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Sales Intelligence – For Effective Marketing-Sales Coordination

Smooth coordination between Marketing and Sales is essential for the business growth of any company – especially the ones that are into B2B. But we often come across the Sales team crib about poor leads coming from Marketing, while the Marketing team complains about Sales not following with the leads provided to them. However, truly speaking, the fault lies with neither of them!! It is mainly because of the crucial link that’s missing between Sales and Marketing. And, that link is Sales Intelligence. Let’s know more about B2B Sales Intelligence in this article.

What is Sales Intelligence?

Sales Intelligence is a technology, application, and practice that collects, integrates, analyzes, and presents information that helps sales personnel in finding, monitoring, and understanding customer data. This data enables sales to derive prospect insights and their daily business pattern.

Sales Intelligence is a process in which high value is transferred from marketing to sales, and at the same time, best sales-insights are reverted back to marketing. Referred to being the guardian of quality leads from marketing activities, Sales intelligence caters to the analytically-minded and tech-savvy business developer breeds.

Effectiveness of Sales Intelligence Technology

Sales Intelligence is a technology that works round the clock – its objective is to collect and make sense of the information from different data sources. The Sales Intelligence market is divided into two parts – company data and contact data. It involves contextual information that revolves around contacts about their purchase history, existing contracts, business objectives, and digital footsteps.

Sales Intelligence enables sales personnel to understand who they need to talk, what they need to talk, and accordingly when they need to reach out to them. In simple words, Sales Intelligence bypasses the manual process followed earlier to derive relevant insights. Most Sales Intelligence tools have features that notify and alerts the users of business changes – this way it opens up the opportunity with target accounts, it informs about a company that falls in your list of ideal profile.

Popular Sales Intelligence Tools

Sales Intelligence Tools


Designed especially for sales representatives and business development representatives, Sales Intelligence (SI) tools function strategically to build the sales pipeline. Some of the popular Sales Intelligence tools widely used include Vainu, Adapt, Clearbit, D&B Hoovers, HG Insights, Insideview, Leadfeeder, LinkedIn Sales Navigator, and Owler. Today a lot of salespeople are using LinkedIn Sales Navigator which is an all-in-one SI tool leveraging LinkedIn’s network. HubSpot is another tool designed to improve and scale the sales process – from email automation to data entry automation.

Adapt – it is a suite of products that offers B2B contacts and companies’ data across various industries. Clearbit – it is a marketing data engine to interact with customers that helps to understand existing customers, identify future prospects, and personalize sales and marketing campaigns. InsideView – it is a modern company database that enables seamless integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM along with mentioning relevant news and social media feeds of companies. Owler – it is a business platform for information and insights based on communities providing salespeople with alerts, real-time news, and insights. Leadfeeder – it is a tool that enables companies to uncover anonymous visitors to their website which lets them take measures to convert promising ones into leads.

Activities Related to Sales Intelligence Tools

Sales intelligence (SI) is majorly concerned with the collection of information and analyzing and presenting it to enable salespeople to keep track of prospects and generate new leads. The SI tool function revolves around the following activities:

  • New contact prospecting.
  • New company and industry details.
  • Appending missing information.
  • Qualifying/prioritizing new leads.
  • Email tracking and website interaction.
  • Compiling lead activity.
  • Gathering contextual social media data.

Roe of Sales Intelligence Personnel

The rapid strides in technology have given rise to several sales enablement tools that harness Artificial Intelligence to track sales activities, analyze conversations, and engage with prospects. It’s no wonder then that sales hacking or revenue-stack are the latest buzzwords in the marketing world giving rise to cool toolboxes that automate lead management, high-end analytics, and account-based digital marketing.

Sales conversion is the sole criterion for measuring the success of Sales Intelligence personnel. Optimizing marketing activities leads to incremental sales. The Sales Intelligence personnel also ensures the reverse feedback loop from sales to marketing that helps in creating better insights.

Benefits of Sales Intelligence

Your lead generation and cross and up-selling will be at its best if you are using a detailed sales intelligence. Let’s see how it benefits you in these areas.

What keeps marketing and sales away from reaching their right audience is the way they target – it’s their biggest hurdle. By activation tour Sales Intelligence, marketers can rest assured that their content reaches the right audience, at the desired places, promptly. This info that goes into the Sales Intelligence helps to improve the overall cycle. That’s how lead generation is maximized – leads being attracted get even closer to being sales-ready!

Once a conversion happens, a sales process does not end there. Opportunities lie abound for inducing more buying activities in customers! Personalization is what is necessary to engage customers to unearth those hidden opportunities.

Your Success Mantra – Effective SI Tools Backed with Robust Data

We have seen how Sales Intelligence (SI) can help businesses gain information and better insights into their campaigns. We have seen how it enables marketers to know whether their campaigns are reaching the prospects that they are targeting. This understanding results in furthering improved sales performance.

However, you may be having the most skilled workforce but, if you are still facing an uphill task to close your sales, or nurture the leads and move them along your sales funnel then; you are certainly not talking to the right customers. And, this exactly is the most overlooked step when selling a product or service. Without using the right data, though it is backed by an effective analytics tool, it can still render all your workforce futile and ineffective. That’s why robust databases are the key to effective targeted marketing. Best Data Provider company that is into the latest trends of digital marketing deals in segmented databases that are updated and verified regularly, and customized to your requirements. For your sample database, reach us at [email protected]

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