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Prop-up Your Multichannel Marketing with Data that Matters

Today, customers have greater control over their buying process. This is mainly due to the proliferation of numerous communication channels that give customers more choices to obtain information along with the buying options than ever before. And, having noted that the customer is the king, it’s a big challenge for marketers to reach their prospects. A fast-transforming digital world where the number of marketing options keeps going up has compelled marketers to embrace the multichannel marketing strategy. This article discusses more about it.

What is Multichannel Marketing?

Interacting with prospects and customers via a combination of communication channels – direct and indirect is referred to as multichannel marketing. Some examples of marketing options are business websites, emails, mobile apps, retail stores, mail order catalogs, etc. Multichannel marketing is simple words is nothing but the various options that enable marketers to reach their audience – it’s all about choice.

Multichannel marketing enables us to implement a single strategy across multiple channels. No wonder it’s called multichannel marketing! It helps to maximize interacting opportunities with prospects. The main goal of multichannel marketing is giving choice to prospects. It allows them to buy whenever and wherever they want to!

Cross-channel Marketing

Cross-channel marketing is another term that you need to know before we proceed further. It is a customer-focused digital marketing strategy that marketers use to provide a consistent experience to their customers. Using this technique, marketers interact with their prospects by showcasing their brands across multiple digital channels.

Implementing a cross-channel marketing strategy involves taking care of multiple channels. In short, cross-channel marketing and multi-channel marketing are the two sides of the same coin! Cross-channel marketing implements personalization that helps to improve the customer’s shopping experience. Considering that some marketing channels work better than others, the common platforms that complement each other can be an effective option for cross-channel marketing. These complementing channels include retail store-mobile, TV-mobile, radio-mobile, computer-TV, computer-mobile, or computer-radio.

Cross-channel marketing tools can be broadly categorized into chat marketing, email marketing, social media, SEO, advertising, lead generation, and automation. MobileMonkey, MailChimp, Facebook, SEMrush, AdEspresso, Clearbit, and Zapier respectively are some of the tools used for these categories.

Multichannel Digital Marketing Vs Traditional Marketing

The focus of multichannel marketing is primarily on new media marketing platforms that integrate media convergence models. It targets customer interaction via various platforms like text messaging, emailing, or online video campaigning. On the other hand, traditional marketing makes use of old media platforms like printing, telemarketing, or radio broadcasting. Multichannel marketing reaches customers directly and is considered to be an important marketing strategy as it conveniences and enhances customer interaction directly.

By using multiple strategies, you are trying to reach customers via multiple channels. Traditional channels include direct mail or billboards. Digital channels include social media and emails. Multichannel marketing can in other words defined as an approach that uses both digital and traditional ways of marketing. And, this approach does work! It’s so because it successfully conveys your customers being everywhere. Therefore, businesses must not ignore taking advantage of this type of marketing.

The Necessity for Multichannel Marketing

We are in a digital world that’s controlled by the internet using various electronic devices like mobiles, computers, laptops, smart TVs, etc. This has only scattered customers on various channels. Also, customers today are more informed than ever before. For example, customers might be using their mobiles while typing on their laptops along with watching TV. If they are planning to buy something, at the same time they may ask friends or colleagues on social media or in-person for its recommendations. Thus, we see how customers research as much as possible before buying something. That’s the reason why marketers need to make sure that they are giving them all the information they want through various mediums or channels. And, that’s businesses must implement a multichannel marketing system approach that uses different media channels to interact and reach customers and prospects.

Benefits of Incorporating Multichannel Marketing Strategy


As per the Digital Doughnut report, 95 percent of marketers understand the importance of multichannel digital marketing campaigns. Implementing one in your business can enhance your chances of success. Jotted below are some of the major benefits of incorporating a multichannel marketing strategy.

Creates Customer Perception. A business is seen to be forward-thinking when its customers and prospects consistently see your message across multiple platforms that make them loyal to you.  Engaging prospects by providing information that is valuable to them gives helps to generate more opportunities.

Enables Specific Targeting. The different marketing channels help you to target specifically – by demography and behavior. There are bound to be certain entities who are more receptive to interactions via channels like Facebook, or text messages. At the same time, others may prefer print, television, or mobile.

Increases Sale Chances. If you are selling a product or service, having multiple engaging ways can only increase your chances of converting a prospect into a customer. So, the more the options to sell, the better the chances of making a sale.

Establishing Multichannel Marketing

A multichannel marketing strategy enables your content to be seen by reaching customers where are – it could be their email, or your website and social media page, or print and electronic ads, etc. Having discussed so far about multichannel marketing and the necessity for it, you may well want to know how to establish multiple channels. Let’s find out.

Customer Focus – The Priority

Your goal should be to create a positive experience of your brand for the customer or prospect. For this, you should use a strategy that focuses on them. By focusing on the needs and wants of your prospects and customers, you give them the personal touch that they most desire. Effective multichannel marketing strategies are those that ensure giving that great experience and messaging through all the channels.

Highly personalized messaging can be strategized across multiple channels like email, text messages, and social media. You should take care not to send similar marketing messages on all channels. Segmenting your audience can ensure that the right message is sent at the right time, on the right channel. This can create a big impact.

Being a powerful competitive differentiator, giving a consistent customer experience is very important. It’s mainly because your customer experiences your brand as a whole – they may be interacting with you online, or in a store, or over the phone. Treating each channel as a distinct entity can put you at risk of turning customers away. That’s why giving a consistent customer experience is vital.

Leverage Automation

Marketing automation solutions can indeed allow you to free up a lot of your time, and help you to focus on the big picture. Today, various automation tools allow marketing teams to manage all their campaigns across multiple channels and platforms from a single point, and throughout the consumer lifecycle. It helps to schedule multiple communications for separate channels and enables segmentation that helps to enhance the personalization.

As per studies, 51 percent of businesses are currently using the marketing automation technology, and the number is on the rise. The marketing automation software space is full of different solutions and various features. Some platforms offer email actions, drip sequences, and CRM updates, and other platforms enable lead scoring, sales lead rotation, SMS, etc. Some of the well-known marketing automation solutions include HubSpot Marketing Automation, SendinBlue, InfusionSoft, Marketo, GetResponse, Drip, etc.

Use Robust Databases

A successful multichannel marketing approach involves using the right data for each channel, and further analyzing and optimizing its use. Analyzing your data can help you to know when and where customers open your email or visit your social media page or another interact on other platforms. You need to optimize accordingly and regularly.

Collecting and segmenting data by forming unified user profiles facilitates personalization. By regularly testing the various messaging, incentives, and other content enables you to understand and focus on what the profiles respond to most. Once you finalize the collected information, it becomes easy for marketing teams to eliminate any pain points in the customer sales journey along with targeting loyalty program customers, and re-targeting campaigns.

Implement Your Multichannel Marketing Strategy Wisely

The world today is greatly interconnected via the internet and mobile technology. Multichannel communications are rapidly becoming the norm for businesses. The database or the data lists that you use for your marketing campaigns contains valuable customer insights that help you improve your sales. Robust and segmented databases help you to establish a flexible database management system, targeted marketing, and data cleansing versatility. which is into the latest trends in digital marketing can help you to establish a successful multichannel marketing system by backing it with robust databases that are thoroughly verified, highly accurate, and conform to guidelines. For your sample database, you may reach us at

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