Krish Wellness-Pune

    The business name Krish Wellness runs under the brand name Krishwellness which is owned by Deepak Hardikar located at Shop No. 105 Business Enclave Pancard Club Road, Pune, Maharashtra

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    Services Offered

    Providing meditations services astrology services etc.

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    Company Overview

    Krish Wellness is a registered proprietorship firm with Deepak Hardikar as its proprietor. The scope of Krish Wellness activity principally pertains to all subject matter connected with the applied spirituality field (dealing with providing the right directions or solutions to situations faced by individuals) that is either developed or fined tuned by the Master himself so as to increase effective delivery output.

    Unlike many others Deepak Hardikar has not gone to seek kind of certificate of credit from any institute or organization at any time. The reason is simple – The Original Need Not Be Certified . The work done itself certifies and that is enough. Here at Krish Wellness one shall find this originality for sure be it in services or training. Even the known fields of applied spirituality are handled with a difference.

    Some of our popular services are:

    Astrology & Numerology Consultation: The system of vedic astrology and standard numerology is followed in providing the guidance and solutions. A system of inner check mechanism is employed when making this guidance. This is done through spiritual insight.

    Micro-Vibration Check and Analysis: This is done on very fine micro level of vibration patterns sensed through deep meditative state. It is useful to establish connections on relationship business state career growth real-estate check and energy clearings. The check once completed assesses the situation on reality ground. This reality check further postulates the accurate path of change to pave the path to attain desired level of change in actuality.

    Chaitanya Healing: Chaitanya means consciousness. This is thus a healing on the level of consciousness. This is unique in the sense that individual consciousness is addressed in harmonic tune with the cosmic consciousness. This enables individual to take leap steps ahead in life at all levels. This can be applied on all practical need areas of life in business careereducation and family.

    Spiritual Healing: This is a combination of originally developed methods of Divya Sutra Karmagini Yoga Sheshasri Yoga Divya Sutra Jaivic Sutra Panchamrit Teerth Krishnakala Sampoorna Sutra Sri-Vidya and Dakshya Vidya. This can be used upon any situation or purpose.

    Vedic Healing: This is done on a planetary level in accordance to the vedic horoscope chart of the individual. This takes into account the aspects of astrology as well as numerology. This works principally on the material plane.

    Akashic Healing: This is done on the soul level from the evolution to present to future. This is a life transforming healing and wholly spiritual in nature.

    Other healings available include Karmic Healing Relationship Healing Past-Life Healing Rebirth Healing and Kala-Sarpa-Dosha Removal Healing besides any specific healing requirement for specific ailments or problems.

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    Company Name:Krish Wellness
    Brand Name: Krishwellness

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    Contact Person NameDeepak Hardikar
    Mobile Number 8698656359, Add Mobile Number
    Email ID[email protected], Add more Email Id
    AddressShop No. 105 Business Enclave Pancard Club Road
    State Maharashtra
    Pincode 734006
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