How Do You Qualify Potential Leads?

potential leads
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In this article, I will be sharing the techniques used to qualify the leads. So first let us understand the basic question of what is b2b lead generation? This is a sales process wherein we start collecting the real or potential customer data such as name, phone number, email, company details, social media profiles and so on to target for the conversion of sales. Lead generation is the process of creating an interest in a product or service for the conversion of sales.

This is a continuous process because as the technology grows we should find new ways to target the audience and create lead generation this is a form of continuous relationships with buyers. Now let’s dive into the main topic of how to qualify potential lead generation. Are you curious to know how to get potential leads? So read this article till the end and find the best ways to close the deal.

Generally, people start to rush in converting the leads without any knowledge or idea about the category. Connecting with your lead too early will make no sense and also the person will not be in a position to buy. This is a very complicated task to generate a leads in marketing or any other category. First understand your customer perspective and what are their interests in the buying process. Before getting into the pitch just understand your audience mindset and target accordingly. Try to create a good conversation and actively participate in clarifying their doubts and queries.

Find the right decision-maker for the deal.

Try to create a good relationship.

Create interest in your product or service.

Work on your timeline.


Find the Right Decision Maker for the deal

First, you should find out who is the right decision-maker for your b2b business to qualify potential leads. If you find the right decision-maker for qualifying the leads, the efforts which you have put to generate a lead will be useful, Suppose the person you approach is not the right decision-maker and if he does not have rights to take a decision then it will be loss of time, energy, etc.

Hence before approaching find out who is the right person for your potential lead check how many people are involved?  How big is the company? Are they interested to buy or not? How much time does it take for them to buy your product or service? And spend your qualified prospects. When you communicate with customers collect their data profiles such as name, company details, contact no, email address and so on. As this process continues you will get a bulk list of customers where it makes you easy to track. Without maintaining this it will be a rare successful sale.

Try to create a good relationship

After preparing your qualified list of target people, next start creating a good conversation with them and try to convince by using your skills to generate potential leads. Try to be proactive and explain in such a way that they should create their mind-set of buying your product or service. Clear all their doubts, proactively ask queries if they feel shy to ask, understand the person by their behaviour, interests and desire.

Create Interest in your Product or Service

Understand the person by is behaviour whether he is interested to buy your product or service? Whether he has doubts regarding your product or service? Know is needs, budget, interests, authority, timescale. The first thing is you should now the needs for your customer like do they have a product or service which we are dealing with?  In lead generation, the five key criteria are need, interest, budget, timing, decision maker’s role. There is another approach called BANT which stands for budget, authority, need, timeframe.

Many companies use this strategy as a common way to rate a qualified lead, this is the basic foundation to generate a potential lead. Budget is the main criteria, if you understand the customer budget and criteria then that will be a good step to move further for making a decision. Interest is also an important point to consider whether the customer is serious in buying the product. Few clients do not show much interest in buying your company’s product or service but they will be curious to know about your company services. Hence in such cases be careful know the client behaviour, interest and then spend your time on that clients for the potential leads.

Work on your Timeline

Do not waste your essential time on the person who is not interested to buy your product or services. If the client is not showing much interest and the person needs more time then you can give them less priority and concentrate on targeting the right client who is interested in buying your company’s product or services in less span of time or immediately. But also if the client shows interest in buying the services sales reps will show involvement in generating qualified leads.

If there is a two-way communication for the whole conversation then there are chances of getting a potential lead, if there is only one-way communication then there are fewer chances of leads. Use your valuable time for potential leads. Do not give any false information for your client who is not interested to buy or show carelessness. Due to such reasons sometimes you might miss valuable client. Time is precious so use it wisely. Establishing a good relationship with you clients is the most essential thing. Just focus on these key points to get good results for your b2b business.


By this article you might have got some ideas to implement for your product and services. So try such techniques to get good results in your b2b business or any other kind of businesses. Once you start to implement in your business automatically you will start getting qualified leads and at the same time your clients also grow. I hope this article might help you in getting a qualified potential leads. If you have any further queries and doubts please feel free to ask in the comments below.