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Role of Email Marketing in the Dental Industry

The dental industry in India is vast and increasing too. India is poised to be one of the largest markets for dental products and materials. Email marketing is emerging as one of the most preferred ways to market your dental practice. Further, B2B and B2C marketers are also leveraging email marketing to target the dental industry. Whether you are a part of the dental industry or a business that intends to target it, embracing email marketing indeed makes sense. We will discuss ahead how email marketing can reach customers and increase visibility along with sales.

Indian Dental Market

The Indian dental market is likely to grow at a brisk rate due to various investment groups building multi-specialty hospitals that offer general dentistry as well as specialized treatments. One cannot ignore the dental equipment and laboratories market that is expanding by unleashing a host of technological advancements.

The growing health awareness has been the main reason for the vast improvement in dental services in India. Further, economic growth, government-friendly policies, and the increased individual expenditure on healthcare have led to a boom in the dental industry.

More than 90 percent of the dental market in India is private. We are today witnessing several multinational businesses like the Apollo Group, Fortis, and Wockhardt setting up dental clinics to tap the growing dental market. It has led to the growth in demand for dental technicians. Many institutions, having noted this, are offering dental courses to meet this demand.

Currently, dental tourism is just 10 percent of the overall medical tourism industry in India. However, it is likely to grow at 30 percent annually. There is tremendous investment potential in the healthcare industry – particularly in the dental sector.

Covid-19 Impact on Dental Industry

The onset of Covid-19 has pushed the dental industry into its darkest hour. As per reports, dental surgeons pose the most risk of contracting or transmitting the virus. Following them are other supporting staff – the paramedics, nurses, etc. We have also seen several dental practices shut across the country for several months. As the pandemic shows no signs of subsiding, there’s still uncertainty of revival, but there’s always hope – the world is living on hopes! And, most reports suggest the invention and availability of the Covid-19 vaccine in the coming months. In this slack period, dental practices and businesses should gear up and be ready with their marketing strategies to get on to the fast track to growth. Marketers should devise their email marketing strategies – a component of digital marketing.

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Covid impact on dental industry

Reasons to Embrace Email Marketing

Whether you are a dental practice or a business that intends to target the dental industry, embracing and leveraging the benefits of email marketing is a good idea as part of your digital marketing strategy. You should not overlook the role of email marketing in the dental industry.

Offers Cost-effectiveness

Of all your digital marketing activities, email marketing is the most cost-effective and offers the highest Return on Investment (ROI). Professional application tools like MailChimp or Vertical Response comes in handy for your email marketing campaigns. By allowing you to send a single email campaign to a large number of prospects is likely to increase your website visits, click-through rates, shares, etc. These actions certainly have the potential to convert a lead into a customer!

Enables to Maintain Relationships

If you go out of sight of your prospect, you are bound to get out of their minds!! Email marketing helps you to maintains ongoing relationships. Using email marketing allows you one of the easiest ways to keep in touch with prospects by sending theme periodic e-newsletters or updates. It acts as a friendly reminder – that you care!

Facilitates to get Word-of-Mouth Leads

Email marketing a great way to encourage referrals. Just because you are sending emails to your prospects does not mean it cannot go beyond them! You can go further by using your email campaigns to get referrals by including attractive offers – it could be a gift voucher or discount, and so on.

Enables Positioning You as an Expert

Who does not want to be recognized? Well, all of us desire recognition – especially true with all businesses.  Email marketing can do wonders to position you as an expert in your niche area by writing blog posts that could feature in your e-blasts or displayed as a special note at the bottom of your email. All small little things that you do can go a long way in reminding your customers and prospects that you are a well-known and trusted name in the industry – it helps to project you as an expert.

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Increases Traffic and Enhances SEO of your Website

If you do not include your website links in your emails, then you are certainly not leveraging the benefits of your email campaigns. Including it can bring backlinks to your business website. It not only makes people surf your website and potentially converts them as your customers, but it can also enhance your Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Further, using tracking tools can help you to learn and analyze how many clicked those links and got converted!

Benefits of Dental Email Marketing

As of today, the dental industry has thrived mainly on word-of-mouth referrals. However, in a highly competitive atmosphere, you need to take advantage of the opportunity. If you are a dentist or a dental clinic, sending email newsletters to your prospects can certainly help to gain instant headway over others in your area.

Leveraging the benefits of email marketing can help you to communicate effectively with your patients and prospects. A well-thought-out email marketing strategy can keep your patients updated about the importance of their dental health. And come to think of it, 91 percent of smartphone users check their inboxes once daily. This way, email marketing campaigns help you to reach your patients and prospects and gain more visibility.

Dental email marketing is inexpensive yet effective. You derive the highest Return on Investment (ROI) compared to any other digital marketing campaign. Investing a small amount and broadcasting your message to several prospects, you can think of building an established subscriber base.

Email Marketing to Target the Dental Industry

We have seen so far how using email marketing campaigns dentists can increase their reach and visibility to their patients and prospects. Now, it’s also interesting to note how changes in marketing techniques have impacted dental marketers that sell to dentists or dental clinics. Dealing with dentists or dental clinics can be a challenging experience altogether. Dental email lists can help marketers reach their targets and showcase their products to dental practices.

A salesperson who applies similar techniques to sell a dentist that they have used with veterinarians, or consumers, or podiatrists can get a frustrating experience. Reason – Dentists think and organize differently! Dentists look at ways that can improve their profit margins. They are on the lookout to increase their hourly earnings. Generating qualified leads that are looking for high-priced dental services is the best way that they can achieve this. Understanding the daily schedule of a dentist before selling them can be helpful.

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When marketers approach dental practices, they are not always enthusiastic as they have been let down by many in their earlier dealings. You may ensure to counter this issue by offering them for free a custom-built report about opportunities in their space. Further, you can add weightage by providing them detailed testimonials.

Database Marketing – The Answer to All Dental Marketing Woes

The earlier rebounding economy is into the slumbers – thanks to the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic. However, as we all await a full recovery, the air is likely to get clearer and augurs well for the future – demand for dental products and services could start seeing an upswing sooner than later. We could see an increasing number of people wanting to go for cosmetic treatment. We could witness the introduction of equipment and solutions that make dental surgeries easier and less time-consuming. Dental practices or businesses that target a specific audience need robust and segmented databases that target their audience. If you are a dental practice, you can target patients and prospects. If you are a business, you can sell equipment and instruments to dental clinics and dentists. In either case, segmented databases can be most effective for any of your email marketing campaigns. Generating databases in-house is time-consuming, and smaller businesses cannot afford to have such teams. The best way for dental practices, start-ups, or smaller businesses is to opt for readily available databases for quick gains. Buying dentist email lists allows you to contact them with personalized campaigns. is into the latest trends in digital marketing, and deals in robust and segmented databases can help you. Our databases are regularly updated, thoroughly verified, and conform to guidelines. With our data, you can experience reduced bounce rates and increased Return on Investment (ROI). For your sample customized dentist email list, you may reach us at

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