Role of database marketing in generating valuable leads for firms

role of database marketing
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Database Marketing

To say that customers or business clients are important to a firm is an understatement. Any company exists only because it has customers or clients to serve.

It is therefore of paramount importance to any company to maintain and expand its customer or client base.

After all, more customers or business clients means more revenue to any firm.

What is Database Marketing?

Marketing of products or services can be done by communicating to customers or clients by any means. It can be via calls, promotional SMSs, e-mails, blogs, or social media campaigns.

These forms of marketing will be more effective when backed up by sound database and research.

We at Best Data Provider collect customers’ and clients’ (firms) data in a lot of domains and provide it to our clients to help them get valuable business leads.

Every care is taken to ensure the accuracy of data provided. We use software like HLR Lookup to verify the accuracy of customers’ and clients’ contact numbers and e-mail IDs.

Not only that, we provide robust data warehouses and data analysis to our clients. Our data warehouses contain the buying patterns of customers,

their tastes and preferences, their location, and a lot more valuable data (insights) for B2C businesses.

Data Repository

Our data Repository contain the requirements of various businesses, some information on their current projects, some information on their current tie-ups, information on their business model, etcetera for B2B businesses. Using these valuable insights, our B2C and B2B clients are able to get valuable leads.

To sum up I will say that Database Marketing is the process of creating and selling valuable databases to B2C

and B2B businesses so that they get valuable leads and expand their customer or client base and thereby enhance their revenues and profits.

Importance of Database Marketing

These days, nobody likes to be called, messaged, or e-mailed for products or services they’re not interested in. People consider such things a nuisance these days.

The process of contacting a person to promote a product or service without doing research on his buying trends, requirements, tastes,

and preferences is called direct marketing, which is not appreciated by people these days.

More often than not, direct marketing dents the image and reputation of a business as it annoys most people. It is the least effective form of marketing which generates only few valuable leads.

Therefore, to avoid being a nuisance to people or clients and to maximise their lead conversion efficiency, B2B and B2C firms need to take the help of database marketing firms that create and sell valuable customer or client databases so that B2B and B2C firms can get valuable leads.

The databases that database marketing firms create contain valuable customers’ or firms’ data.

They give valuable data and insights to B2B and B2C firms like the requirements, buying trends, current occupation/project, preferences, etcetera of firms and people (potential customers).

Using that valuable database, firms can only contact those people or firms that have the maximum probability of becoming their customers or clients.

In short, database marketing enhances the lead conversion efficiency of B2B and B2C firms. Using database marketing, firms are able to expand their customer or client base and thereby enhance their revenues and profits.

What are the steps involved in Database Marketing?

Creating a valuable database that can provide valuable customer or client behaviour insights involves the following steps. They are:

Contacting people

Contacting people

When you contact people, you should always let them choose a convenient time to get back to you.

You must also let them know all the means through which they can contact you (like e-mail id, phone number, WhatsApp number, etcetera).

Speaking in a person’s mother tongue is the best way to make an impact on him or her.

The person or firm whom you’re contacting should be able to provide you with some valuable business

or behavioural insights lest it’s just a waste of time.

Gathering information

Gathering information

If you’re contacting a person to know about his shopping or service interests, you must gather all the information pertaining to your objective.

Only a complete gathering of information will allow you to build a valuable database or a data warehouse.


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Constructing a data warehouse

Constructing a data warehouse

A data warehouse gathers data from different sources (mostly pre-constructed databases) and gives a firm valuable business insight.

It gives information on the buying trends, requirements, tastes,

and preferences of a customer. Using that data, a firm can determine if that person will be their potential customer or not.

If a person is already a company’s customer, the database by the data warehouse can be utilize to suggest products or services to buy for that customer.

There is a very high probability that your customer will buy the suggested products or services.

Selling of the constructed databases or data warehouse to clients

Selling of the constructed databases or data warehouse to clients


In database marketing, the sole purpose of gathering customers’ or companies’ data and then constructing databases and data warehouses is to sell them to business clients.

That is how database marketing companies make revenues and profits.

Locking your clients through yearly contracts may give you profit at first but may damage your company’s reputation and your clients’ goodwill.

You should always give them freedom to terminate your service whenever they want to.

Analyzing your clients needs

You must analyze your clients’ requirements before selling them your databases. There must be a thorough understanding of why they need your database and data warehouses.

Ensuring that you are giving your clients exactly what they want will enable you to extract long-term business value form your clients

and will also enable you to retain their goodwill for a long time.

They are both “gold” as far as B2B businesses are concerned.


Firms of any type, right from startups to fortune 500 companies are looking to expand their business by targeting potential customers or clients.

Hence, database marketing firms are on demand these days.

If database marketing with personalization is done, firms of any sort can enhance their lead conversion efficiency and thereby their business and profits.

Fortune 500 firms like Amazon are successful only because they have constructed a data warehouse for each one of their customers.

They are able to suggest purchases to new people and their existing customers effectively owing to their well-constructed databases and data warehouses.

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