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Power Your Business with Customer Lists

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Power Your Business with Customer Lists

Businesses that think ahead and embrace technology early-on reap the benefits and stay one step ahead of their competitors. Today businesses are leveraging the benefits offered by Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence to expand their frontiers.  It has enabled them to create value for their businesses – be it B2B or B2C, they can generate remarkable results in lead generation, cross-selling, pricing, and overall customer management.

Why Data is today referred to as the New Oil?

We are in a fast transforming digital world where data has become more valuable than ever before. Today data is like what oil was in the 18th Century! Oil which was till then untapped, unleashed its dearness with the passage of time and the world economy began relying heavily on it. Similarly, the value of data is being extracted daily, and it’s resulting in huge rewards for businesses around the world.

So in the true sense, “Data being the new oil”, is a simple deceptive business mantra for the modern business world that tries to draw an analogy with the importance of oil to the world.

Who knows, going ahead in the future we could even hear someone say, “Water is the new oil”! But the plain fact remains that data exploration has induced the business world in generating visibility, credibility, and revenues. And, that’s the reason for data gaining so much importance. Data cannot be just ignored anymore, especially by the business world.

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All about Customer Data and Customer-Related Database

Customer data is information about customers that usually includes names, contact details, and buying patterns. This information is mostly stored by businesses in a digital form.

Businesses obtain customer data using first hand responses via investigation or by questions directly. Further, customer loyalty towards a business brand can help a company to gather individual preferences, and also spending habits.

Today when you think of the sales world or the analytics associated with it, you cannot do without data – customer data to be precise! A database related to customers helps to give business insights. The customer database forms the foundation of any CRM software strategy.

Coming to Customer-Related Database, it is the collection of information related to customers that focuses on their sales history, and present and future opportunities.

The customer-related databases are usually handled by sales managers, channel managers, or product managers. Sales managers concentrate on tracking past transactions, preferences, inquiries, billing, etc. Channel managers are interested in deriving information about retail outlets or online details of business owners. And the product managers note details about the customer product preferences, product categories explored, price bands, etc.

Customer Data Types

Customer Data Types

Customer data can be categorized into two main types that form a part of any CRM data system. The data that is collected for the first time is referred to as primary data.

The primary data is mainly accumulated and stored using conventional means that include conducting surveys, or holding a competition event, or inviting customers via newsletter subscriptions, or via webinars.

The data that is collected earlier, and which has remained stagnant for quite some time is referred to as the secondary data, and businesses usually have to ensure that this data does not decay over a period of time. The secondary data is usually updated and verified from time to time by internal teams within a business or by data providers.

Customer Database Benefits

A successful business is one that arms itself with a robust customer database. It forms one of the most crucial components and serves as a powerful tool in any business.

Are you maximizing the benefits of your customer database? Is your customer database exhaustive? If your answer is a NO or you are unsure about your answer, then you are certainly missing out on your potential sales.

Listed below are the benefits of having a customer database that can enhance your marketing efforts.

Creates Brand Affinity

Using a customer database, you can leverage your email marketing efforts as part of your digital marketing campaigns. This way you can build your brand affinity.

By sharing new product information, or sending special offers, or business news; can helps prospects feel connected to your business. It goes a long way in nurturing a trust relationship.

Generates Loyalty

A careful study or analysis of your customer database can allow you to know the most loyal customers and those who have been most profitable to you.

Such customers can easily be segmented within your customer database and giving them special treatment. Engaging them using marketing campaigns can inspire them to share your brand with their colleagues, friends, or family. Further, by sending special discounts and offers, you can encourage them to make new purchases.

Enables to Offer Better Customer Service

Using a customer database can allow you to develop a strong bond with your customers. By tracking details like the buying behavior, or post-purchase feedback and reviews; you can offer your best customer services. After all, aren’t happy customers instrumental in giving good business? Use your customer database to gain those insights that can help you to personalize your communications.

Take Your Business to Next Level with Target Marketing

Do you have the relevant customer email lists to address your target audience? Do you have a customer phone list to target a particular industry audience?

These are the most essential components of any customer database to take your business to the next level – it helps you in reaching your target audience.

As times have changed, targeting an audience for product promotion that was once considered to be an uphill task is possible today, thanks to the availability of robust customer databases.

It has enabled businesses to reach their prospects using their email marketing campaigns by using targeted email lists.

The Fastest Way to Obtain a Customer Database

In today’s busy world no one has the time to maintain their contacts in business card binders. It’s been replaced now by database programs that takes the entire workload!

Database programs access customer databases enabling the function to store, segment, and carry other analytics on the records within it. Now, one may wonder, where to get the most exhaustive customer databases for their business.

Well, you may either create one internally which is a time-consuming process, or obtain one from a reputed data provider which is the most effective and fastest way.

Best Data Provider that is into the latest trends of digital marketing can help you with its top-quality customer lists. Our lists are multi-verified for deliverability and matched with different occupations and social handles that enable you to target your audience most effectively.

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