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The internet is huge, and the information stored within it is even bigger! If you are a retail online business running your own website, keeping yourself informed about the most frequent online consumers is a must. Easy access to the internet has enabled consumers to become more tech-savvy and further explore the ease of online buying – even for the smallest of things! Therefore it’s quite essential for an online business – especially B2C, to arm them with an online shoppers’ database. It can indeed enable you to generate more leads from your digital marketing campaigns.

All about Online Shopping and Online Shoppers

Today we are in the internet age where consumers can buy goods or services directly from a seller using their web browser. And that’s exactly what online shopping is all about which forms part of the electronic commerce or e-commerce world. Some of the top Indian online retailers include,,, etc.

To find a product or service of their interest, consumers either visit the retailer website directly or search for alternative sellers using a search engine. Access to a range of computers and devices including desktops, laptops, tablet computers, smartphones, and smart speakers has enhanced the online shopping experience for consumers. Further, online shoppers have the flexibility to use “search” features incorporated in the online store websites that help them to find specific models, brands, or items.

Reasons Why People Buy Online

Worldwide e-commerce sales have gradually risen over the last few years. But, we need to note that people just do not buy anything from anybody online for the sake of it. Big-priced or perishable products are the most difficult types to sell online.  Even consumers are skeptical about buying online items that are related to feeling or smell! Online shopping now becoming a way of life those online retailers who satisfy the requirements of the online-shoppers are the ones reaping profits. Let’s see below the major reasons why people prefer buying online.

Easy to Compare and Review

Online shopping enables any shopper to avoid the hassles of traveling from store to store to buy the product of their choice. Online shopping also makes it possible to review and compare several stores and products at a single go. The ease that online shopping offers vis-à-vis price comparison, quality, or customer service then certainly there’s no need for any shopper to go elsewhere!

Wider Scope to Select

Are you aware? Amazon started out primarily as a bookseller, and later expanded across many verticals. By offering everything right from a book to peanut butter, it became a place where one could buy literally everything. Certainly, a wider scope to select has attracted more consumers to its online business. And that’s what buyers turn to the internet for – a wider selection!

Competitive Pricing

Today, the tech-savvy young generation are smart enough when buying online. Most often they visit a physical store to find a product of their choice. Once the check its look, feel, and price; they head straight to the web to compare the prices offered by different sellers of that product. Competitive pricing induces them to finally purchase online! Many times, there are bargain hunters around looking out for several products at the best prices to suit their pockets. Businesses that offer aggressive pricing along with giving free-shipping and launching as “deal of the day” offer stand to capture such bargain hunters.

Time-saving Option

In this fast-paced world where time is of prime importance, it has become the only resource that can rival money! Therefore online shopping is mainly preferred by people due to its time-saving abilities along with being able to find the lowest price. If you glance at the success of the Amazon Prime service it emphasizes more on speed thereby highlighting the importance of time.

About Online Shoppers’ Database

Have you ever wondered that there’s something called an online shoppers’ database? Do you know what it contains and how it is useful to grow an online business? Are you aware of the benefits of having one for your online retail business? Well, an online shoppers’ database consists of online tele-shoppers email lists, their phone lists, their addresses, their age bracket, etc. The online shopper’s database helps to give insights about the online shopper by analyzing their buying history, brand preferences, and other shopping trails. Access to the mobile wallet users’ database can help you in your digital marketing campaigns to accordingly target those online shoppers.

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Enhance your Email and SMS Campaigns using Shopper Lists

SMSes offer fast response times and high open rates, and 70% of consumers have reported positive feelings towards it. That’s the main reason why marketers love SMS marketing. And, for most companies around the world, email is the go-to channel when it involves customer communications – for example, it could be related to notifications, promotions, logins, password resets, or policy updates.

Email and SMS campaigning is a part of the digital marketing strategy in most businesses. To make your campaigns effective it’s quite imperative to have a robust online shoppers’ data to complement your digital marketing strategy. It holds the key to your overall success. The online shoppers’ email list will propel your email marketing. On the other hand, the contact details of mobile wallet users can help you to target online shoppers in your SMS marketing campaigns.

Online Shoppers’ Database Providers

Online Shoppers’ Database Providers

We have seen above how SMS is a powerful engagement tool. It not only allows businesses to send concise messages to their prospects, but they are timely too. Emails and SMSes are two platforms that help to create an effective and seamless customer communication experience. They are indeed reliable, scalable, and powerful platforms. To increase your online reach and visibility, you need to make the most of these two platforms. And the only way you can maximize it is by owning a robust database of online shoppers that includes an exhaustive list of online tele-shoppers’ emails, mobile wallet users, online shopper’s mobile numbers, etc.

If you are a new entrant to the online retail business, it’s highly unlikely that you will have your own database of online shoppers. And, if you have been in the retail online business for a considerable amount of time, even if you have a database of online shoppers’ chances of it having decayed over a while are quite high. In that case, you need to go for the email appending process. In either of the two cases, it is advisable to take the help of a reputed data provider and keep one step ahead of your competitors.

Best Data Provider is a company that is into the latest trends of digital marketing and providing well-structured customized databases based on your requirements – geographical, industrial, profession-wise, designation-wise, etc. It enables you to get deep insights, and target online shoppers accordingly. Treat and target each shopper uniquely with our most reliable, verified, and guideline-conforming lists! For a sample database contact [email protected]

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