Remote working tools to consider post Lockdown

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Remote working tools to consider post Lockdown

Remote work is becoming more common – not just because of Covid’s 19 outbreaks. A recent report reveals that at least 50% of the millennials – currently the largest generation in the US – work at home once a week.

This transition is due primarily to rapid technological advances. New and intelligent devices now allow us to do the same job from anywhere – at home, in offices, on trips, etc. We effectively can maintain a link with our clients, colleagues, and prospects, manage our projects and work comfortably in multiple time zones with these remote working tools

You need to read on if you believe you can work effectively from home with classic applications like Skype and your email. Yeah, some of these tools work already as the foundation of remote work, but it may not be as effective and successful if you only have these in your collection.

Keep in mind, your team is inspired and helps you increase efficiency with the right combination of remote operating tools that can offer two distinct gains for your company.

We will enumerate and explain in this article about 8 tools that can use for different purposes, including file sharing, project management, collaboration, etc.

Let’s get started!


Remote working tools-Trello

While we are dealing with remote tools that can allow us to communicate more effectively, Trello isn’t something we can’t ignore.

It is quite easy to use as a project management tool. Teams can make lists on various boards and organize everything using cards. In other words, it will help the team, work closely – not just remotely – by coordinating all your projects, assignments, shared files, notes, etc.

Trello also has more than 100 app integrations, taking the interconnectivity a step further and is available in Android and iOS versions really to accommodate employees working remotely.


Remote working tools-Slack

You can’t think about communication methods and did not talk about Slack.

While this tool is already at the top, the task of allowing remote teams to link and interact efficiently is still worth mentioning. This tool becomes almost make use of emails obsolete for teamwork and even project management.

You can create channels, add members, and even display previous conversations with a searchable archive function for various projects and tasks. Even better, you can exchange files in a channel easily with others.


Remote working tools-Gsuite

G- Suite needs no detailed introduction or clarification, much like the first two remote work resources in this list.

It is an invaluable tool for teams, whether in the workplace or at home, and helps you to save presentations, documents, and spreadsheets, post them online, leave messages and edit them in real-time, etc. You can also easily share huge files, such as higher-level video files.

The tools of G-Suite include:

  • GDrive – cloud storage
  • Google Docs – cloud-based alternative for Word
  • Google Sheets – cloud-based alternative for Excel
  • Slides – cloud-based alternative for Powerpoint
  • Calendar – cloud-based calendar
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Remote working tools-Zoom

Do you work remotely but do have several internal meetings? Will you have to send invites to meetings and make calls to clients?

Now, you’ve been covered by Zoom. There is a reason why from January 2020 to March 2020, the size of this digital contact and video call program jumped from 10 million to over 200 million.

Whether it’s your weekly team meetings from around the world, you can simply use Zoom for one call with prospects, product demos, etc.



This may also place more emphasis on adding new resources to your workflow because they might not all be compatible.

And for any little thing, swapping between different applications is not only inefficient

but also has a major impact on your productivity.

Zapier is the best way to fix the problem; it’s a tool that can integrate hundreds of tools. View it as the engine that drives all your applications to work seamlessly together. In short, for any devices that do not automatically, immediately incorporate, you could use the zapier.



This Tool is a desktop platform that allows you to securely record webcam,

videos, GIFs, your display and shares it with the cloud.

Essentially, this tool saves you time to illustrate those concepts or demonstrate the product. You can easily record yourself or your computer to present team members and prospects, instead of text-based instructions. The app features annotation like text boxes to draw attention to something specific. You can also share records from the CloudApp library easily via drag-and-drop to apps such as Slack, Trello.



Timezone can be a valuable addition to your toolkit for a simple app. In short, you can keep track of where and what time zone each member of your team is. We all know how difficult it is in the current situation to communicate with colleagues in the same city,

let alone those in entirely different time zones. This cloud-based tool solves this problem because your global or remote members can easily see the local time.

It’s the same for global customers –

you can track local time in different cities with a time zone instead of storing various time zones

or having to Search every time.



Security can become a primary concern if you operate remotely or from somewhere other than your workplace. 1Password — predominantly a password management tool,

it remembers all your passwords and features including a digital vault, form filler, and digital wallet.


These are some of our best remote working tools. Although several other technologies are available to support remote operation, these are some of the most relevant ones to be considered.

If you have anything to add on which work best for your organization during these difficult times please do share your feedback and let us know how these tools are beneficial for your business

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