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The breaking down of an entire market into different segments and then devising personalized marketing strategies for each of them to increase the market reach and share is referred to as target marketing. Each broken down market segment, known as the target market, is nothing but the end consumer to whom businesses wish to sell their products or services. Targeted email lists are what marketers use in their email marketing efforts to personalize and generate the desired effect. Let’s learn more about target email lists – how to get them, and is it worth to buy them.

What is an Email List?

In simple words, an email list is a collection of email addresses. Now, you may be wondering what is the purpose behind collecting these email addresses, and how do marketers collect them.

Well, let’s answer the second part of your question first – how are email addresses collected? Practically speaking, most of us, at some point or the other, have subscribed to an email newsletter on a website – either to receive periodic updates or free eBooks. The moment you subscribe, you are on the mailing list of that particular business! Such email lists are generated via blogs, websites, podcasts, webinars, or at exhibitions or events. We will discuss in detail about ways to get email lists as we go ahead with our discussion.

Now, to answer the first part of your question – the purpose behind collecting email addresses? As per the Direct Marketing Association, email marketing gives a higher Return on Investment (ROI) compared to any other marketing method. It is one of the cheapest and most convenient ways to connect and engage with your prospect. Email marketing requires email addresses without which you cannot run your email campaigns. And, that explains why collecting email addresses is so important!

Email List Building – Why the Top Priority?

From a long-term point of view, email marketing is one of the best digital marketing methods to grow a business. Though ROI is a solid reason to adopt email marketing, other reasons will convince you to prioritize building or obtaining your email lists.

Personalization: Emails that are collected organically mean that the visitor to the page, blog, or website is genuinely interested in the business. By segmenting collected email ids depending on the signup process, it’s possible to personalize emails.

Professionalism: The advent of social media hasn’t diminished the importance of emails – it remains the preferred method in reaching reach out to prospects. Further, corresponding via emails for requests, complaints, or partnerships is considered to be a more professional approach.

How to Get Email Lists for Marketing?

Just understanding what an email list is will not drive your business far, will it? You need to leverage those email lists in your marketing campaigns to grow your business. Also, you need to know how to build your email list in-house, or how to obtain a readily available list from data providers that save on time and effort! An organic email list takes a long time to build but, gives the best results. By results, we mean that your campaigns are bound to return higher open rates, better click-through rates, and more sales. Let’s look at ways to get email lists.

Email Lists for Marketing

Via Website

Your website is the best option that enables you to collect email ids – it’s right at your finger-tips!  Your lead generation strategy may well begin with a general Call to Action (CTA) button that displays “Subscribe to our news updates” or something like that. It enables you to capture email ids of visitors who are genuinely interested. Prospects can be tapped by offering freebies like a free product or a free service. It’s the most effective way that can attract any prospect. You can offer such freebies by enrolling them via landing pages or forms on your website.

You may even experiment with pop-up forms that appear simple but are an effective way to grab more attention. Not every customer that purchases will return, so you may innovate by incentivizing a purchase with the help of a CTA button.

Another great way to capture email ids is by running contests – it’s a perfect marketing strategy that generates excitement and attracts new subscribers! Readily available tools like or ViralSweep can help you to conveniently host a contest. But, apart from promoting on your website, also do so on social media making sure that the prize offered is valuable.

Using Social Media

Posting a landing page link on social media can help you to pull in many email addresses. Social media like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, or Pinterest can give exposure even beyond your circle of friends or family. And, most information that you post on social media is publicly accessible.

Using hashtags, or joining relevant groups where your target audience is active can further help you to reach them along with sharing your links that capture email ids. LinkedIn can be a useful platform where the business fraternity is prominently active and also the target audience you are trying to attract.

Using Content Strategy

This strategy of generating your email leads should never be underestimated. Content will always remain as one of the most powerful methods of marketing. Unlike the targeted method of email list building, lead generation via content marketing builds email lists indirectly – it first attracts surfers to your content, and then subtly invites them to become part of the mailing list.

This strategy can work best using a blog – once readers sign-up via the displayed option by entering their name and email address, they become a part of your mailing list wherein they get your regular post updates. Posting targeted articles with strong SEO can help you grow the traffic to your website along with increasing your email list via subscriptions.

Further, you also have the option to try advanced techniques like webinars, which again is a form of interactive content. You are bound to grow your email list as you keep on testing more strategies.

Purchasing Ads on Social Media

Building your email list using the organic way, though the best way, is not necessarily the fastest. You have a way to jumpstart your organic ways of building email lists via subscribers, or content creation, or attracting website traffic. You can do so by purchasing ad traffic! Though you are spending money initially, the fact is, whatever you spend on generating your email addresses, you are bound to get it back in the form of revenues!

Facebook’s powerful segmentation features can help you to target your desired demographic. LinkedIn also provides a similar level of targeting, though the audience might differ in nature and purpose from other social media. Twitter ads can help to promote your tweets and enables you to bring in more traffic to your landing page. Using Google AdWords can help you to grow your list of manifolds. It can get a huge influx of targeted traffic.

From Existing Relationships

If you are starting from scratch, this can be one of your easiest ways to get started. You can connect with existing friends, colleagues, or subscribed contacts by asking them reference email ids! If your friends or relatives are not part of your email list, ask them to join. Leveraging your network is the best option to grow your email list.

You may ask your existing customers or prospects to connect by inviting them to sign up for your email or newsletter. You may even entice them by providing them a free e-book or discount on their next purchase. Some other ways of capturing email ids can be via email signatures, or encouraging recipients to forward your emails to their acquaintances for greater visibility and reach.

Buying Ready Email Lists from Data Providers

As discussed earlier, email is an incredible digital marketing tool that lets businesses connect with prospects in ways that no other marketing medium can match. But, for the success of your digital marketing campaigns, you need to have an exhaustive and accurate list of prospects to whom you wish to target. Lack of time or the inability to create relevant email lists in-house are often challenges that prevent businesses from devising their email marketing campaigns successfully. Fortunately, there’s a way out – you can opt to buy an email list from a reputed data provider!

Is Buying Email Lists Worth It?

Is Buying Email Lists Worth It?

B2B businesses are known to invest a lot of time and money into generating their email lists. Though it’s a smart way to go about, it’s not always realistic to build a contact list right from scratch. Some businesses are on the verge of breaking into a brand-new market, and might not know how to begin their lead generation activity.

The email list that you receive from a data provider contains prospects who have never heard of you, nor do they know anything about your product or service. If they get interested in you – you are lucky! But, bought email lists can lead to an increased spam score – and, this can be unhealthy for your business. Further, you may encounter low open rates and minimal click-throughs. There are different reasons why email lists may fail to work – either they are over-used, or emails collected without user consent, or simply the quality of email ids is not good!! However, there are a lot of benefits associated with buying email lists when purchased from a trusted data provider.

If you are expanding into a new industry, or launching a new product or service, or introducing your business overseas for the very first time; it’s like fishing in uncharted territories. That’s where buying business email lists can help you! It enables you to cut through unfamiliarity, and establish a connection with the unknown – in short, you get an opportunity to start and express. Supplementing your existing traditional lead generation with an email list obtained from a data provider can be beneficial too. It can facilitate to bring in new accounts. It can give you several untapped companies to target. Mentioned below are summarized the most prominent reasons why buying email lists can be worth it!

Enables Pitching Right-away

Building mailing lists is a time-consuming task and requires a dedicated lead generation team. By buying ready email lists, you can skip the lengthy lead generation process. You can start pitching prospects as soon as possible. This is particularly helpful and effective when you are entering a new market, and your major concern is to start generating profits at the earliest!

Expands Reach and Visibility

Using ready email lists from data providers there always high chances to discover new leads. Even if a few of those leads convert into high-paying accounts, you get your money’s worth from buying the email list. Not forgetting, the many opportunities to expand your reach and visibility further.

Sets Foot in New Territory

Setting foot and entering new markets is never easy. Once you have a robust list of business emails, you can always avoid any pitfalls or pains in your business growth. And, once clients are pitched it can allow you to get newer clients faster.

Drives Sales and Growth

Lead generation involves cost and effort. Finding prospects right-away and pitch them well can enable you to get new accounts. All this drives your sales and grows your business. That’s why a robust B2B email list can be worth its weight in gold!

Choose Your Data Provider Wisely

Choose Your Data Provider Wisely

Buying email lists is often considered a bad idea by many businesses that have burned their fingers mainly due to the lists they obtained were either incomplete, or outdated, or utterly flawed. It’s mainly due to this experience of theirs that the message to not purchase ready email lists has gone viral. However, this is not completely true, and buying email lists is not at all a reckless move.

Having seen the several benefits of purchasing email lists, and just like most things that you buy, you are also supposed to buy email lists with discretion. You should thoroughly check the credibility of your data provider, and ask for a sample data list for assurance purposes. Homework well done is half the job done – know what you get before you buy. deals in email data lists that are verified, accurate, and regularly updated preventing it from getting decayed, and ensuring reduced bounce rates. For your sample email list, reach us at [email protected]


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