Small business can make a new plan post pandemic?

Small business in Post pandemic

COVID-19 has changed our way of living, working, and socializing from being linked to running our small businesses.

I am fortunate to be healthy, safe, and to find positive opportunities in all this, with my family.

Small Business

That is why I recently published on our website an article on Replicate B2b Sales during Pandemic

I also hear of several small-scale business owners asking whether or not COVID-19 will avoid marketing. In the following post,

I have demonstrated how to market a crisis marketing strategy during the pandemic, including:

  • Help clients instead of just selling
  • Concentrate on online events
  • The strategic long term strategy
  • Encourage personnel

As we continue to isolate ourselves in order to avoid the spread of the novel coronavirus, I want to take care of some other effective means to maintain your business smoothly and comfortably.

You can consider the following things, to run your business smoothly post-pandemic.

Fixating on an online marketing campaign

Online Marketing Campaign

With most business shutdowns or a decline in business activity, business owners rely more on online marketing than ever before.

This is a time; small businesses would shift to online marketing during this pandemic and step into the future of brand marketing.

Klaviyo said that 22 percent of brands say they spend more on advertising on an e-mail marketing platform, which taps into a network of 30 000 businesses to gain insights.

And 66% of brands which spend more on advertisements are also seen the increasing performance, with lower costs per thousand impressions (CPM) and cost per click (CPC).

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If you are curious to know how well you can be marketed during the catastrophe, I would strictly recommend going for Facebook ads, Google Ads, Instagram for Business, or LinkedIn ads.

  • Dig deeper with useful blogs and videos
  • Free shipping of online products
  • Online business lessons and or even any other music lessons
  • Gift/coupon cards that can be utilized instantly or in the future.

Having said that, do not worry about pausing campaigns that are not relevant right now, or that you believe your customers might turn away.

Component of brand management during this pandemic is to know when to re-strategies and adapt instead of continuing an ad campaign that won’t match your target audience.

Refurbish your Google My Business Page

Google My Business

The new information about your small business, open to your clients and prospective customers. You must inform the people if you close your business temporarily,

change the working hours you are open or have curbside pickup right now.

Google Posts can be a great way to remind people of all things, from searching for gift cards to products/services, Google’s tips for updating your profile best here.

And when you edit your profile, don’t worry about SEO implications. For example, your search ranking will not change if your business is temporarily closed, and Google will still be showing you in the search results.

Don’t panic if you don’t see your Google My Business profile changes right away. Google said that before publishing it could review updates to quality.

Don’t stop social media posts

social media post

Even if you have to shut up your business absolutely, for now, stay online. Besides tools such as Google My Business, customers are also looking for the most up-to-date news from Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram.

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It looks really bad that your social media accounts contain outmoded posts or information.

Some of the latest updates you might share are:

  • Your crisis management strategy and your steps to protect staff and clients (sanitizing workplaces, not letting sick people work, ensuring people wear gloves and mask and maintain social distancing, etc.).
  • Changes to hours or work policy (such as avoiding large gathering)
  • If you take orders online and/or offer free shipping
  • If you have options for private shopping or pick-ups
  • Quotes or personal messages being revamped.
  • Trying the best to help the needy as part of social responsibility.

Watch out for what you do and what you share

watch out what you share



There is a lot of misinformation shared in the internet and in social media and which can be dangerous and to advise customers wrongly (not to mention that it damages your reputation enormously).

This is one example of weak COVID-19 marketing strategies: in March, after complaints about an establishment that does not comply with rules of social distancing in the mid-body pandemic, a Delta Yoga Studio has been closed.

Bikram Yoga Delta sent customers an email this saying hot yoga will help prevent COVID-19 from being usable.

The emails state that the so-called virus cannot survive in the heat, “the company message said, adding that yoga also helps to strengthen the immune system in order to combat influenza.

Make sure you draw up your crisis management strategy and think before you send it to all your email subscribers or post on your Facebook feed what you saw.

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Use trusted sources such as the World Health Organization or Ministry of Health and Family welfare for corona updates.


Stranded at home? Now is a good time to understand your purpose! Our lives are so busy and we seldom have a moment to sit in silence and reflect on what our life journey has led to.

For those of us who have chosen to distance themselves now is the time to use the quieter atmosphere and find out whether your valuable resources can be used to optimize productivity.

Whatever your COVID-19 marketing strategies are, always look for guidance in your small business during the pandemic.

We will always be your brand vision, mission, and values while you stay involved online letting your clients know that you are here for them, both now and for the future.

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