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Importance of Student Databases for Coaching Centers

A huge amount of data that is associated with students’ is usually owned by government agencies as well as private entities. The students’ database consists of information related to a student that includes student name, college details, course enrolled, year of admission, email id, phone number, and so on. This data that is collected from various sources is useful for distinct purposes – it can be used by educational institutes or healthcare centers. In this article, we will see how student databases are useful, particularly for coaching centers.

About Student Databases

To begin with, first, let’s know what a database is! In simple words, it’s a data structure that is used to store organized information. For example, a company database consists of details about its products, employees, or finance. Similarly, as the name suggests, a student database contains details related to students.

When an educational institute – university, college, school, or private institute enrolls a student, they are building their student database. Such databases get generated using various software tools or applications like MS Access, or MS Excel, or Google Sheets. Student databases mainly contain information related to students – name, gender, date of birth, address, mobile, parent details, household income, college, course enrolled, etc.

Student databases enable educational institutes to communicate with their students. Further, businesses that own student databases, it helps them to generate personalized messages to promote or sell their product or service as part of their marketing campaigns.

We’re entering a new world in which data may be more important than software.

– Tim O’Reilly

Purpose Behind Maintaining or Obtaining Student Databases

It should be noted that, for the proper administration and tracking purposes, it becomes mandatory for every school, college, and university to create a database of all their students. Today, most of these institutes implement their own student database management systems. It allows for easy communication with students. It allows timely interaction between parents and teachers, or students and teachers. It even allows alumni to stay in touch with each other. Database Management System is the simplest form of digital tracking platform that helps them to maintain and track student curriculum activities and other details. It allows educational institutes to save and access student records as and when needed by them.

For any enterprise that targets students, it’s convenient for them to generate their business using a student database – they can easily reach students via SMS Marketing or Email Marketing. And for businesses, making use of student databases enable them to reach the most interested ones to promote and sell their product or service with appropriate and impressive messages. This very fact highlights the purpose of obtaining a student database.

How to get School Students’ Database?

How to get School Students Database?

Just like how a hospital will store details about its patients in their database, the school students’ database contains details about school pupils. For example, it may include, apart from student personal details, information related to attendance, absenteeism, or academics. There are several enterprises that wish to get school students database to grow their business – it could be a private tuition institute wanting to tap students; or a medical institute wanting to administer various vaccines; or even further, there could even be businesses wanting to lure school-goers for textbooks, notebooks, and other stationery. So, where can these business entities get school students’ databases? Let’s find out.

In-house Lead Generation

We are in a rapidly transforming digital world where even school kids have access to computers, mobiles, and the internet! So, interacting with school students online is always a great option. If you are an enterprise with an active lead generation process in place, you can use various digital marketing methods to capture school student details.

You can create eye-catching innovative groups on social media to engage students. You may engage school students by offering them interesting free e-books and engage them after they sign up. This way it helps to build your email list. And, you may also use the Google search option to get a list of students.

Direct Approach to Schools

You may be a private tuition entity providing different subject courses, or conducting extra-curricular activities in singing, dancing, personality-development, etc. In this case, the best option is to approach the school directly, and have a tie-up. Chances are that the school administration could selectively share student details for you to reach them, or display a note on their notice board with your contact details – either way you will be able to build on your school student database.

Online Lead Generation Platforms

There are online platforms that provide businesses with quality school student leads in India from their database. Such websites basically gather contact information from students who are looking for admission to schools. These online lead-generation websites exchange their data with businesses for a small price per lead.

Implement Chatbot

We are in a fast-paced era where most businesses have a robust and effective website to attract traffic. Adding chatbots can ensure to capture leads. There could be prospects or their parents who need clarifications about certain courses. If you can get them answered in real-time, your credibility can go that much up, and also you have generated a lead for yourself in the process!  Thus, you see, integrating chatbots to your website increases the chance of a visitor becoming a lead. Also, it should be noted that students from India, China, or Singapore usually prefer a website that responds fastest.

Buying from Data Providers

Obtaining readily available school students’ database from a reputed data provider is one of the best and fastest options – especially if you are in a hurry to reach out to students and increase your market share. The accuracy levels of the data coming from reputed data providers are usually more than 90 percent. Also, buying ready databases is preferred by markets, as it is not only a quick mode but also proven to be economical – the approximate cost depends on the customization required, the information provided, and the size.

Why Student Database is Useful for Coaching Centers?

Why Student Database is Useful for Coaching Centers?Coaching centers are private educational institutes that offer extra classes to students for their well-preparation. For example – there are coaching centers that offer specialized classes for joint and management entrance exams. With coaching, students get individual time and attention from experts that enrich their educational experience. Students do not join coaching centers due to parental force and do not want to learn under pressure. In coaching centers, students join voluntarily to get access to a planned way of studying apart from quick tips and smart advice.

Renowned coaching centers do not need that extra marketing effort, it is their brand that sells. It is the students who line-up to get admitted to these coaching centers. However, there are many coaching centers that are struggling to sustain themselves or want to extend their market reach. And, there are also newly set-up coaching centers. By coaching centers, we not only restrict ourselves to educational activities – they could even be sports coaching centers, or song and dance academies, and so on.

However, contrary to the common belief that a renowned coaching center can lay back and rest assured with their marketing efforts, it should be noted that even the best institutes can be rendered idle without a student to coach! That’s the reason most coaching centers constantly keep innovating their marketing campaigns apart from the usual newspaper or local TV ads, or distributing flyers to students, or investing in posters and banners to display at strategic locations, or even using the word-of-mouth recommendation method in known circles.

So, whatever the business revenues of any coaching center have been – it’s their past! They have to constantly look at ways to increase their reach to enroll more students! And, that’s where the student’s databases are useful for any coaching center. Using these databases, marketers are able to reach students via their SMS marketing campaigns, or Email marketing campaigns. If they still need to be aggressive and quicker, they can even reach prospects directly by calling them! Using students’ database is the most common and effective way for any coaching center to generate qualified leads and enroll them as their students.

Is Student Database Legal?

In an atmosphere where data is at the center – whether for the right reasons or otherwise, the question of whether a database that you obtain or use is legal or illegal will always haunt you!  To put it straightaway – one cannot buy or sell a database without the individuals’ consent. One cannot even use a database just because of its easy availability online. That’s according to the Indian Law Act 66A. This also holds true for a students’ database. Though you cannot be prevented from buying or selling a database name, it’s illegal anyway – there will likely be legal issues involved if you get caught.

However, students’ database providers are required to follow the important lawsuit taking into account legal points which are summarized below.

  • Students database is required to have students consent, or it should be an opt-in database.
  • Permission for selling or buying a students’ database needs to be taken from an authority or council.
  • Students can have a facility to opt-out from the database whenever they wish to.
  • If bulk SMS and bulk email marketers sell their client database to their competitor it’s illegal.
  • If students database is used for any unlawful activity, it’s a legal offense.
  • If students database is exchanged without consent from an authority, it’s a legal offense.

That’s the reason why you should be careful when buying a student’s database for your digital marketing campaigns. You need to ensure that the database you buy from a data provider conforms to all the legal guidelines.

Choosing a Reputed Data Provider Matters

India ranks as one of the topmost in the student population worldwide. If you are an enterprise that intends to attract students for a course abroad or want to enroll them domestically, you need a relevant student database to reach them instantly. A lot of businesses have burned their fingers having purchased databases from agencies that provide irrelevant and outdated data. deals in exclusive and distinct student databases that are verified and regularly updated from getting decayed. Get access to millions of opt-in student marketing databases. Our databases are based on the income demographics of parents, and the student age group. Segmented area-wise, our robust and accurate databases can further be customized to your needs. We also support in target marketing campaigns to colleges, universities, schools, and tutorials. For more details, or to get our free sample data, reach us at [email protected]

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