NBFC Companies customer database

 NBFC Companies customer database

2020 is a year of introspection for all of us. It’s widespread knowledge that most of us entered this year with a resolution, “this will be my year” with the aim to travel more, start a new career, learn an instrument that you have been putting off for some time, or maybe take back the control of our lives.

All of that was brought to a standstill with the outbreak of Covid-19 pandemic.

The year revealed that whatever plans we had in order to grow and be a better version of ourselves is rendered untrue.

With all of us hunkered down in our apartments collectively and indefinitely, the world out there is still functioning with its structural limitations.

Businesses getting either getting shuts or reduced the Operations, which had severe impact conversion led to increasing the lay-off. Almost every industry had its decline whether it is travel, manufacturing, finance industry etc.


Before Covid-19 times, whatever most of us set our minds to, we were able to achieve or at least went in the pursuit of no matter the results. The magic that we took for ‘granted’ seems like a fairytale now, but there’s more.

In the financial sector, banking and non-banking institutions were the worst hit as the pandemic caused many companies to shut.

Eventually leading to loss of jobs and pay-cuts for employees. However, all is not lost.

As we enter into more aggressive times of the lockdown because of rising covid cases, NBFC companies in Bangalore that were supposedly jammed in the air-tight container of losses, are now slowly venturing into the market with controlled presuppositions.

One might think if there is still scope for NBFC p2p companies to provide loans when people are losing jobs by the minute. The skepticism is indeed a valid point.

Companies finding it hard to get business conversion, so database provider companies come to the rescue and have the flow of leads for the businesses by reducing lead generation process. If you are in a Financial sector, we as best data provider got you covered offering NBFC Companies customer database.

NBFC Companies customer database

The Best Data Provider Offers lists of NBFC Companies customer database, which includes data with different set of fields like Name, Designation, Working Company, Email and Phone social media profile (Linkedin Profile). If you are looking for such details please connect with the best data provider team.


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We list down top 15 NBFCs that might be a thing of the future.

1. Stashfin


Stashfin is a tech-based financial startup that provides loans using user data from across the apps on their phones, building creditworthiness based on their spending pattern and salary bracket along with the willingness to pay.

It ensures a smooth and secure flow of process to determine the customer’s credit limit. The approval is quick and completely digital, so is the disbursal. The funds are guaranteed to reach the customers account within 48 hours, ensuring a fast and haste-free process.

2. EarlySalary


One of the favorite apps among the corporate employees as it does not have a cap on the number of months you have to complete in an organisation.

Easy approvals for first time employees with one of the most competitive interest rates in the market is what makes EarlySalary the most dependable service in the non-banking finance sector.

Employees who have just started working and are in need of funds due to cash crunch can apply for a quick loan on the EarlySalary app for a quick disbursal. All you need is to complete your KYC, upload employment details along with two references to get instant access to cash.

3. Robocash


Robocash is completely backed by Artificial intelligence to provide you with instant cash. They issue you a credit limit upon successful completion of documents following which the amount is credited to your account in less than five minutes.

It is a short-term loan service that charges interest on a daily basis depending on your credibility and past payments. In case of any delayed payment in the past or a low credit score, the interest rates might go up.

4. Money in Minutes

Money in Minutes

 As the name suggests, they offer short-term loans to employees and businessmen at a competitive interest but your payment history may contribute in deciding the allotted limit.

The loan amount ranges from 5000 to upto 11 lakhs. They practise a totally paperless approach for loan disbursals so that the paucity of funds does not long for users.

Just like EarlySalary and Robocash, they have a loyalty programme. If you abide by their repayment policy and make timely payments, you will be rewarded with a more generous credit limit for your future loans and lesser interest rates.

5. Kreditbee


 The app is introduced to fulfill all your needs right from a payday loan to buying a product using Amazon or Flipkart on emi or simply booking flight tickets to your next backpacking event/weekend getaway.

Kreditbee personal loans range from 1000 to 2 lakh rupees with flexible loan tenure from 2 months to 15 months at a competitive interest rate.

The application gives you step-by-step instructions on how to get your loan amount approved within minutes.

Upon completing the documentation process, you are provided with a credit limit based on the monthly income which should be more than 15000 rs to qualify for instant approval.

6. Flexisalary



Yet another data and app-driven service that helps salaried individuals to meet their monthly financial requirements.

The service insists on signing up once through the Flexsalary app. No need to go through the application process more than once. Download the app, complete the registration, and get your credit line within minutes. It is a completely data-driven loan process without having to furnish collateral.

Upon completion, the loan amount will be transferred to the user’s account within 24 hours. Customers can choose their loan tenure according to their paying ability.

7. Nira


Nira finance provides loans and financial support to employees with a minimum 12k salary. Having changed their minimum amount from 15,000 to 12,000 the Indian financial giant continues to support its customer-base at the times of Covid crisis.

The registration process is simple and a one-time action. The interest rates range between 1.5% and 2.5% per month. The borrower should be an Indian citizen and should showcase employment for six months.

8. Zestmoney


With more than 5 million customers, Zestmoney is a one-stop-shop for your needs. This lending platform does not require CIBIL score and converts all your purchases into easy EMIs.

Zestmoney has partnered with some of the best online retail platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, and Myntra. It also serves as a liaison for your travelling needs by offering EMI plans for Makemytrip and Yatra.com

Once the user has spent enough time making timely payments, they then become eligible for personal loan at lower interest rates.

9. Kissht



As the name suggests, this financial lender practices collateral free loans using customer data and their credit behaviour. The loan amount, after all the checks, is disbursed almost instantly.

There are several services offered by Kissht besides the short-term and long-term personal loans such as Travel fare cover on easy EMIs, purchasing of consumer durable products at customer’s convenient tenure.

10. Bajaj Finserv

Bajaj Finserv


Bajaj Finserv is India’s most reliable lending platform and also one of the few companies that are listed in BSE (Bombay stock exchange).

It offers detailed services when it comes to personal loans or SME loans or even investments.

There is a wide range of services they provide along with loans such as credit cards, insurance schemes, travel loans, loans on consumer durables and home loans.

11. Dhani: instant personal loans


Dhani, powered and backed by Indiabulls provides loans up to 15 lakhs with interest rates starting at 13.99%.

All you need is to go through a simple registration process to get your first loan post which with timely payments and good track record, the loan amount increases for the next loan with lower interest rates.

Along with personal loans, Dhani app also assists customers in acquiring two-wheeler and four-wheeler loans, used car loans, wedding loans, and travel loans.

12. Home Credit

Home Credit

This Gurgaon based financial lender is known to process loans using their technologically sound system within 5 minutes after submitting the documents.

Having served over 10 million customers across the country, it ensures a hassle-free approval process with a host of services at their disposal.

Using its user friendly interface and easy EMI calculator, you can determine your financial needs according to your requirements and interest rates.

13. Fullerton India credit company

Fullerton India

Fullerton is one of the trustworthy NBFC companies in Mumbai that offers a wide range of loans services with lowest interests, and flexible tenure.

They primarily focus on improving the status of small and medium businesses in urban as well as rural India. Fullerton offers SME loans which includes working capital and term loans to businesses.

14. Capital Float

Capital Float


Capital float has become one of the leading digital lenders over the last decade.Since its inception in 2003, it has not only partnered with retail giants like Amazon to provide consumer durable loans at minimum interests but also on its way to pioneering merchant checkout finance which converts all the expenses into one easy EMI scheme for consumers.

Additionally, it has also partnered with banks to increase loan accessibility for customers.

15. Nitstone


Nitstone is a structured and well-addressed online lending platform that reaches out to its users to understand their financial needs in depth and provide them with appropriate solutions based on their creditworthiness.

They have services that cover a wide variety of loans such as personal, business, travel, wedding, study, and professional loans to salaried as well as self-employed individuals.

This is a concise list of all the money lenders that use state-of-the-art technology to give users the best experience there is without prolonging the process by collecting documents, making them sign a barrage of documents and taking time to reach a conclusion.

The above list of NBFC companies in India is based on customer ratings and reviews. With the Best Data Provider you can get the list of  NBFC Companies customer database along with email and mobile number. If you are in to financial sector, it surely help your business get leads. by going through the customer database with the filter like salaried employee database, digital wallet users database and many more


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