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Targeting IT Professionals – Digitally

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India has a large workforce of IT professionals that have given it an edge on the international stage. Known for their youthfulness and extravagant ways of life, the Indian IT professionals have a bright future. As the IT industry continues to be the key driver of the Indian economy, it makes sense for businesses – B2B as well as B2C to seize the opportunity and target this lucrative industry and the IT professionals working within the industry.

How Businesses Target Customers

It’s impossible for any business to try all possible ways of marketing to reach and target their prospects. The most common way that any company implements to gain visibility in the market is by advertising in newspapers or via the electronic channels which usually include radio and television advertisements. But, this type of advertising is a generic way, and though it allows businesses to reach a broad audience, it is not the best way to target any specific group.

Another way that businesses adopt is by having an online presence to sell their products or services via their website. But, most often, their prospects aren’t aware of it, and it becomes difficult for businesses – especially SMBs and start-ups to increase their sales. Since attracting prospects is a major hurdle, you have to put in that extra effort to promote your website with the help of social media, or email campaigns, or content marketing.

Further, businesses can open shops in the most commercial areas of a city. But this is again a costly option for the SMBs and start-ups. Retail merchandise units and kiosks though are a cheaper way under this type of marketing. This is an effective way, especially where there is a high volume of traffic that views your products or get access to know about your services. However, the main limitation of this way is that it cannot reach the nook and corner of the country – to put it in short, the reach and visibility are not wide enough!

What is Target Marketing?

Target Marketing

When a business plans to sell its products or services to a particular set of prospects in a niche industry it’s referred to as targeted marketing. Simply put, a target market is a specific group of prospects that a business intends to reach via its marketing campaigns.

Target marketing involves breaking down a market into different segments. And, for each segment businesses plan their marketing strategies accordingly. The audience in target marketing has common characteristics like demographics or their behavioral patterns. The main goal of target marketing is to generate effective leads. After all, there’s no business – big or small that can thrive or survive without generating leads. The right approach to B2B or B2C lead generation can indeed put any business on the right track to growth.

When a business plans its marketing strategies, they need to decide in advance about which types of market targeting they are going to employ. The market targeting strategy should evaluate the attractiveness of the various segments – demographic, or geographic, or psychographic, or behavioral; and accordingly choose to enter the right one. Further, you may implement either mass marketing, differentiated marketing, niche marketing, or micro marketing. Mass marketing treats the entire market as one and ignores the market segment differences. The differentiated marketing also referred to as segmented marketing isolate a number of target segments having potential value. Niche marketing focuses on a few specific prospect groups. Going a step further of the niche marketing strategy is micro marketing – it targets a specific entity or individual within the niche.

Why Target IT Professionals?

The most obvious reason why businesses target IT professionals are due to being verified prospects, from a higher income group, and there’s also the scope for word-of-mouth marketing. If you are a B2B enterprise that wants to target the IT industry you need to adjust your lead generation methodology and strategy as per the geographic location and business domain. The common types of market segmentation include demographic, geographic, psychographic, socioeconomic, and behavioral.

You may be visualizing IT professionals as being some computer nerds who interact mainly with their personal computers and not human beings. You need to give away with that notion. IT Professionals are usually middle-aged employees along with incoming new talent. It should be borne in mind that for marketers, IT professionals are indeed a dynamic group and a lucrative market that cannot be ignored. The first place that an IT professional will go to find any information is by taking the online route! That makes online and electronic media as great tools to reach IT professionals, as they are often squeezed for the time but at the same time extremely comfortable with technology. The internet has become part of their lives. IT professionals being internet savvy, marketers have today rightly shifted from their traditional strategies to more digital ways in targeting.

Businesses that plan to target a niche audience, often find it an uphill task to reach the segment of IT professionals. An excellent database consisting of verified and accurate IT professional email lists and phone lists can help you reach this segment quickly and effectively.

Have you Identified your Target Market Yet?

If a business has identified its target market, it is easier for it to develop effective marketing and communication strategies for further growth. Are you an SMB or start-up enterprise that wants to get a quick start into your sales?  Are you planning to target IT professionals, to sell your products and services? Then, you need to contact data providers to get genuine databases and email lists that can help you target IT Professionals.

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