against coronaviruses.

According to the Hindu report, Directors S. Chandrashekhar of the IICT Group and lead scientist Prathama S. Mainkar informed that Cipla President Y.K. Hamied demanded that Favipiravir, Remidesivir, and Bolaxavir be prepared as soon as possible. so, a biotech firm could begin the next phase of the trials, approval by the regulatory authorities and subsequent mass production for anti-viral drugs.

Indian Pharmaceutical companies and their database

pharma database

Indian pharmaceutical companies database, here you can get information such as the registered company name, business address, business emails, direct dials and social media handles of the company if available.  The verified email lists thoroughly verified under the email verifier and direct dials with HLR Lookup. Many of the business will get benefitted with Pharmaceuticals companies’ database

What are the details you will get into the pharmaceuticals companies database?

In a pharmaceuticals company database, you will get mostly in CSV or XLS format which includes different custom fields, mainly database comes into two major format company information and decision-makers details.

Our research thoroughly analyzes different public forums, ministry of corporate affairs, and third party vendor side and comes up with accurate information.

Company Information section

In the company information section, you will be able to get Information like Business registered name and address, Corporate Identity Number, Brands name and Logo, Director’s name, Generic emails, and Mobile number and social media handles if available.

Decision-makers section

As the name itself suggest, the decision-makers section, to reach the right person, you definitely need right contact person details, let say, you are into consumer electronic business, and you deal in Laptop computers, so you want to sell your products to the company, but the challenge you are new into business and doesn’t have any customer base, so to sell your product to the company you need to gatecrash and get in like you need to connect with the person who is responsible for IT department and have an authority to make a decision.

In decision-makers, you will get the details of those people, who hold some authority in the company.

so in this section, you will get their names, designation, Business emails and Direct dials.

How pharmaceuticals companies’ databases are useful and beneficial?

A Database of pharmaceuticals companies will beneficial for B2B and as well as the pharmaceuticals companies itself.

Businesses will be able to find the Pharmaceuticals companies’ details for their business requirement,

pharmaceutical companies will be able to find the database and utilize for their own promotion or organizing events as well as spying on the competitors.

How often pharmaceutical companies’ database gets updated?

This is the common question every b2b business gets when they think of purchasing a database from the database vendor.

It can be any sort of database like pharmaceuticals companies database, Construction companies database

or hospitality or IT/ Software Industry Database. Maintaining data quality is the major motto of the best data provider.

The process of gathering database started way back in 2008, and we gained experience in this field. Every seven days we get the new data from our reliable source, along with our artificial intelligence tools.

and our research teamwork on the database analyze with different NAP-(Name, Address, Phone number),

verify emails with email verifier and mobile numbers with HLR lookup and validate the data with data validation tool,

data cleansing process where we check the duplicate, so unnecessary fields can be eliminated

and data enrichment and then update it in our database pool.

The Update of the database takes place every 90 days, so there will be lesser chances of having data decay.

So why choose us?

There are many database vendors in the city, which sells the Pharmaceuticals companies database,

which major sells a major outdated database.

We know you are smart enough to understand, that,  it is necessary to have the up to date database.

As per the survey every year 60% of data go outdated and have more data decay.

it is because the People frequently change their phone number and address globally.


There is no force you should purchase our database, but when it comes to buying a database you can always give a try, what you do is just specify your need in details here, about the kind of database you need.  You can fill up the details here with your requirement; we make sure that we can provide you the sample data, where you test it out by yourself.

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