Know How to Tap F&B Industry for B2B Business

Know How to Tap F&B Industry for B2B Business
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Know How to Tap F&B Industry for B2B Business

India is a vast country with the large availability of raw materials required for the food processing industry –it is one of the top global producers of milk, wheat, rice, tea, and so many fruits and vegetables. And so, it’s no wonder that the Indian F&B Industry is one of the fastest-growing ones.

If you are into the B2B segment and desirous of making inroads into the Indian F&B to expand your business, you have just landed yourself in the right place.

Overview of the Indian Food and Beverages Industry

Food and Beverages Industry

As compared to the global agricultural yields, the Indian yields are on the lower side. However, the government of India taking steps in the right direction by adopting modern techniques and farm mechanization.

In short, it is also referred to as the F&B Industry! The products in this industry include freshly prepared foods as well as packaged foods. Apart from that, it also includes alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. A beverage is any potable liquid other than water, an example being tea, coffee, beer, flavored milk, etc.

Identified as one of the major sectors under the “Make in India” initiative, the Indian F&B Industry today is worth USD 400 billion. Before confined to food preservation, and packaging; today the Indian F&B Industry is expanding further by setting up various food parks, cold storage facilities, modernized abattoirs, and packaging centers.

Prominent Companies in the Indian F&B Industry

As per the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) and Grant Thornton, India is estimated to be among the top five consumer markets for the F&B Industry by the year 2025. Some of the big and prominent Indian companies that come under the F&B Industry that immediately come to mind are MTR Foods, Godrej, Amul, Nestle, Dabur, PepsiCo, Britannia, ITC, Parle, Hindustan Lever, Cadbury India, etc.

In case you wish to know the contact details like name of a person with a particular designation, and their email id or mobile number, say in a company MTR Foods that comes under the F&B Industry, then you usually will give a Google search as shown below:

Google search

Google lists out the result given by various data providers, one from Best Data Provider is as seen below:

Google Search Results

However, if you wish to know all the manufacturing head contact details in all the F&B companies across India to target or get in touch with them as part of your B2B marketing strategy, it will be a herculean task. For this, you need comprehensive and up-to-date real data, and this is can only be available with data providers. We will discuss this in the following sections, and learn how the F&B Industry database can help you to increase your reach in the industry.

Indian F&B Industry – Potential Area for B2B Businesses

The Indian F&B Industry has the potential to unravel a lot of opportunities in the B2B segment as it continues to lure new investors. Opportunities exist for private equity as well as venture capital firms in this sector.

Top 10 countries in F&B Industry

Restaurants, cafeterias, pubs, food manufacturers, catering businesses, and food transporters are all part of the Indian Food and Beverages Industry. The related works that one can find in the industry include preparing and packaging, transporting, and serving food or beverages.

The huge potential that the Indian F&B Industry holds can be gauged just from the fact that the food industry itself will need an increased number of central kitchens due to the growth of large institutions, airlines, hospitals, etc.

Any B2B business that wishes to grow its presence or increase its sales will want to tap the business potential that the Indian F&B Industry has to offer.

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Tapping the Indian F&B Industry

As a B2B marketer are you looking to reach the manufacturers in the Indian F&B to sell your products and services?

Further, do you intend to tap the wholesalers, distributors, corporate executives, or other decision-makers associated with the F&B Industry to grow your business? If yes, then do you have a complete Indian F&B Industry Email List? For example, do you have the food technologist email list, or food technologist database, or food technologist phone number? Certainly, you need all of them.

They are mandatory requirements as part of your digital marketing campaigns to generate leads.

In short, you need the Indian Food and Beverages Industry Database to make inroads into the Indian F&B Industry. Using the data therein you can effectively connect with the real decision-makers in the Food and Beverages Industry.

Get a Feel of the F&B Industry Email List

Have you ever wondered what a Food and Beverages Industry email database looks like or contains? It’s a huge set of records that are related to all companies and individuals in the industry. It consists of all the active and verified emails and other related information. A typical F&B Industry email list contains all types of companies and contacts within them, which come under the F&B sector.

It includes email lists about food exporters and Importers, confectionery industry, food machinery and suppliers, food processors, food Insurers, food labelers.

The packagers, nightclubs, agriculturist and farmers, restaurants, retailers and distributors, poultry and seafood stores, food warehouses, meat-packing plants, etc.

The best part of obtaining the F&B Industry email list from data providers is that you can get a complete list as per your specific marketing requirements! Having an F&B Industry email list can go a long way in boosting your marketing campaigns and further increasing your ROI.

Grow Your Presence in the F&B Industry – Get in Touch with us Right Now

Best Data Provider comprises of a well-knit team of more than 100+ professionals that processes business information using different algorithms.

Best Data Provider offers a responsive Indian Food and Beverages Industry Database consisting of a mailing list that includes,

all the details related to the industry products, computer hardware-software, seminars or webinars, office supplies, financial services, and other services.

Being up-to-date with the industry trends, Best Data Provider can help to analyze your marketing strategies and accordingly recommend the most suitable F&B database for your marketing campaigns.

Get ready to increase your ROI. Keep one step ahead of your competitors. Get in touch with us now.

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